Budget Chinese Courses in China

The LTL Mandarin semester programs we offer in Beijing and Shanghai provide full LTL premium quality at a budget price. A semester lasts a full 18 weeks, is taught in small groups and are suitable both for beginner and beginner-intermediate students.

Classes are taught by a certified and experienced Chinese language teacher. The Mandarin program focuses on spoken Chinese, but also teaches you how to read and write Chinese in class also. Students quickly learn tones, pronunciation and grammar in their Chinese classes.

Chinese Classes in China - Making friends

  • 18 weeks of Chinese classes
  • Excellent value and a great way to improve your Mandarin
  • Meet new friends from around the world
  • The best Mandarin teachers
  • Four hours of studying Chinese every weekday

Upon successful completion can navigate and organize their life in China, are able to understand conversations in Chinese, and read basic Chinese newspaper articles.

  • Budget Chinese Courses

    Budget Chinese Courses

    Zero hidden fees – All your study materials are included

    Great Value – Compared to other LTL courses

    Support from LTL – Everyone is here to lend a helping hand

    55 minutes per class – You get what you pay for - nothing less

  • Learn Chinese Together

    Learn Chinese Together

    Class averages three students – Perfect for quick progress

    Build relationships – With teachers and other students

    A full Semester – 18 weeks of learning Mandarin

    Live Abroad – Experience China and enhance your learning

  • Become part of something special

    Become part of something special

    LTL Family – Students, staff and teachers. We are tight-knit

    All day, every day – Here to help. Communicate with us

    Your Student Advisor – Can assist you with any queries

    Students and Friends – Make friends for life

  • The Best Teachers in China

    The Best Teachers in China

    Fully Qualified – All teachers hold a degree in teaching foreigners

    Approachable – Student-Teacher bonds are strong

    Experience – Teachers boast over 5 years experience each

    The Best – The hiring process isn't easy. These teachers are the finest.

Budget Chinese Courses

At a price of 23,256 CNY (approx. 3,600 USD) for the whole semester (18 weeks) the Program is a bargain in itself. The budget course is already including all registration fees, text books and study materials. It’s a fixed duration program not only is very intensive and high quality, but also great value.

The cost of this course is equal to just 64.6 CNY per/hour.

Starting Dates for our Shanghai Budget Courses

The dates for starting our Shanghai Budget course is fixed and they are not negotiable. The period is fixed. Dates for our Learn Chinese Program in Shanghai are as follows:

Budget Chinese 2019 Date Price
Spring Semester 18th Feb. 2019 – 21st Jun. 2019 26,744 CNY
Fall Semester 9th Sep. 2019 – 10th Jan. 2020 26,744 CNY

Starting Dates for our Beijing Budget Courses

Budget Chinese 2019 Date Price
Spring Semester 11th Feb. 2019 – 14th Jun. 2019 26,744 CNY
Fall Semester 16th Sep. 2019 – 17th Jan. 2020 26,744 CNY

The Program includes:

The Program package does not include: 

  • Accommodation (see below)
  • Flights to and from China

Budget Accommodation in China

  • Apartments


    Choose from five types of apartment when coming to study Chinese in China at LTL. Small or Large Economy Apartments, Small or Large Standard Apartments and the larger Studio Apartments.

    Learn More

  • Shared Apartments


    Live together with other international and local Chinese. Each apartment comes with bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen area which you’ll share with other students whether from China or further afield.

    Learn More

Five Money Saving Tips from LTL

LTL Tip One – FREE Wireless

Use the free Wireless instead of moible data. You can get a mobile data plan on your phone (if you have an LTL survival kit, it is already included), however almost every shop, restaurant or bar (and of course LTL) offers free wireless in China. Get the password and surf for free pretty much anywhere in the city.

LTL Tip Two – Eat local food, it’s extremely cheap!

Eat only local. Chinese food is not only amazing, but also very cheap, even in Taiwan. Lunch at the food court next to LTL costs between 9 and 11 CNY (1.5 – 2 USD) and a beer in the restaurants next to the shared apartments is about 4 CNY (0.7 USD). Stay away from imported food, McDonalds or international restaurants. If there is anything from your home country you cannot do without, bring it with you, as imported food in China is quite expensive.

LTL Tip Three – Enjoy the FREE sites

Visit the many free sights and parks in Beijing. Walking around the lakes in Beijing Old Town is probably one of the most magical experiences this city has to offer and does not cost a single cent. Especially on weekends Beijing’s parks are an amazing sight, full of people practicing Tai Qi, singing songs and having Kong Fu show fights. Both parks closest to LTL, Ritan and Tuanjiehu, charge no cover and are definitely worth a visit.

LTL Tip Four – Get on events lists and enjoy complimentary drinks

Get on the LTL free event list. On every night of the week there is a bar or club offering free drinks, ladies night or free cover charge in Beijing – if you get yourself on the guest list the day before. Let LTL be your local free drinks party guide and you will be drinking for free all week.

Check out our blog on Beijing Freebies for further free things to do in Beijing.

LTL Tip Five – Public transport is very cheap!

Use the local transport system. A bus ride in Beijing costs between 1 and 2 CNY (0.2 and 0.3 USD) and a subway ride between 3 and 7 CNY (0.9 and 1.2 USD). While taxis are also comparatively cheap, they do add up after a while. When after 11pm the subway stops, the night buses continue to run all night.

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