Careers at LTL Mandarin School

We have a number of exciting career opportunities at LTL as continually expand! Check out some of our current job roles below and contact us if any are of interest to you.

Online Marketing Associate: Beijing

Online Marketing Assistant

LTL Mandarin School are looking for a Marketing Associate to join our ever expanding team. LTL is one of China’s leading private language schools, with operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Chengde. We focus on teaching Mandarin through Chinese language immersion, living with homestay families, intensive small group classes and get students to really experience China and not just some expat bubble.

You will have previous experience in Online Marketing as well as having a passion for China as a country, Chinese culture and the language. If you can speak a number of other languages, whilst also having a working knowledge of Chinese this will be a bonus, but isn’t essential.

Crucially you must be a people person. Our school is an ever revolving door of enthusiastic and interesting characters from around the world who all come to China to explore the country and learn the language. Our staff, students and teachers regularly interact and enjoy each others company on a daily basis. It’s important that you slot into the model we have at LTL.


  • Graphics/Video Production
  • Copywriting
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Build Online Relationships/SEO
  • Email Marketing

The job role is very broad and no two days will be the same at LTL Mandarin School. You will report to your Marketing Manager and liaise with him on a daily basis to help aid the continued growth of LTL Mandarin School.

Graphics/Video Production

  • Creating graphics and videos for us to use on our website and further afield
  • Get creative, bring ideas to the table, build them together
  • Analyse results of previous posts

Content Creation/Management

  • Create content for our Website blogs
  • Manage and update content on our websites

Paid Search Advertising

  • Analyse our current paid adverts
  • Research new paid adverts

Build Online Relationships/SEO

  • Help expand the LTL brand by link sharing
  • Contact potential websites and build relations

Email Marketing

  • Help create and build Email Campaigns
  • Analyse results of Email Campaigns


  • 1-2 years working experience
    • Online Marketing relevant preferred
  • Previous experience or private work involving:
    • Email Marketing, Photography, SEO, Adwords or Design
  • Must be a people person
  • Working level of English at minimum
    • Native German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Japanese speakers preferred but all welcome to apply
  • Well organised and driven
  • Strong knowledge of MS/Apple Applications
  • China enthusiast preferred
  • Currently based in Beijing

What LTL provide

  • Base salary with generous bonus structure
  • Salary progression
  • Career opportunities
  • We can apply for your Work Visa
  • International Health Insurance
  • 1.5 hours Chinese Class per week
  • Training to improve your marketing skills

If you are interested please contact max(@) and attach your CV plus a cover letter explaining to us why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Online Marketing Internship: Beijing, Taipei and Shanghai

Online Marketing Internship at LTL

Job Description

Core Tasks

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Content Creation/Management
  3. Translation
  4. Build Online Relationships
  5. Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • Daily Interaction with followers
  • Target users likely to follow/sign up to us
  • Analyse results of previous posts
  • Create graphics to be used for Social Media Campaigns

Content Creation/Management

  • Create Content for our Website Blog (any language you are fluent in)
  • Manage and update content on our websites


  • Translate any website changes on the English site to their respective language.
  • Translate any English blog posts to utilise on other language sites

Build Online Relationships

  • Help expand the LTL brand by link sharing with our Marketing Manager
  • Contact potential websites and build relations

Email Marketing

  • Help create and build Email Campaigns
  • Analyse results of Email Campaigns


  • English Speaker
  • China Enthusiast
  • Strong copywriting ability
  • Comfortable working independently and in team situations
  • Minimum of 3 months commitment


  • 500RMB food allowance paid at the end of every month
  • Work reference or university credit
  • Flexible working hours

If you are interested please contact max(@) for further information.

Freelance Bloggers

Freelance Blogging with LTL

  • Learning Chinese?
  • Living in China? 
  • Like discovering Chinese culture?
  • Love writing your ideas down?

Answered yes to any of the above? LTL is always looking for freelance bloggers to create content for our website blog (any language you are fluent in). 

If you’re interested in applying, please contact and, providing the following: 

  • 10 ideas/titles for blogs that you think would fit our style (if unsure please check out our current blogs here: China Blog, Beijing BlogTaiwan Blog).
  • A short (200-300 word) introduction paragraph/s to one your titles.
Sales Assistant: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sales Assistant: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We are looking for a Sales and Marketing Assistant to join us in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Job Description

Our schools are in China, but we are looking for a motivated young Vietnamese speaker to join our international team in Ho Chi Minh City to start promoting LTL Chinese courses in Vietnam. This position is very varied and includes a number of tasks. Amongst them are:

– organization of sales events to Vietnamese university students interested in studying Mandarin
– translate and SEO optimize our website into Vietnamese
– blog writing in Vietnamese
– online marketing in Vietnamese
– work closely with our sales and marketing team in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan

Job Requirements

– native Vietnamese speaker, based in Ho Chi Minh city
– must have studied at least one semester of Chinese in China
– speak good English
– motivated, clever, young and wants to build a career
– good team player – we work hard but also have a lot of fun


If you are interested, please show us your professionalism by sending us a full application to This should include your CV, short motivation letter, current visa status, when you would be able to start and salary expectation. We are looking forward to hear from you. 

