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Being young is the best time to learn Mandarin. It’s that simple!

It does not matter if it is as a young child or teenager, the younger they are the better they learn languages.

A child will pick up tones much faster than an adult and reach Chinese language fluency significantly faster.

With online classes your child can learn Mandarin at home with the world’s best Chinese language teachers at very attractive prices.

There is no better way to start learning Chinese for your daughter or son than online. The little ones learn Mandarin incredibly fast when provided with the right environment and instruction.

Your boy or girl will learn how to speak Mandarin quickly through online classes taught by a professional and experienced Chinese language teacher. When teaching youngsters a good teacher really makes a big difference.

Our courses are fun and interactive but always tailored towards the individual child’s needs.

Some kids need a lot of fun while others can deal with a more structured curriculum when studying online. It all depends on the child and we will make sure that the course will fit your child’s needs.

For Kids

Specialized – Online classes taught for children
All ages – We teach children of all ages online
Enjoyable – Classes are engaging and interactive
Specialized – Packages for kids and teenagers

Online Lessons

Advanced – Utilize the wonders of online education
Software – Reliably fast connection speed
Support – Let us help you with your IT set up
Engaging – Interactive white boards, chats, videos etc.

Our Teachers

Experienced – 1000s of hours of teaching experience
Certified – Fully accredited Chinese instructors
Motivated – China’s best language teachers
All Ages – We love teaching children & teens

Be a Part of LTL

History – 10+ years of experience
Experienced – More than 100,000 hours taught
Established – 8 schools in China, Taiwan & Singapore
Success – LTL students have a 95% HSK pass rate

Chinese Classes for Kids at LTL – Our Students

We host a wonderful school from Ancona, Italy, every year here in Beijing, China. Check out their adventure here.

Every Summer, for 8 weeks, we host kids from around the globe, of all ages, with our Summer Camp in Beijing.

We hosted a fantastic group of kids from Mexico in 2019 who came to our Beijing school to learn Chinese with us.

Chinese for Kids Online Programs

We offer different packages depending on the age of your children. For our learn Chinese for children online programs, “kids” are younger than 12 and “teens” are from 12 to 18 years old.

Mini : Kids / Teens – 25 lessons, 2 months

Get your child started with 25 hours of Chinese classes. It is a very small program designed to give your child a little head start in Mandarin.

Standard : Kids / Teens – 50 lessons, 3 months

50 hours of 1-on-1 online Chinese classes for your child with an experienced Chinese language teacher.

A good way to start getting serious about Mandarin and making solid progression.

Comprehensive : Kids / Teens – 75 lessons, 4 months

This is the most popular option for kids to study Chinese online with LTL. A solid program, designed to get your child ahead in Mandarin quickly. Fully tailored to your needs and time requirements, this Mandarin program gets your child up by one HSK level.

Kids / Teens 100 – 100 lessons, 5 months

With bigger programs the prices get lower and the Kids / Teens 100 is a great program if you want your child to study Mandarin seriously.

Intensive : Kids / Teens – 150 lessons, 6 months

The intensive program is designed to set your child on the path to fluency in Mandarin.

With this program your child will progress by two HSK levels. This package is going to make a real difference.

Maximum : Kids / Teens – 200 lessons, 12 months

The name of this program is exactly what it is: the fastest progress in Chinese possible. Your child’s Mandarin ability will improve significantly. As bigger programs also come with bigger discounts, so this is also the cheapest option to study Mandarin online with LTL.

Discount Klaxon | When two children take online classes together, there is a 20% discount each!


Our Online Chinese Kids Courses are available to purchase from the tables below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and is all that’s left is to enter your payment details.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us using [email protected].

Kids Prices

Teens Prices

Online Chinese For Kids

Program Includes:

  • Certified Private Chinese Tutor
  • All study materials
  • Individual Study Plan for your child
  • The LTL Free online learning kit

Additional Costs: None.

