Paid English Teaching Internship Program

Teach English in China and learn Mandarin with our Teaching Internship Program.

Enjoy four weeks of intensive study at our Chinese language school before moving onto an 18 week internship program where you will teach English at a language school in China.

The teach English in China program lasts for a total of 22 weeks.

The first four weeks will be ideal in building your Mandarin language skills where you will study Chinese 20 hours a week, for a total of four weeks.

Mohamed with his homestay family in Beijing

  • 18 weeks teaching English at a school in China
  • Learn Chinese, Teach English
  • 2,000RMB per month stipend
  • Accommodation already included
  • Lunches provided during work days
  • Transportation from Beijing to school location, if necessary

Your Chinese will sky rocket before moving onto your teaching program where you inspire the next generation in China by teaching them English for another 18 weeks.

  • Teach English

    Teach English

    Teach English – 18 weeks at a Chinese school

    Gain experience – A great addition to your CV

    Embrace the culture – China is unique in so many ways

    Inspire a generation – English is hugely popular in China

  • Learn Chinese

    Learn Chinese

    Progress daily – 20 hrs Chinese class /wk during the preparation month

    First class Chinese teachers – We only select the best

    Build relationships – Students, teachers and staff are close at LTL

    Host Family – Boost your Chinese skills further at a Chinese homestay

  • Discover China

    Discover China

    Like nowhere else – China is an experience for absolutely everyone

    Travel – Discover China on your weeknights and weekends

    Big names – There's a reason the likes of Beijing and Shanghai are so popular

    Memories of a lifetime – You won't forget your experience in China

  • A Homestay in China

    A Homestay in China

    Mandarin around the Clock – Your host family will improve your Chinese tenfold

    Meals included – Delicious local food every day and night

    Practice your Chinese – Chat to your family and watch the improvement

    No better – We are very selective when choosing our homestay families

Teach English in China Program

Six students and teacher in small group class at LTL Beijing

Small Group Class with Felix

Overall the Teach English Internship program will last 22 weeks and consists out of two separate parts, the preparation month and the teach English internship. Four weeks of Chinese class at our school in Beijing or Shanghai will be followed by teaching for 18 weeks at a local Chinese English language school which we will place you at.

The Preparation Month (4 wks)

You will have ample opportunity to enhance your Chinese language skills with LTL in a small group class.

Our Chinese classes average less than three people and never exceed more than six people. This gives you plenty of chance to speak and have your say in a class, rather than a big lecture hall.

Our teachers are fully certified and hold at least 5 years experience. They are hugely popular with our students and have the ability to improve your skills at a rate of knots. You can choose to spend your preparation month in either Beijing or Shanghai.

The Teach English Internship (18 wks)

After a month of intensive language study it’ll be your turn to become the teacher. You will enjoy 18 weeks teaching the future of China. You will receive a 2,000RMB per month stipend whilst you are based in China and meals will be provided every working day. Transport from Beijing or Shanghai to the city your school is located in is already included.

Teach English in China – Important Details

Preparation Month – Chinese Course

Making Dumplings (饺子) at the Homestay household

Making Dumplings (饺子) at the Homestay household

  • Four weeks homestay (half board) or shared apartment large room.
  • Four weeks, 20 hours per week Chinese course in Beijing
  • Survival kit standard included

Internship – Teach English

  • 18 weeks teaching English at a school in China
  • 2,000RMB/month stipend
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment provided by the school
  • Lunches during work days
  • Transportation from Beijing to school location, if necessary


  • Homestay Program: 16,000 CNY (homestay accommodation, half board during the preparation month)
  • Shared Apartment Program: 12,500 CNY (large room shared apartment accommodation, en suite bathroom, no board during the preparation month)

Additional: Visa fee: 2,000 CNY / Registration fee: 500 CNY

Total Duration: 22 weeks (4 weeks Preparation Month & 18 weeks teach English internship)

Other Notes

  • The homestay program offers homestay accommodation during the preparation month only. Once you moved on to the teach English part of the program, accommodation will be in a shared apartment.
  • The shared apartment program offers shared apartment accommodation without board during your Chinese preparation month, as well as shared apartment accommodation during the Teach English part of the Program.
  • Internship Location cannot be guaranteed, but will be in one of China’s major cities.

Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding the Paid Teach English Internship.

Accommodation Options

  • Homestay


    Our Homestay option allows you to put into practice what you learn in your Chinese lessons. This is a great way to further speed up your Mandarin progress whilst becoming a part of a Chinese family.

    Learn More

  • Apartments


    Choose from different types of apartment when coming to study Chinese in China at LTL. We have shared apartments, en-suite or even your own private studio apartment at great budget prices for you to choose from.

    Learn More

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