Teach English in China

Teaching English whilst learning Chinese in Beijing is a great budget option where you can save 50% on a normal homestay.

No TEFL Certificate, or any further qualifications are required. You must however be fluent in English or a native speaker.

You will teach a Chinese family member six hours of English per week either after class, or at the weekend.

Your Chinese family will welcome you into their family and you will receive all the usual benefits or a homestay.

Homestay in China

  • 50% cheaper than a regular homestay
  • Teach English six hours per week
  • Learn Chinese in Beijing
  • All Homestay benefits included
  • Bedroom, WiFi, Bills all included
  • Experience Chinese cuisine daily

These include home-cooked food everyday, a bedroom, shower facilities plus WiFi and bills.

  • Teach English and gain experience

    Teach English and gain experience

    Teach English – Six hours per week
    Relaxed – Teach from the comfort of your own home
    Working Abroad – Gain experience teaching abroad
    Everyone’s a winner – Build your Chinese as your family learn English

  • Great experience, big saving

    Great experience, big saving

    Save 50% - Half the price of the standard homestay
    All the same benefits – Experience living with a Chinese host family
    First rate apartments – Bedroom, bathroom, WiFi all included
    Full Immersion – Use Mandarin at home and school all day

  • Learn Chinese everyday

    Learn Chinese everyday

    Host Family – Learn Chinese at the dinner table with your family
    Progress daily – Study at school, apply at your homestay
    Chinese Cuisine – Learn the names of your favourite dishes
    TV and Movies – Soak up Chinese television and absorb Mandarin 24/7

  • Become part of LTL

    Become part of LTL

    Tight Knit – From teachers and staff to students. We are a close family
    Lunch Club – Join us and share lunch everyday
    Socials after class – Be a part of our social events each week
    Support – Our staff and student advisors are here to help you

Teach English Homestay – What Our Students Said

Learn Chinese and Teach English

Studying Mandarin and teaching English almost simultaneously is a unique opportunity. Gain experience teaching English to your host family whilst learning a new language that is growing in popularity by the year.

You will be required to teach 6 hours of English per week. The schedule will be provided by your host family. Classes will be in the evening or weekend, obviously not clashing with your Chinese lessons. No English teaching qualifications are needed; we just require you are fluent in English or a native English speaker.

Whilst doing this you will take in Chinese culture everyday, learning Mandarin with us at school and with your host family.

Teach English Homestay Prices (Chinese Yuan)

DurationStandard HomestayTeach English Homestay
1 week3,3501,675
2 weeks6,5053,252
3 weeks9,4734,736
4 weeks12,2626,131
5 weeks14,8817,441
6 weeks17,3388,669
7 weeks19,6389,819
8 weeks21,79010,895
9 weeks23,80011,900
10 weeks25,67412,837
11 weeks27,41913,709
12 weeks29,04014,520
13-52 wks+2,420 / wk+1,210 / wk
extra night558 / night279 / night


Whether you wish to stay with your Chinese family for a week or a year, or anything in between, here are the prices below.

For further details please do contact us.

PLEASE NOTE – All prices include WiFi, household bills, breakfast and dinner. If you feel you’d rather live with a homestay and not teach English it’s probably worth checking out our homestay program.

PLEASE NOTE – Teach English Homestays can be located a little further from school (up to one hour)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family speak any English?

As you are at a Teach English homestay there will be a family member who knows a little English but generally English won’t be spoken at all in the household.

This is your chance to improve your spoken Chinese.

Will I able to wash my clothes at the homestay?

Absolutely. There will be washing machine facilities at the homestay.

Your homestay family may even do the laundry for you.

Can I get a greater idea of what living with a homestay is like?

Yes you can. We can put you in touch with previous students or you can watch this TV documentary which was aired on CCTV.

This should give you a good idea of what it’s like living in a Chinese homestay.

Whom will I be teaching?

This is entirely dependant on the family but generally you will teach one of their children.

On some occasions you may teach an adult family member.

I’m a little nervous on what food to expect? Can you re-assure me.

Absolutely. The food in China is as good as you’ll come across anywhere.

The diverse flavours and dishes are a joy to behold and our homestay families are experts at providing you with a wide variety of tastes whether it be breakfast or dinner. We are sure you’ll enjoy it but if you have any specific requirements just let us know beforehand.

Is there air-con and heating for the hotter and colder parts of the year?

Yes all homestay’s are equipped with air-con and heating so you remain comfortable.

How do you select Homestay families?

Choosing the right Homestay family is absolutely vital and something we take very seriously.

We get many applicants from families in Beijing who wish to host our students but we make sure the fit is a perfect one. The accommodation must be comfortable, the support must be 24/7 and the location must be relative to our school. Families must be warm, welcoming and willing to help the student whenever possible.

All our homestay families tick these boxes. For Live and Teach Homestay families there must also be a family member willing to learn English and co-operate with you for lessons. Many apply to be a homestay family with LTL, only few make the cut.

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