The pricing at LTL is always very straight forward. Your only cost is the price above and nothing else. There are no registration, weekend, evening or any other kinds of additional surcharges.

Useful Resources for Kids

Keeping kids engaged when learning is crucial. Whilst our Chinese courses for kids are the best way to get your kids ahead, there are plenty of other resources they can be using as well.

Here are some of our favourites for you to check out.

ResourceBrief Description
PandatreeAn excellent free resource hub including games, books and stories. Recommended by LTL.
DinolingoA fun, gamified app for learning Chinese – targeted specifically towards kids.
MagikidAnother app that provides kids with an immersive Mandarin experience.
SkritterSkritter focuses on writing characters and is actually a great tool for kids as well as adults.
ChineasyChineasy also focuses on characters with fun, easy to digest graphics kids enjoy.


Can two kids study together?

Yes absolutely they can.

It is possible to have a class for two children together. They also get a 20% discount each.

What age is the program for?

We regularly teach Mandarin to kids online from 7 to 18 years of age.

For children younger than seven it depends on the child and their ability to focus. We have had some very successful programs for younger children, but the parents support is very important.

How should my child prepare for class?

The same way it would for a normal face to face class.

Arrive on time, have the study materials ready, a quiet place to sit down without distractions around, sit straight on a proper chair etc. While it is possible to take classes via mobile phone or an iPad, we do not recommend this.

In our experience the best way to study is with a PC and the student sitting on a chair in front of a desk just like it would in front of a home tutor.

Are there Summer Camps for kids?

Yes, we have a great summer camp for children in Beijing every year.

The LTL summer camp is designed for children from 7 – 17 years of age. At the same time teenagers can join programs at all our schools all through the year.

To live with a Chinese homestay family and be fully immersed into a Chinese language only environment is a great experience for children. It will also be very beneficial for your child’s Mandarin progress.

Whilst travel is restricted however, we are running an Online Summer Camp.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees.

Our pricing is always very straight forward and the prices you see above are all you will be paying for.

There are no extra charges for studying on weekends or evenings, no sign up fees, material fees or anything else like this.

Can I extend the class duration?

Yes, absolutely you can.

If your child has not finished all of their online classes within the class validity, simply apply for an extension free of charge.

You can extend your child’s classes validity for up to two years without any extra cost.

What kind of technology is needed?

You will need a stable internet connection, webcam, microphone and internet enabled device.

Just as important as a stable network however are a quiet room without distractions, a chair and a desk to sit on for your child during class. Also make that your child’s mobile phone is switched off during class.

For more useful tech advice, visit our page.

What do I need to do to help?

Help your child to set things up at the beginning.

Make sure all Bluetooth devices are disconnected as they tend to block the microphone, speakers and camera of many devices.

Make sure your child is properly prepared for class, dressed, has a glass of water ready and is ready on time.

Also check the internet connection before the class and switch of other devices that might slow down your internet, like live movie streaming or downloading large files.

Do I need to be around for class?

For Teenagers: You are always welcome to be there, but you do not have to. Your teacher will conduct the class and you do not need to be present for it. It is important that you tell your child that it has to listen to the teacher’s instructions and there is a working web cam where the teacher can also see your child during class.

For Kids: At the beginning it is important that a parent helps the child to focus and get used to class. As classes progress and we establish a working study routine this might not be necessary anymore, though a guardian should always be at least reachable if needed.

How long is a class?

This depends on the age and situation of each child.

For kids usually a one hour class is what we start with, though with a break this can also be extended.

For teenagers a 1.5-2 hour lesson is the most effective option in our experience as it takes them a while to get into “Chinese learning mode”.

Teachers make classes fun, with little breaks and games and time passes very quickly.

How do I sign my child up?

Contact us via the contact button above and let us know what you are looking for.

We will need to know the age of your child, their current Mandarin ability (if any), the aim of the course, the times you are looking for, which time zone you are based and which course option you are interested in.

If you let us know a bit more about your child that also helps us to give advice for course options. Also of course feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

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