Learn Mandarin in Chengdu – 1 on 1

Study Mandarin in Chengdu and make rapid progression with your Chinese language skills with our tailored courses, where you choose what you want to learn!

Studying Mandarin individually in Chengdu is the best way to reach your goals, in the fastest possible time. Why?

  1. Fully qualified teachers who have been teaching Mandarin for years
  2. A study plan where you decide what you want to learn, then we apply it
  3. A Mandarin school who’ve been teaching Chinese to foreigners for well over a decade

Individual Chinese Courses

  • Study Mandarin in Chengdu
  • 30% OFF our standard pricing
  • Tailored Mandarin courses
  • Quickest progression in Chinese
  • Pre Chinese course assessment
  • Flexible lesson plans
  • Become a part of the community

It’s a winning formula and one we know you will love. We haven’t even mentioned the 30% OFF yet have we?

ALL our courses in Chengdu (and Xi’an for that matter) are marked down with 30% OFF meaning the benefits of learning Mandarin in Chengdu just got better!

  • Best Way to Learn Chinese

    Best Way to Learn Chinese

    Speed and Precisions – Learn as you want to

    You, you, you – Everything is about you!

    Comprehensive – Want to learn just spoken Chinese or just written? What a about reading a comic? We cover what you want, comprehensively

  • Everyone Counts

    Everyone Counts

    Never a Number – Everyone who walks through LTL doors matters to us

    Enjoy It – You'll make memories to last a lifetime with LTL

    Constant Support – Our support team are always here to help, from the start of your course, to the finish

  • Join the Community

    Join the Community

    It's Unique – Staff, students and teachers. We are all super close

    Social Life – We host social events/dinners every week. Come and join in

    Friends Forever – Sounds cheesy but it's true. People make friends forever

  • Personal, Tailored

    Personal, Tailored

    Communication – What you want to learn, we provide

    Top Teachers – All our teachers are certified and fully qualified

    Fine Tuned – We cover every minute detail to make sure you learn fast

Learn Mandarin in Chengdu at LTL School

Learn Mandarin in Chengdu – Individual Programs

Our 3 types of individual Chinese course in Chengdu are as follows. Remember all our Mandarin in Chengdu programs are 30% OFF!

Standard Individual

This is 20 hours of Mandarin lessons per week. You’ll be paired with one or two teachers, this will depend on teacher availability. All classes will be personalised towards you. You tell us what you want, we teach you. Simple as that.

Intensive Individual

Crank it up with 30 hours of Mandarin a week. This breaks down to 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday. This is THE quickest way to improve your Chinese language skills, that’s not opinion, it’s a fact!

Small Group and Individual

Also 30 hours of Mandarin lessons each week. This is broken down into 20 hours of small group class and 10 hours 1-on-1 class. In total it comes to 4 hours of group classes and 2 hours individual each day.

Often our individual students are concerned they won’t have the chance to meet friends within the LTL community. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Alongside your Chinese teacher, who you’ll no doubt bond well with, you’ll fit right into our community after and in between class, so you get the best of both worlds!

NOTE – These are classes designed for adults, classes for children can be found on our under 18 page or children can can learn online with us.

When can I start?

You can start on any Monday of the year. Get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling with the best time for you to start your language journey with LTL.

Other Courses

Learn Mandarin in Chengdu – Prices

Our 1-on-1 Chinese courses in Chengdu are 30% CHEAPER than our standard course prices in Beijing and Shanghai. Amazing, right?

LTL Mandarin School classes in Chengdu are 60 minutes long, we don’t cut corners and teach 45-50 minute lessons.

NOTE – there are no hidden charges with LTL Mandarin School. Everything is 100% transparent.

Duration % OFF Standard Individual
(20h 1-on-1)
Intensive Individual
(30h 1-on-1)
Group & Individual
(20h group & 10h 1-on-1)
1 wk 0% 3,398 5,097 3,352
2 wks -2% 6,631 9,946 6,541
3 wks -5% 9,704 14,555 9,573
4 wks -7% 12,623 18,934 12,452
5 wks -9% 15,393 23,090 15,185
6 wks -12% 18,022 27,032 17,778
8 wks -16% 22,871 34,307 22,562
12 wks -24% 31,080 46,620 30,660
13-52 wks -24% 2,590/wk 3,885/wk 2,555/wk

Prices are shown in Chinese Yuan of which include all your study materials.

No extra fees or charges

Materials and textbooks: included
Assessment and course plan: 100% FREE
Registration fee: no fee
Visa invitation: fully available

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Extra Programs in Chengdu

Chengdu Safari

Is there a better way to learn Mandarin than getting out onto the streets and getting stuck in?

The safari is about throwing you into real life situations and seeing how you handle them.

  • Order your favourite dish
  • Buy items of clothing
  • Head to the supermarket and buy toiletries

Immersion is what we believe in and the Safari is exactly that.

Your Chinese teacher will accompany you to these locations. Your level will be catered for and the Safari is split into three parts which are as follows

Warm up :

  • Explain what you aim to achieve in the lesson. Understand and pick up the vocabulary and sentences you need to succeed.

The Safari :

  • Get out there, get exploring and complete your set mission.

Cool Down :

  • Questions or problems? Need feedback? This is the time to do it as you wind down and see what you did well, and what can be improved on.

NOTE – The Chengdu Safari is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 10 hours a week of individual classes.

NOTE – Students are responsible for all purchases made on the Chengdu Safari

  • Ideal for Chinese Beginners – Level A1/A2
  • 10 hours a week of your 1-on-1 will be upgraded to Safari
  • 2 weeks maximum course length
Discover Chengdu

Immerse yourself completely into Mandarin as you learn the language at some of China’s most historic areas.

This program allows you to mix and mingle with locals at sought after parts of Chengdu, meaning they’ll always be opportunities to interact with local Chinese.

This program is a 1-on-1 upgrade.

To book the Discover Chengdu program, you should first choose a program that includes at least 20 hours a week of 1-on1 classes. You can then upgrade after booking your course with us.

NOTE – Students are responsible for all purchases made during the Discover Chengdu program.

  • All Chinese levels welcome to apply (HSK 1 – HSK 6)
  • 20 hours per week of individual class
  • Maximum course length of 2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are 1-on-1 classes?

One hour exactly.

We don’t cut you short with 45 or 55 minute classes, you will always get the full hour you paid for.

What is the maximum course length you offer?

The maximum is one year. However, this can also be extended so in theory, there is no maximum!

Many of our students are returning students which reflects excellently for us in truth!

Can I link individual and group classes together?

Yes of course.

We have a program where you can learn Chinese six hours a day, 4 of those hours being group classes and 2 of those hours being individual. Get the best of both worlds!

How many teachers do I have?

This will change depending on season and how busy we are.

Generally it’s between one and three teachers.

How intensive is intensive class?

Six hours of Chinese a day is a lot, but it’s proven to work when learning Chinese.

We cannot deny there are days where you may feel fatigued and tired but the progress you will see should blow your mind. Genuinely, there is no faster or better way to get your Chinese ahead.

Are all ages welcomed?


You’ll be amazed at the diversity of the students we have. Youngsters, teenagers, retirees, we’ve got them all, and from all four corners of the planet.

Other Programs

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