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Enjoy our highly popular groups classes and Learn Chinese in Chengdu at LTL Mandarin School, China’s #1 language school.

Our courses in Chengdu are all 20% OFF giving you even more reason to get signed up with us and start your adventure for learning Chinese.

Our community is tight-knit, our teachers are top drawer, and our environment is friendly, relaxed and perfect for learning Chinese. The perfect combination.

Our Chinese classes are kept small, and with good reason. Quite simply, you progress faster.

The bigger the class, the less chance you get to speak and get your mouth moving.

You can even add-on individual Chinese classes in Chengdu if you want to propel your level even faster.

  • Learn Chinese in Chengdu
  • 20% OFF all courses
  • Average Group Size – 3 students
  • Maximum Group Size – 6 students
  • Cover all aspects of Mandarin
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Study for as long you want

Learn Chinese in Chengdu

Learn in Chengdu – So much to explore in Chengdu
Small Groups – 3 people per class on average, maximum 6
Friends – Students always seem to bond so well at LTL
Diverse – Our students come from anywhere & everywhere

Added Extras for Free

Modern – Clean and fresh amenities
Gym –
Available to all LTL students at no further cost
Play Pool and Table Tennis –
Also included in the price

First Class Qualified Teachers

Qualified – Many teachers apply, only few make the grade
Engaging – Classes are never the same, never boring, always fun
Years of Experience – At least five years experience
In The Know – All our teachers can advise you about Chengdu

Fun and Friendly

Learn together – Help each, speak together, live the language
Reach High with LTL – Work with us and let’s aim for the stars
Speedy – You’ll be surprised how far you can soar in weeks

Our Group Classes

Learn Chinese in Chengdu with LTL in a small group class and experience the best quality Chinese language classes in China. Trust us!

Absolutely all ages and background are welcome to study with LTL, that’s what makes us so great, our diversity!

Some important details to understand are as follows:

  • Average class size – 3 students
  • Maximum class size – 6 students
  • Class duration – 55 minutes
  • Number of teachers – 1-3
  • Lesson split – 70% Oral, 30% Reading
  • Start Date – Complete beginners can start on the Monday’s listed below
    • If you have some have a basis in Chinese already, you can start any Monday of the year.

Want to hear what others said about learning Chinese in China with us? Check this out.

Your Personal Assessment

What about finding the right class for you? That’s where the assessment comes in.

This is not a test so no need to panic. All beginners go together with ease, but if you know some Mandarin we will speak with you before you come to Chengdu.

It involves a simple chat with our Director of Studies, they will be able to pinpoint your level and match you with the students best suited to you.

This is vital as you don’t want to waste any time when you get to Chengdu.


How are group classes taught?

You will cover speaking, reading, listening and writing throughout your course.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday the focus is on speaking and listening. Tuesday and Thursday is all about learning the characters and writing.

Do I get to speak much in the group classes?

Yes, this is vital so we make sure it happens.

The main reason why class sizes are kept small, is so every single student will get plenty of chances to speak Chinese in class.

We strongly believe in getting every student talking as early as possible. In a large lecture hall, you don’t get this option, so we make sure at LTL you do.

Can I also study Chinese Online?

You can yes.

You can study with us before coming to China, upon returning home, or even as a standalone Chinese language program.

Either way, you can discover our Chinese Online programs here.

Who will I study with?

The size of your class, age range and nationalities is something that varies with every class.

It will all depend on your levels, you will be matched with students who are as close to your level as possible so you could be studying with a teenager from America, or a retiree from South Korea. Cool, right!

Can I add individual classes to my group classes?

You sure can.

Our Intensive/Small Group Chinese language course is four hours of group study a day, and two hours of individual Chinese.

Are group classes the same across all cities?

Correct, whether you study in Beijing or Beihai, Chengde or Chengdu, our classes follow the same structure.

This is great because it allows you to study the same way across multiple cities.

The teaching is well adapted to the level of the students. Having the chance to speak Chinese with the host family or in the city is really a great experience.

– Hélène from Canada


I took the intensive course – group plus individual. The team also organised cultural activities after school hours. I was lucky to find such a good environment.

– Bill from the US


I have had a wonderful time at LTL. I’m really pleased with the level of the course as well with all activities arranged by the team.

– Laura from Sweden


LTL is organized and have such supportive and kind staff. Shoutout to my teachers who were thoughtful in teaching, and other staff for hosting fun socials and a vibrant community.

– Catherine from Canada


The curriculum is well-structured, catering to various proficiency levels, and the interactive classes truly immerse you in the language.

– Abdullah from Kuwait


With my teachers guidance, I quickly navigated through the course material and improved my Mandarin. LTL also found me a wonderful home-stay family.

– Alexander from the US



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.