Visa Process

As a fully-accredited Chinese language school, LTL can issue invitation letters for your Chinese study visa within 24 hours of your booking. You will then have to apply at your local Chinese embassy or visa centre with your passport, a completed application form (link to attachment) and our LTL Mandarin School invitation documents. Some embassies may require additional documents, though in our experience this is usually not the case. Depending on the embassy, processing times can be anything between 24 hours and several weeks.

Note: Visa invitations for study in Beijing can only be issued to full time Chinese language students.

  • LTL is a fully-accredited school
  • Student visa invitations provided
  • Less than 24h processing time
  • Visa support and advice
  • Student Visa

    Student Visa

    X2 visa: A visa valid for short-term study in China Full duration: Get a visa for the full duration of your program

  • Visa Support

    Visa Support

    Quick: Receive your documents within 24h of booking your course
    Easy: Just ask us if you have any questions!

Chinese Student Visas for Beijing

Most Chinese embassies around the world will accept electronic copies of your invitation documents. If the embassy where you are applying requires original copies of our documents, please let us know, and we can post them to you. While we can issue electronic documents very quickly, mail delivery takes additional time, so please make sure you plan ahead accordingly. In our experience express services like DHL can usually deliver documents to most places in the world within about 72 hours and will charge you about 50 to 90 USD for it, depending on where you live. Normal post is cheaper, but takes longer and is not always as reliable.

The process

Once you have booked your course (link to pdf “how to sign up”), please send your Student Advisor a copy of your passport and your exact arrival and departure dates in China. We will then issue the documents within a day – or faster if you are in a rush – and email them to you. If your embassy requires originals, please let us know where we should send them and what kind of service you want us to use (postal charges apply). Once you’ve received your documents, please double check that your personal information and the course dates are correct.

While there are a lot of dodgy operators and companies offering all kinds of visa services, please be careful: only fully-accredited Chinese language schools like LTL are legally allowed to issue Chinese student visa invitations. To qualify for a student visa you also need to be a full time Chinese language student. Chinese student visas are also called X-visas, whereas the “X” stands for “xuexi” (to study), whereas “L” means lvyou (travel) i.e. a tourist visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a multiple entry student visa invitation?

Yes, you can. If you require a multiple-entry student visa invitation for Beijing, please let us know in advance so we can issue the documents accordingly. Please note though that it is up to the embassy to decide how many entries they will give you – which in our experience is not always as many as you might have applied for. It is also possible to apply for additional entries once you are in China at the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Beijing. Whether those entries are granted however is up to the officer in charge, who again does not always approve these requests.

What do I need to apply for a Chinese student visa?

Most embassies require nothing more than your passport, the application form (link), two pictures and a printed out copy of your school’s invitation documents. Like most things in China however, rules can change and different regulations do apply in different countries. Please make sure you check with your visa agency or consulate in advance what is required in your country – or just ask your LTL Student Advisor.

Should I apply via a visa agency?

You can apply directly at your local Chinese embassy and do not need an agency to act on your behalf. In our experience however Chinese embassies are quite bureaucratic and often not very clear what exactly they require. Information found on the internet or even on the embassy website is also quite often incorrect or outdated. Especially if you do not have much time left, we recommend that you find an experienced Chinese visa agency in your country, as they will be familiar with the processes at the embassy you are applying at and can ensure that there are no delays. You also won’t have to travel to the embassy yourself to apply or pick up your visa, which means a lot less hassle for you.

Note: If you use an agency, please make sure they are experienced in applying for Chinese visas and do so frequently. What makes a visa agency valuable is their experience of going to the Chinese embassy every day to apply for Chinese visas on clients’ behalf. That will mean they are familiar with the staff and up-to-date with processes there. A visa agency that only applies for a Chinese visa once in a while will not know the processes intimately and so won’t be able to give you any more information than what is already written on this website.

Should I apply at the embassy or the visa processing centre?

In some countries Chinese embassies have outsourced part of the visa application process to visa processing centres. The visa processing centre will receive the documents, check whether they comply with the embassy requirements and then forward them to the embassy. If your local embassy is working with a visa processing centre, you will have to go there to apply for your visa instead of the actual embassy.

Can I apply to extend my visa in China?

Yes you can and we can issue the required application documents for you. However, whether an extension is approved depends on the officer in charge at the Public Security Bureau in Beijing. We strongly recommend that you get a visa for the whole duration of your course before entering China.

What if I have to leave China urgently?

If you have to leave China urgently during the duration of your course, but do not have a multiple-entry visa, we can issue a new student visa invitation for you for the remaining part of your course at no cost and you can re-enter China on a new student visa.

Can I apply at any Chinese embassy for my student visa?

Regulations on this differ in each country. In many countries only citizens or residents of that country are allowed to apply for a Chinese student visa at the local embassy. If you are traveling and plan to apply for your visa outside your home country, please make sure whether you are eligible to apply for a visa there. This is where an experienced visa agency can be quite helpful.

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