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  • 僧冠峰风景区 - Chengde Travel Tips
  • Traditional Chengde Cuisine
  • 僧冠峰风景区 - Chengde Travel Tips
  • Teacher and student having Chinese class in Chengde
  • Student sitting outside in Chengde learning Chinese
  • 避暑山庄 - Veer off from the commotion and enjoy these spots
  • LTL Beijing Team Visits Chengde
  • Chengde - Great Summer's Day
  • Sunset in Chengde, pagodas and mountains

Chengde is the jewel in the LTL crown.

This hidden gem is the home of standard Mandarin and hosts our 100% Chinese Immersion program.

If you want to make super fast progress in next to no time – there is no better program to join than the LTL Immersion Program in Chengde.

We don’t have a physical school in Chengde in order to make sure you are speaking Chinese 24/7 and don’t have the temptation to use English, but we know you’re going to absolutely love it here 😜