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As Taiwan’s oldest city, Tainan is the perfect location for those who wish to experience true cultural immersion when learning Chinese.

Our small classes are strictly limited to six students to ensure you’ll speak Chinese as much as possible during lesson time and receive lots of teacher attention.

LTL’s experienced teachers will guide you through the complexities of Mandarin pronunciation, grammar, and writing to ensure you stay on the path to success.

You’ll study traditional characters in class and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Plus, we’ll conduct an assessment of your current Mandarin level before you arrive so we can plan your course before you even step through the door.

  • Learn Chinese in Tainan
  • Classes limited to six students
  • Students grouped by ability
  • Textbooks and learning materials included
  • Homestay accommodation available
  • Pre-course Mandarin assessment
  • Fully certified teachers

Beyond the language benefits, learning Chinese classes in Tainan will introduce you to a close-knit community of language learners from all walks of life.

Level Up Your Mandarin

Small Class Sizes – means a lot more speaking during lessons
Immersive – Dine, study and socialize in a Mandarin environment
Perfected Program – Learn about relevant and useful topics
Homestays Available – Live with a local Tainan family

Top Teachers

Qualified – All of our language instructors are fully certified
Experienced – Our teachers all have at least 5 years experience
Adaptable – We’ve taught students from more than 100 countries
Fun – A range of activities keeps our classrooms energized

Learn Chinese in Tainan

Rich History – Taiwan’s oldest city and previous capital city
Quaint neighborhoods – Filled with lanterns and little shops
Beautiful scenery – Relax after class at a lake, park or old fort!
Less foreigners – Means more Mandarin immersion

Feel Supported

Student Advisors – On hand to guide you through the process
Settling In – From sim cards to housing, we can help
New Friends – LTL friendships are lifelong friendships
Materials Provided – All textbooks are included



Since opening our first school in 2007, here at LTL we’ve learned exactly how to craft the perfect student experience. Here’s why our students leave great reviews:

  • Classes have maximum of six students (and an average of three!) meaning you’ll speak lots of Mandarin during lesson time and receive plenty of feedback and correction from our teachers.
  • Lessons are 70% spoken Chinese and 30% reading and writing, meaning you’ll have plenty of practice using that new grammar and vocabulary!
  • Students learn traditional characters, as these are what you’ll find all around you in Tainan.
  • You don’t need to worry about learning materials- textbooks are included in your course.

Students at LTL come from all walks of life and are a huge mix of ages and nationalities. With years of experience under their belts, staff and teachers are experts in making everyone feel right at home from day one.

When you join LTL, you can sign up for either a Standard Course or an Intensive Course, which we’ve outline below.

Chinese Standard Course

  • 20 hours per week
  • 4 hours of Chinese each day
  • Monday to Friday
  • 2-6 students per class

Chinese Intensive Course

  • 30 hours per week
  • 6 hours of Chinese each day
  • 4 hours of group class + 2 hours of 1-on-1 class a day
  • Monday to Friday


Prices for our 20 hour and 30 hour a week courses to learn Chinese in Tainan are listed below.

You can book any number of weeks from 1 to 52, but we have listed the most popular. Do let us know if you have further questions or want prices for alternate durations.

All textbooks and learning materials are included in your final price. The longer you book Chinese lessons at LTL, the greater your discount will be. Discounts amount up to 30% if you book for 12 weeks or longer.

We also offer a special discount if you book your Chinese course over the Christmas period. Visit our Discounts and Supplements page to find out more.


Personal Assessment

Before you come to Tainan to learn Chinese, we will do a personal assessment of your current Mandarin ability.

This is done so we can understand your level, as well as your personal goals so we can place you in the right class with the right teacher. We pride ourselves on finding the right class, and the right teacher for each of our students.

The assessment will be done through Whatsapp, Skype or a phone call. Remember our assessment is not a test.

No Other Fees

The prices listed above, include everything. There will be no hidden fees, no registration fee, no accommodation finding fee, no textbook fees.


How well qualified are your teachers?

We owe our success to our teachers.

At LTL, we only hire already experienced teachers. Our hiring process for teachers is meticulous, and it shows in the classes you receive.

What do you focus on in class?

The classes consist of all aspects of language learning, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

However, the classes are mainly focused on oral, which takes up about 70% of the class, and 30% is dedicated to reading and writing.

Do you teach Chinese characters?

Yes, we do. As the classes are in Taiwan, we are teaching traditional as well as simplified characters, but our group classes teach just traditional.

However, the main focus of the class is still speaking and listening.

I want to continue learning Chinese after my course, how?

Lots of students are worried about how they can continue learning Chinese when they finish their course with LTL.

Thankfully we offer an online learning platform called LTL Flexi Classes which provides 24/7 Mandarin lessons with our amazing group of teachers.

How many students will be in my group class?

Anything between 2 and 6 students.

Typically classes average just 3 students.

Do I get time to speak in class?

Yes, everyone gets the chance to speak and practice their Chinese in class.

This is precisely why we keep the class size small, to give you enough opportunities to speak and practice your Chinese.

We know the importance of getting every student speaking in Mandarin as soon as possible, you are learning Chinese in a local environment so you need to make the most out of this opportunity.

Can I learn in other cities in Taiwan?


We offer Chinese courses in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung as well as Tainan.

Can I add individual classes to my group classes?

You sure can.

Our Intensive/Small Group Chinese language course is four hours of group study a day, and two hours of individual Chinese.

I was excited for every lesson and can honestly say that I was engaged throughout my 4-hour classes, which is a feat in and of itself.

– Olivia from the US


LTL and my teachers have shown great flexibility accommodating classes according to my busy work schedule.

– Anna from Bulgaria


The teachers are lovely and easygoing. There was a lot of help from the booking until my last day.

– Torge from Netherlands



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.