Group Classes

  1. Each lesson is 55 minutes long.
  2. Class size – Maximum class size is 6 students per class, guaranteed.
  3. If you miss a class, LTL can arrange a special one-on-one make-up class for the price of 150RMB/hour at our school or your preferred location anywhere within the 4th Ring Road.
  4. All classes must be paid in full before the start of each course.
  5. No refund can be given for classes you did not attend.
  6. Class schedules follow the LTL Chinese Holiday Schedule as published on the LTL Website
  7. We will try our best to arrange classes at a time convenient for you, but time planning will be subject to teacher and classroom availability.

One on One and Culture classes

  1. All classes must be paid in full before the start of each course.
  2. Each class lasts 60 minutes.
  3. No refund can be given for classes you did not attend. If you will be late for a class, please inform your teacher ASAP. LTL teachers are both government certified and professional Mandarin Instructors who put a lot of work and pride into preparing your classes and teaching you this fascinating language. Please respect them and their time for it. If you have to cancel class, inform them so at least they don’t have to wait for you. Unless otherwise instructed, our teachers will wait for you up to 30 minutes before they consider a class cancelled.
  4. All private one-on-one classes are held at your preferred location or the LTL Campus, depending on classroom availability.
  5. For Beijing Safari students, you are responsible to pay for any purchases you make.
  6. We will try our best to arrange classes at a time convenient for you, but time planning will be subject to teacher and classroom availability.

Internship/Volunteer Program

  1. LTL will organize interviews for internship positions for you. The final decision on acceptance lies with the company.
  2. Once placed with an organisation, it is your responsibility to show satisfactory work performance to successfully finish the internship. In case you are dismissed from your internship, this is your own responsibility. LTL will try to organize another internship as soon as possible, however, this will be subject to availability at the time.
  3. If you started your program with LTL before a decision on the internship/volunteer program, LTL guarantees at least five interviews with suitable organisations and will provide support as long as necessary to get you a suitable internship/volunteer program but the final decision of acceptance always lies with the company, LTL can offer support only.
  4. LTL acts as an agent for the internship position only and has no control over quality/content of the internship/volunteer program. The applicant is required to inform him/herself about quality/content of the internship/volunteer program with the organisation directly.


  1. Students must comply with the housing regulations of their accommodation. If a student repeatedly violates housing regulations, he/she may have to leave the accommodation. In those cases no refund can be provided.
  2. If a student wants to change or cancel accommodation after arriving in Beijing, this is possible subject to availability. A four week cancellation fee is applicable and discounts need to be adjusted according to actual booking duration.

General Terms

  1. Force Majeur: If your program is disrupted by an event that is beyond the ability of LTL to control, we will try all we can to arrange a suitable alternative for you if possible. However, we cannot make any refunds for interruptions caused by unforeseeable events beyond our control and cannot offer compensation for costs that might have occurred.
  2. All participants of LTL programs are expected to adhere to proper conduct and obey our campus rules. Disrespecting other cultures and beliefs, using drugs, engaging in illegal activities, exhibiting or threatening violent behaviour, and other inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. If this behaviour persists, you will be expelled from the school and  accommodation, without eligibility for a refund and you are liable for all damages to any persons or property caused by such.
  3. All Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. By paying a deposit a student confirms the course booked and LTL guarantees the booked course, service and accommodation. Refunds for tuition and accommodation fees may be made up to 14 days before the start of the course, minus banking charges and a processing fee of 1000RMB. Refunds will be made directly to the student or to an agency if the agency advanced the tuition for a student.
  5. For cancellations within less than 14 days of the planned starting day 20% of tuition and accommodation fees are refunded.
  6. From the day a student starts a course or is supposed to move into their accommodation onwards, no refunds are possible, except if a valid reason is provided. In the case of a valid reason:
    1. Courses: students will be charged a cancellation fee of four weeks of classes for group and two weeks of classes for 1 on 1 courses. Students who paid their tuition fee through an agent must apply for a refund with that agency.
    2. Accommodation: the cancellation fee is one month’s accommodation and discounts are adjusted to reflect actual booking duration.

Any changes to courses or accommodation are a lot of work and very difficult for LTL to do and the cancellation fees costly for students, so please try avoid changes whenever possible.

  1. Students are responsible for a valid passport, visa, medical and travel insurance to cover their period of stay with LTL.

LTL Code of Conduct:

  1. Students must attend every class and complete homework on time.
  2. Students must respect teachers, follow instructions from authorized persons, take care of their study materials, keep classrooms clean after use and take responsibility for their own behavior
  3. Students must respect their peers and other people involved in the program, and not harass, threaten, intimidate, harm or insult anyone
  4. Students must not be involved in any fights or commit any violent or illegal acts under Chinese law or the law of their home country
  5. Students must look after their own personal property and must not cause any damage to school property or property belonging to anyone else
  6. Students should use polite language and gestures at all times
  7. Minor violations will receive an oral warning. Serious or repeated violations may result in dismissal from the program without refund and, for students under 18 years of age, their parents/legal guardians will be notified.