Chinese Teacher: Beijing

Teacher at LTL Mandarin School – 老师

LTL Mandarin School 是一家有外籍人士开办的汉语语言学校,在北京、上海、承德均设有办公地点,学生主要来自英国、美国、德国、澳大利亚、瑞士、法国等欧美国家。目前已为多家国际知名企业,各国领事馆及商务处,来华留学生团体,商旅人士提供过不同类型的汉语学习服务。


北京市朝阳区建国路88号现代城SOHO B座 504


1 – 教授儿童及成人一定的口语及汉字知识。

2 – 教授商务汉语及为专业人士提供相关汉语知识服务。

3 – 为学生制订个性化的学习策略并激励学生完成其学习目标。

4 – 参与汉语水平考试(HSK) 的定期教学研讨。

5 – 在汉语教学中能够教授汉语文化常识并帮助学生关注时事热点。


1 – 本科及以上学历,对外汉语专业、中文专业、汉语国际教育专业优先。

2 – 具备800小时的对外汉语教学经验,具备良好的组织能力和实施教学能力,有汉语培训教学经验者优先。

3 – 能够接受弹性工作地点: 校内(北京、上海),校外及工作时间(早8点到晚9点,时间灵活)。

4 – 了解汉语本体知识,对外汉语教学理论、教学法以及第二语言习得理论。

5 – 有亲和力,性格开朗,举止得体。情绪稳定,热爱对外汉语教育事业。

6 – 有较强的责任心,能够在实际工作中遵循“以学生为中心”的教学原则。

7 – 具备良好的师德,良好的学习能力、沟通能力和临场应变能力。

8 – 具备多元文化意识,了解中外文化,掌握跨文化交际的基本规则。

9 – 良好的语言学习能力,流利的英语口语表达,并能够用中英双语授课。


1 – 学校将提供有竞争力的薪酬。

2 – 学校将为老师提供最高的交通补助及早晚课补助。

3 – 为新人入职提供职业规划咨询及每月的学习培训。

4 – 员工生日福利及节假日福利。

5 – 较为合理的休假制度。

Email –

Chinese Teacher: Taipei

LTL Mandarin School 是一家有外籍人士開辦的華語語言學校,在北京、上海、承德,台北均設有辦公地點,學生主要來自英國、美國、德國、澳大利亞、瑞士、法國等歐美國家。目前已為多家國際知名企業,各國領事館及商務處,來華留學生團體,商旅人士提供過不同類型的華語學習服務。
更多信息,请访问我们的网站: 和


1 – 教授兒童及成人一定的口語及漢字知識。
2 – 教授商務華語及為專業人士提供相關華語知識服務。
3 – 為學生製訂個性化的學習策略並激勵學生完成其學習目標。
4 – 在華語教學中能夠教授台灣文化常識並幫助學生關注時事熱點。

1 – 本科及以上學歷,華語教學專業、華語專業、華語國際教育專業優先。
2 – 具備500小時的對外漢語教學經驗,具備良好的組織能力和實施教學能力,有漢語培訓教學經驗者優先。
3 – 能夠接受彈性工作地點: 校內(台北),校外及工作時間(早8點到晚9點,時間靈活)。
4 – 了解華語本體知識,對外漢語教學理論、教學法以及第二語言習得理論。
5 – 有親和力,性格開朗,舉止得體。情緒穩定,熱愛華語教育事業。
6 – 有較強的責任心,能夠在實際工作中遵循“以學生為中心”的教學原則。
7 – 具備良好的師德,良好的學習能力、溝通能力和臨場應變能力。
8 – 具備多元文化意識,了解台灣和外國文化,掌握跨文化交際的基本規則。
9 – 良好的語言學習能力,流利的英語口語表達,並能夠用中英雙語授課。

1 – 學校將提供有競爭力的薪酬。
2 – 學校將為老師提供最高的交通補助及早晚課補助。
3 – 員工生日福利及節假日福利。
4 – 較為合理的休假制度。

Alexander Krasnov
電話:(大陸) +86 137 6158 0374