Our Beijing serviced apartments allow you complete privacy and flexibility as you study Chinese in China. All our serviced apartments in Beijing are ideally located for simple access to LTL Mandarin School and you will be able to boast your own kitchen and bathroom. All serviced apartments come equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, heating, stove, microwave and fridge so you can happily live in the comfort of your own, private apartment. They are sizeable apartments.

Serviced Apartments in Beijing

  • Full independence
  • Two types of serviced apartment
  • Close to all local amenities
  • Cleaning service every week
  • Private bathroom and kitchen
  • WiFi and other bills included

The studio apartments can easily host two people sharing a large bed, with enough space for another person to sleep on the couch if needed. The two bedroom apartments can accommodate up to four people sleeping in double beds and one person sleeping on the couch.

  • Privacy and Independence

    Privacy and Independence

    Freedom – Your own bathroom and kitchen area to use when you wish
    Sizeable – At least 35 meters squared in size
    Choices – Studio apartment or two-bedroom apartment
    Furnished – Good quality which we regularly check

  • Support from LTL

    Support from LTL

    Around the clock – Your landlord will be there for you
    LTL Staff – Always happy to help if you have any questions
    Location – Convenient for the school and amenities
    Community – All staff at LTL are a tight knit family here for you

Beijing Serviced Apartments 

With our serviced apartments in Beijing you can be assured of complete privacy whenever you are home. All apartments are very safe and before we select them we check all apartments to make sure the apartment itself, and the area is a safe place to be. That said, Beijing is one of the safest cities you could wish to live in. You will have a 24/7 security service and reception service likewise.

Restaurants, shops and supermarkets are all easy and simple to access, as they are around the LTL Beijing school so you are never from from the essentials you need day to day. Bills for the serviced apartment such as heating, electric and water are all included in the prices listed below. Our studio apartments are designed for one to two people; the two-bedroom suite for two to four people. You can chat to us about your options and what you wish to book.

Please be aware when you book our serviced apartment this is not a five-star hotel. Although you will live in comfort at our serviced apartments you must be aware that Chinese apartments can differ in layout and quality to what you maybe used to. We will happily put you in contact with students who have previously stayed in our serviced apartments. Likewise, we can re-assure you with additional pictures if you so wish. It is also possible to switch your apartment subject to availability.

NOTE – You can only book one of our serviced apartments if you have booked a study Chinese in china program with LTL.

Beijing Serviced Apartment Pricing

Duration Studio Type 2 Bedrooms
2 weeks 5,330 8,527
3 weeks 7,328 11,725
4 weeks 8,883 14,212
8 weeks 16,433 26,293
12 weeks 22,651 36,241
13-52 wks 1,888/wk 3,020/wk

Listed in the table is a number of sample durations which are the most common with students. If you wish to be a quoted for a different length of time, then feel free to contact us.

All prices are listed in Chinese Yuan (CNY). Please be aware of the exchange rate with your currency upon purchase.

What Our Students Say

Enza Testimony for LTL

"During my experience I was very lucky, because through LTL Mandarin School, me and my two Italian friends took a serviced apartment. The environment was very cozy."

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Enza Testimony for LTL
Enza in Beijing

Enza in Beijing

During my experience I was very lucky, because through LTL Mandarin School, me and my two Italian friends took a serviced apartment. It presented itself as described: a small apartment with two double beds, a bathroom and a kitchen. The environment was very cozy and the house was equipped with a TV, a big wardrobe, towels and dishes. The apartment is located in a busy area, nearby many supermarkets, shops, banks and also a very useful bus stop, which allows you to go anywhere in the city at a very cheap price.

It was an amazing feeling to be able to live in a skyscraper and admire the sunrise from the big window of our room, an experience that I would highly recommend. In addition, we established a good and friendly relationship with our landlord who was always available.

In Beijing everything will seem you unique, even your accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything included in the price of the serviced apartment

Yes all bills are included so the price you pay covers everything from the accommodation itself to the bills and the support of your landlord and LTL staff.

Do I have to be an LTL student to book accommodation with LTL Mandarin School?

You do yes. You must have a study Chinese in China language course booked with LTL to apply for accommodation with us.

What is the rough size of the serviced apartments?

This will vary depending on which room you want to book. The studio apartment covers a space of 35 square meters to 50 square meters whereas the two-bedroom suite covers a size of 65 square meters to 100 square meters. This allows plenty of space for you.

Do I need to share bathroom or kitchen with other residents?

No, the draw of our serviced apartments is that it gives you complete privacy. This means all rooms are yours and yours only.

How will I get to school on the first day?

Your landlord will help inform you of the route to school on day one which will either be on foot, by bike or using the Beijing Metro. We are located at Dawanglu Metro station, about a five-minute walk. Don’t worry about any potential language barrier, although your landlord won’t speak much any English, they are experienced when dealing with foreign students.

Be sure to download useful translation apps before coming to China. An app like Pleco can really help when you are having trouble communicating. We also advise you download a VPN before coming to China so you can use websites/apps that are blocked, in this instance Google Maps which will no doubt come in handy.

Do you have any images of the Beijing serviced apartments?

Sure, visit our Beijing serviced apartments gallery.

Other Options

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    Our Homestay option allows you to put into practice what you learn in your Chinese lessons. This is a great way to further speed up your Mandarin progress whilst becoming a part of a Chinese family.

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