Valentine’s Day – Being in the “Friendzone”

Valentine’s Day – The Friendzone in Chinese

Valentine’s Day is coming and a lot of people will take the opportunity to confess their love to the person they like or to express their interest in someone they consider more than “just a friend”. When you like the person who is laying bare his heart (表白 Biǎobái) to you it’s wonderful, but what to do when this happens and you’re just not feeling it?

The answer is in the awkward purgatory of the FRIENDZONE.

Valentine's Day - The dreaded Friendzone

Valentine’s Day – The dreaded Friendzone

Explaining to the other person you don’t see him/her in a romantic context, ideally without hurting their feelings any more than necessary is not easy. It’s already a real challenge when speaking your mother tongue, so how to friendzone someone in Chinese? The literal translation for the term “Friendzone” in Chinese is 朋友区(朋友 Péngyǒu = friend 区 qū = area).

Therefore, if you want to say “I’ve been friendzoned ” you’d say 我被放到了朋友区里面 (wǒ bèi fàng dàole péngyǒu qū lǐmiàn) or “I’m stuck in the Friend zone” you’d say 我卡在朋友区 (wǒ kǎ zài péngyǒu qū).

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Then, you might also need to say you want to get out of the friend-zone 我要逃脱朋友区 (wǒ yào táotuō péngyǒu qū) or you want to escape the friend-zone 我要走出朋友区 (wǒ yào zǒuchū péngyǒu qū).

Although the term “friendzone” is (朋友区) is becoming more and more popular amongst the young generation in China, there is another expression which describes this kind of situation. 发好人卡 (Fā hǎorén kǎ), this literally means to give someone the “nice-person card”. As you can easily imagine it came from the typical scenario of someone turning down an admirer by saying 你是个好人,我们还是当朋友吧!Nǐ shìgè hǎorén, wǒmen háishì dāng péngyǒu ba! “You are a nice guy, but …we’d better remain friends”.

Now that you have learned everything you need to know about this topic, go and friend-zone people as a Chinese native speaker would or learn more Valentines vocabulary in Chinese.

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