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Begin speaking Vietnamese on your first day in Hanoi with personalised, individual classes taught by a private teacher.

Our 1-on-1 Vietnamese Courses cater to your specific needs and goals, equipping you with the necessary tools to succeed.

  • Want to learn Vietnamese for future job opportunities?
  • Need to know some Vietnamese to speak with friends?
  • Are you perhaps already living in Vietnam?

No matter your reasons for learning Vietnamese in Hanoi, we offer top-quality, customised classes. Our courses also provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture and lifestyle.

Before you arrive in Hanoi we will organise a Pre-Course Talk. This is a quick call to understand your goals and requests better.

  • Tailored 1-on-1 Vietnamese classes
  • 55 minutes lessons
  • Choose 20 or 30 hours a week
  • Private Native Tutors (Northern Vietnamese)
  • Homestay accommodation available
  • Group classes are also available
LTL Saigon || 1-on-1 Class

A Personalised Program

Length – A week long, a year long, or anything in between
Classes – Choose between 20 or 30 hours per week
Content – We design the lessons according to YOU
Accommodation – We offer great Homestays in Hanoi

The Best Teachers Around

Top Tutors – We only work with the best
Qualifications – All teachers are fully certified & experienced
Diversity – No class is the same, we teach what you need
Flexible – Schedule is organised according to your availabilities

Every Student Matters

24/7 Support – We are always available to help
Everyone welcome – All age groups and nationalities
Any questions? – Where to go, where to eat. We know
Talk to us – Classes, life in Hanoi, issues. We’re here for you

A Unique Experience

Fast progress – 1-on-1 classes are the fastest way to fluency
100% Immersion – Experience Hanoi like a local
New friends – Every week, from all over the world
Keep in touch – Students often become life-long friends


With over 15 years of language teaching experience, we are confident that full-time, 1-on-1 classes are the most effective way to achieve fluency in a new language.

To help you reach your goals, we offer three different Vietnamese language programs.

Each course includes personalised 55-minutes lessons that are customised to meet your individual needs and requests. Additionally, we can personalise your class schedule based on your availability.

No matter which program you choose, you will become part of the LTL community and be able attend our weekly social activities with other students.

NOTE || All courses in Hanoi teach Northern Vietnamese. If you’d prefer to learn Southern Vietnamese, have a look at our Saigon Programs.

No Material Fees

No Accommodation Finding Fees

No Registration Fees


  • 20 hours per week
  • 4 hours of Vietnamese per day
  • Monday to Friday


  • 30 hours per week
  • 6 hours of Vietnamese per day
  • Monday to Friday

Group & 1-on-1

  • 20 hrs of group classes per week
  • 10 hrs of 1-on-1 classes per week
  • 4 + 2 hours of Vietnamese per day



Our individual Vietnamese courses are all tailored to your needs and personalised to your specific level.

If you’d like to study more specific topics such as Vietnamese for Expats, or to prepare for a Vietnamese Language Proficiency Test (such as Năng lực Tiếng Việt) we can organise a custom language program for you.

These programs will require more specific details from you in order for us to prepare the perfect course. Be sure you talk to our team about your project early on, and we’ll help you get ready for your exciting language program with us.


Get out of the classroom and start practicing your speaking skills in real life!

Welcome to the LTL’s Hanoi Safari. There is no better way to learn Vietnamese in Vietnam than in real life situations. Go shopping, enjoy ordering food or use public transport. You’ll learn and use day to day essentials in this Safari.

A certified Vietnamese teacher will guide you through the vocabulary you need to know. Through constructive feedback and practice, you’ll quickly gain the skills to communicate confidently in Vietnamese in any situation.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to use your newfound language skills on the streets and in everyday situations.

NOTE | This program is an upgrade and can only be purchased on top of an Individual Vietnamese course.

Upgrade Prices1 week2 weeks
Safari42 USD76 USD
If there are additional transport, ticket or other costs for you or the teacher you can pay them on the spot directly.


If you are wondering where to stay, or would like to make the most of your experience in Hanoi, we highly recommend you book a homestay with LTL.

