Teach English in China

Simultaneously learn Mandarin and teach English with our Shanghai Teach English Homestay program. This program is designed to let you experience living with a Chinese family at a greatly discounted price, whilst teaching English to a member of the family. You will teach a family member six hours of English a week and the discount from a normal homestay is 50%.

You receive all the benefits of a Chinese Homestay including wonderful home cooked Chinese cuisine, the chance to practice your Chinese with your homestay family everyday plus all bills and WiFi included. You need no previous teaching experience, the only thing we ask is that you are a native or fluent English speaker.

  • 50% off the standard Homestay price
  • Live with a Chinese family
  • Teach English six hours per week
  • Private bedroom included
  • WiFi and bills included
  • Western bathroom facilities
  • Get your Mandarin ahead fast
  • Become part of the Family

    Become part of the Family

    Chinese Culture – Experience it everyday with your Host Family
    Cuisine – Chinese food is as good as anywhere. Enjoy it first hand
    Study Chinese – Your Host Family will be a wonderful source of knowledge
    Teach English – Teach for six hours per week to a family member

  • LTL School Support

    LTL School Support

    24/7 – If you have problems please speak to us
    Years of knowledge – We know China, we are the experts
    From start to finish – As you step off the plane, we’ll guide you
    80% of students – Teach English Homestays are the most popular choice

  • Big savings

    Big savings

    50% cheaper – Than a standard Chinese Homestay in Shanghai Experience – The same benefits as a normal Homestay
    Location – Typically 20 minutes from school, up to 45 minutes maximum
    Top facilities – All apartments are fully equipped with everything you need

  • Teach English and gain experience

    Teach English and gain experience

    Six hours a week – To one family member
    Build bonds – Share everything about Western culture and swap stories
    Work and study abroad – Teach English, Learn Chinese
    Day trips – Spread further knowledge on day trips with your family

Come and Join LTL Shanghai Like These People Did

Teach English in Shanghai 

Gain experience working abroad in China with our Teach English Homestay program in Shanghai. This is a special opportunity in which you will teach English to a singular member of your host family.

In return you will receive comfortable accommodation, home cooked food everyday and the acceptance of your new Chinese host family who will welcome you with open arms.

When you arrive at your homestay and settle in you will receive your teaching schedule. This will involve six hours of English lessons every week.

Obviously these lessons will not clash with your Chinese classes at LTL Shanghai. English classes will take place some evenings or at the weekend. You do not need any teaching qualifications; we just request you are a native English speaker or a fluent English speaker.

Study Chinese in Shanghai

Enjoy first class Chinese lessons at LTL Mandarin School. Take part in small group Chinese classes or your own individual Chinese class which we tailor towards your specific targets.

If you wish to speak to us about the different courses we offer, please get in touch via live chat or contact us above.

You will have the opportunity to continue studying Chinese even when you go home. Your family will speak Mandarin 24/7, you will learn about beautiful Chinese dishes, Chinese culture and so many more things by simply conversing with your family.

Your Chinese will rapidly improve in your time spent with the family.

The great mistake many students make is that outside of class they revert to their mother tongue language. This is a common and big mistake to make.

Opportunities to apply Chinese learned in the day become thin. With your homestay family this is different. Opportunities will present themselves every minute. Make the most of them and embrace the Chinese culture.

Teach English Prices (Chinese Yuan)

DurationStandard HomestayTeach English Homestay
1 week3,3501,675
2 weeks6,5053,252
3 weeks9,4734,736
4 weeks12,2626,131
5 weeks14,8817,441
6 weeks17,3388,669
7 weeks19,6389,819
8 weeks21,79010,895
9 weeks23,80011,900
10 weeks25,67412,837
11 weeks27,41913,709
12 weeks29,04014,520
13-52 wks+2,420 / wk+1,210 / wk
extra night558 / night279 / night

The prices listed in the table are all shown in Chinese currency (Chinese Yuan).

You can stay with a Teach English Homestay from one week up to 52 weeks.

Included in the price is breakfast, dinner, WiFi, bills, access to bathroom facilities, lounge and kitchen.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.


Will my family speak any English?

Generally English is not spoken in China. However, as you are teaching English to one member of the family then there will most likely be a member of the family who can speak some English. When you book your course we send you a registration form which asks you how much English you wish for your family to speak. When we match you with a family we refer carefully to this.

How do you choose your Homestay families?

Homestay’s are the jewel in the LTL crown and something we’ve always been hugely passionate about. As we pass one decade since formation, we’ve learned a lot about homestays and how to select the best possible ones. Families don’t merely get accepted upon application and nor do families sign up for a quick buck. Both parties are passionate about teaching foreigners Chinese and sharing Chinese culture. When earmarking potential families, we make sure we spend plenty of time with them so both parties get to know each other. We’ve had many heart warming stories over the years of students and families making friends for life. CCTV actually followed our Homestay program with a student and you can watch the TV Documentary here. If you are interested this is a must watch.

Am I able to wash my clothes?

Of course, you will have full access to all wash and laundry facilities.

In terms of bedding, do I need to bring anything?

No you don’t need to bring anything. Your homestay will have bed sheets, duvet and pillows all provided for when you arrive.

Should I bring the family a gift from my home country?

You don’t have to but it’ll sure go down well if you do. Relationships in China are really quite important so this is a great early chance to score some points.

Can I bring someone home to stay with me?

You will not be able to bring someone else home despite the fact Shanghai is much more open than many areas of China. Culturally this isn’t an acceptable thing to do.

What time is dinner in China typically?

Generally you can expect dinner between 6.30-7.30pm. Everyday you’ll enjoy something different which includes vegetables, meat, rice and/or noodles. If you have any dietary requirements, please speak to us before so we can place you with the right family.

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