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Join us in Singapore and start learning Chinese today! All Mandarin abilities are welcomed from complete beginner to advanced learners. 

Start your Mandarin adventure in the thriving city of Singapore!

Become part of the LTL family. We welcome students of any age or nationality. All of our teachers have bags of experience, are fully certified and are simply the best in the business.

To ensure that everyone in our group classes has the chance to participate we have a maximum of 6 students per class to ensure the classes are kept small.

On average there are only 3 students per class giving every student the opportunity to make amazingly quick progress with their Chinese.

  • Learn Chinese in Singapore
  • All levels of Chinese welcome
  • Maximum of 6 students per class
  • 3 students on average per class
  • Any age or nationality can join
  • Study in an international city
  • Round the clock support from the LTL team

If you want to make even more of your time in Singapore you can add some 1 on 1 classes to really push yourself that little bit further.

IN SINGAPORE? Check out our part-time Mandarin courses designed for students in Singapore.

Learn Chinese in Singapore

Small groups – Maximum of 6 students per class, average of 3
Easy to Participate – Every student has the opportunity to speak
Flexibility – Learn for just one week or up to a whole year
Individual – Make even more progress with 1 on 1 classes

Top Quality Teaching

Experienced – Our teachers have bags of experience
Certified – Fully qualified to teach Mandarin to foreigners
Bond – Form a close bond with your teachers

The Best Service

Expertise – We’ve been doing it for years, we know the deal
Student Advisor – Here to help you with any questions
LTL Family – Be a part of our tight-knit community
Round the Clock Help – Our team are always there for you

Metropolitan Environment

Amazing Sights – Must-see spots all over Singapore
International – Make friends from all over the world
Great food – Try local delicacies in Singapore’s hawker markets


Our Small Group classes create the perfect learning environment where all students have the opportunity to join in and contribute.

Unlike university courses where the class sizes can be as many as 20 students, our classes have an average of just 3 students.

All of the Chinese classes at LTL are taught by our excellent teachers.

They are all fully certified with teaching degrees and have years of experience teaching Mandarin to foreign students.

If you want to give your Chinese an extra boost we recommend you combine your course with one of our amazing Homestay families.

Over 80% of our students choose this option as it’s a such a unique experience and allows you to practice Chinese 24/7.

At LTL Mandarin School you get the best quality Chinese teachers, incredible homestay experiences and the chance to be part of a family that you will take home and cherish forever, as thousands of others have done.

What are you waiting for!


Here are some key details about group classes in Singapore with LTL.

PLEASE NOTE | If a class has fewer than 4 students, students can (subject to availability) switch to another class or continue their classes online. In this situation students tend to choose online lessons because the class size is smaller.

Study Mandarin in an international environment and make friends from all over the world. With our Mandarin classes you will learn all areas of Chinese: speaking, reading, writing and listening. To make the most progress you can also add 1 on 1 classes to your group classes to focus on any areas you want to or cement what you learnt in the group classes.


To make sure you’re put in the most suitable class for your level, you will have a language assessment with us before starting your program with us. 

Complete beginners, don’t need to do the assessment but if you have learnt some Chinese before you’ll need to do the assessment.

But don’t worry this isn’t like a real test, it’s just to help us get an accurate understanding of your Mandarin.

You will just have a brief conversation with our Director of Studies and they will ask you some questions in Mandarin.

We of course want to make sure you’re in the right class for you, so it’s very important to do the assessment. After all you wouldn’t want to be in a Chinese class that is too basic or too advanced for you. 

NOTE – If you are a complete beginner and have never studied any Mandarin before you’ll need to begin your course on one of our official starting dates (shown above). Those who have learnt some Mandarin before can start on any Monday throughout the year.


Which is best for me, group or 1-on-1 classes?

It’s up to you, really. 

If you have a fair knowledge of Mandarin already we’d recommend going for individual Chinese classes in Singapore as the class can be more tailored towards your needs.

If you are a beginner, groups might be the best way to start off, but honestly, everyone is different. Talk to us and we can find the best solution for you.

Who will my classmates be?

Your classmates could be anyone, we have as much idea as you do!

The beauty of our group classes is the chance of getting paired with someone from any where in the world, of any age and background.

Is the group class format the same across all LTL cities?

Yes, they are.

Book for any city you like (or more than one) and you will experience the same interactive, diverse and fun lessons.

What is a typical group lesson like?

You will cover speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

The week is divided up like this generally…

Mon-Wed-Fri – Speaking & Listening

Tues-Thur – Writing & Reading

How can I maximise my time at LTL?

A number of way which include:

Live in a Homestay with us

Make Chinese friends

Take part in social gatherings

Talk to people, always

Never stop learning, even when you walk the streets, read the signs.

Read, read, read

Utilise your commute to study Chinese using apps.

Listen to Chinese songs

Listen to Chinese podcasts

Can I also study Online with LTL?

You can indeed. We have a number of online programs which include:

Our brand new Flexi Class system

Tailored 1-on-1 lessons

HSK Courses

Even Cantonese courses!

The school is committed to organizing meetings and dinners so that students can get to know each other. The longer I stay here the more I want to extend my stay.

– Carlotta from Italy


Overall, I’m glad I decided to come to Singapore. Every new place I go to is an adventure and the progress with my Mandarin has given me enthusiasm and accomplishment.

– Michael from the US


The lessons are a lot of fun. Learning a new and versatile language is great fun. I had booked a 12 week course and homestay, and then decided to extend my stay by 4 weeks.

– Marlene from Germany


Over the 4 months I have been at LTL Singapore I have been focused on speaking and listening and improving my thinking and reflexes to communicate more naturally.

– John from the UK


My teacher Tim was patient and persistent, he worked me hard but was patient. The manner of instruction is terrific! I’m 69 but would like to continue in the future!

– Donald from the US


I absolutely loved it. For someone who is very passionate about studying Chinese like me, these two weeks couldn’t have been better.

– Amit from Israel



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.