A Homestay family is the preferred choice for 80% of our students. By living with a Vietnamese family, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, practice your Vietnamese speaking skills daily, and savor delicious homemade meals in the comfort of a cozy apartment. With the care and warmth of a loving Vietnamese family, you’ll feel right at home while experiencing a new way of life.

Living with a homestay has proved to be the most efficient way to make progress, as our families usually don’t speak much English. This creates an immersive atmosphere that cannot be replicated elsewhere.


No need to worry about where to go and how to get to your accommodation after your arrival in Hanoi.

Our chauffeur can come and get you from Nội Bài International Airport. You only need to look out for your name.

Let us know during the booking process if you’d like us to organise the pick up for you. We offer further additional extras which you can find here.


How long is a 1-on-1 Vietnamese class?

Each lesson lasts for 55 minutes.

How long is a Vietnamese language program at LTL?

You decide on the length of your Vietnamese language program.

From 1 to 52 weeks, you choose how long you wish to learn Vietnamese in Saigon with LTL.

Some people even book another course after their first one is complete so it’s truly flexible.

If you are unsure about the optimum length for your program, we would be happy to hear about your plans and assist you in this decision.

Contact us here to get in touch with a Student Advisor.

Do I have just one teacher?

You can have one or two teachers, this will depend on your language program and your preferences.

Please let us know during the booking process.

This is also subject to teacher availability.

Isn’t 6 hours a day too much study time?

Six hours per day can sound like a lot, but in our experience it is not as draining as it sounds.

Our lessons are designed to be diverse and engaging, and our teachers incorporate a variety of fun and innovative teaching methods to keep you focused and motivated.

From watching videos and playing board games to creating role-plays and more, you’ll have a blast while learning Vietnamese.

There is no doubt it’s a challenge, and we aren’t saying it’s easy, but we’ve had plenty of students enjoy the six hour per day schedule.

How can I meet other students with 1-on-1 classes?

Meeting other students and making friends is actually very easy at LTL, even if you’re taking individual classes.

We organise school lunches, as well as school activities after class and weekend trips.

Students, teachers and staff usually get together during breaks, or stay for coffee after class, so don’t worry about meeting new people.

If you live with a homestay family, you will be able to meet even more people as you will take part in the family’s various activities.

What’s best, group classes or 1-on-1?

This will depend on various elements.

Group classes are designed for beginner to intermediate students typically.

Individual classes are made for every level, but even more so if you are of a higher level.

Individual classes are best for people who’d like to learn fast and make great progress in a short amount of time.

What are the after school activities?

After school activities can be visits to historical and touristy places, parks or shopping areas.

We can also organise cooking classes, traditional clothes fittings, movie nights, etc.

We are always open to new suggestions so feel free to suggest anything.

How long does it take to learn fluent Vietnamese?

The number of lessons and how long it takes to be fluent in Vietnamese will depend on multiple factors.

It’s important to recognize that we all have unique learning speeds and retention abilities. Finding the most effective learning approach for you may take some time and experimentation.

Additionally, your progress will depend on factors such as the amount of time you can dedicate to learning, whether you prefer individual or group classes, and your ability to immerse yourself in a language-rich environment and practice your language skills regularly.

This is exactly why we work with Homestay families, so all of our students have the chance to practice their Vietnamese skills 24/7 at home after school, and make progress a lot faster.

The term ‘fluent’ can also differ from person to person. Is your goal to navigate life comfortably as an expat in Vietnam, or do you need to be able to work in a specific field with a Vietnamese team on a daily basis?

If you need some guidance, we are here to help.

The adminstration behind the teaching is well organized and supportive where needed. I am very hapy with LTL and would recommend it to any one.

– John from the US


My Vietnamese has improved exponentially with my teacher’s help, and he has continually gone above and beyond to make classes varied and interesting.

– Oliver from the UK


The school offered a “Safari” program, in which my teacher would take me out to real-world situations to practice speaking. Don’t be afraid to inquire!

– Crystal from the US



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.