Personalise your learning with a course of private Chinese lessons in Shanghai. In a 1-on-1 class you have the full attention of the teacher, so whether you want to improve your tones or learn Business Mandarin, the lesson will always be relevant to you and your needs. At LTL Mandarin School it’s easy to make friends even when you take 1-on-1 classes, thanks to our busy social calendar and close-knit family atmosphere. We eat lunch together every day near the school and do different cultural activities around the city at the weekends. You can try 1-on-1 classes as an addition to your Small Group language program, or if you want to make really rapid progress, then do a intensive full-time 1-on-1 course of 20 or 30 hours per week.

  • Certified native teachers
  • All teachers speak English
  • Individual curriculum
  • Regular events to meet other students
  • Student visa invitations provided
  • No hidden fees
  • Tailored To You

    Tailored To You

    Pre-assessment: Free personal language assessment before arrival

    Individual curriculum: You’ll get a personal study plan focusing on your needs

    Flexible lesson plans: Your course adapts to your study progress

    Personal support: From the visa application to getting a mobile SIM

  • Quality You Can Trust

    Quality You Can Trust

    Professional teachers: All are fully-qualified with degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and years of classroom experience.

    No time wasted: The full 60 minutes is focused on you alone

    No hidden fees: No extra charges for textbooks or materials!

  • Friends & Community

    Friends & Community

    Inclusive: After classes students eat, chat and go out together

    Weekly social calendar: School-organised karaoke nights and weekend trips

    Expert guides: Your LTL teachers and support staff have lived in Shanghai a long time – so make the most of their insider tips!

  • Shanghai’s Best Language School

    Shanghai’s Best Language School

    Historic area: Live and breathe Shanghai history in the French Concession.

    Convenient location: Only 5 minutes walk from Subway Lines 1, 10 & 12. The most famous bar street and shopping district is also reachable on foot.

    Modern, bright classrooms: Newly-renovated school with free WiFi.

Course Overview

Choose to supplement your Small Group program with two hours per day of 1-on-1 tuition, or if you really want to study intensively, then opt for a full-time 1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese course.

55 minutes per class for Small Groups, and 60 minutes per class for 1-on-1.

Small Group & Individual Standard Individual Intensive
Hours / week 20 (Group), 10 (1-on-1) 20 (1-on-1) 30 (1-on-1)
Start Dates On a Small Group start date Any Monday Any Monday
Duration From 1 to 24 weeks From 1 to 52 weeks From 1 to 52 weeks


Below are the tuition prices in CNY for some sample durations of the LTL Chinese Language programs which include 1-on-1 tuition. All prices include your textbooks and learning materials. As you can see, the longer your course, the greater the discount on the base tuition price – up until 12 weeks, after which the minimum rate applies.

Number of Weeks Small Group & Individual Standard Individual Intensive
1 4,644 4,644 6,966
2 8,886 8,886 13,932
4 15,348 15,348 23,020
8 28,112 28,112 42,160
12 38,772 38,772 58,152
>12 +3,231 +3,231 +4,846
Email Icon For alternative durations and prices in other currencies, please contact us.


Shanghai Safari

Get out of the classroom and onto the streets of Shanghai with the LTL Shanghai Safari. There’s no better way to learn Chinese than by interacting directly with the locals themselves. During a Safari session you will learn how to buy a subway card not from a textbook, but at a subway station itself, and you’ll learn how to barter for souvenirs by going directly to a market. It’s this sort of ‘living the language’ that we we believe makes sense to be taught outside the classroom.

A certified Mandarin Teacher will accompany you the whole time, and will always be on hand teach the vocabulary you will need to achieve your task. More importantly, your teacher will give you direct feedback right there and then.

How a session works:

1) Warm Up: Your teacher will explain today’s task before you set off, going through the vocabulary and sentence patterns that you will need.

2) The Safari: Whether its asking a shop assistant where to find red socks, or discussing rental prices with a property agent, the complexity of the Shanghai Safari task will depend on your Mandarin level. We have twenty Safari scenarios prepared for you.

3) Cool Down: Your teacher reviews the additional vocabulary that came up and explains when, how and why misunderstandings might have occurred. They will also suggest additional phrases that you could have used.

  • Best suited to Chinese beginners at levels A1 or A2
  • 10 hr/wk of your 1-on-1 Chinese lessons will be upgraded to Safari
  • The upgrade can be applied for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • You are responsible for any purchases made during your Safari

Discover Shanghai

Do you want to see and learn about Shanghai’s culture and history, from the beautiful Yu Garden to the imposing Bund? If so, you should consider the LTL Discover Shanghai upgrade, where you will take your private Chinese language classes at some of Shanghai’s most famous attractions. This is an outdoor program which allows you to study Mandarin by mingling with the locals and experiencing everything that Shanghai has to offer. Your teacher will take you from our central language school to a different location each day, and often base your lesson around the place you are visiting.

Course information:

  • Available for all Chinese levels from A1 to C2
  • Explore a different historic or cultural sight each day
  • 20 hr/wk of your 1-on-1 Chinese classes will be upgraded to Discover classes
  • The upgrade can be applied for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • You are responsible for any purchases made during your Discover classes

What Our Students Say


How fast will I learn?

The progress you will make obviously depends on how hardworking you are, and how you choose to spend your time in Shanghai outside of the classroom. From experience, those who stay in an LTL homestay with a local family will improve their oral fluency and listening comprehension more quickly than those who live with other foreigners. But as a general guideline, a motivated student at LTL Mandarin School on the Standard Individual program could expect to reach approximately HSK 3 level after about 10 weeks. See our Levels page for details.

How exactly is my study plan formed?

Before you arrive in Shanghai, you will have a language assessment with our Director of Studies over the phone / Skype. This is not an exam, instead an informal conversation so we can gauge your current Mandarin Chinese level (if any) and decide which learning materials you should work from – whether that’s a textbook, newspapers or documents from your field of work. We will also ask you if there are any particular areas you wish to focus on, such as tones, HSK exam preparation, or even talking about specialist, technical topics relevant to your career. Once you have started the 1-on-1 program, your teacher will always be open to adapting lessons to your needs and preferences. Perhaps you decide to start each lesson reviewing what you studied the day before? Or perhaps you decide you prefer to cover as much ground as possible, and review in your own time. Either way, our teachers have had many years of experience in teaching Chinese, so they will work with you over the duration of your course to develop your study plan.

How can I apply?

Simply click here to contact a Student Advisor directly!

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