2020 Chinese National Holidays

FIND OUT FIRST and Click here : Chinese Holidays - How do holidays in China work?

FIND OUT FIRST and Click here : Chinese Holidays – How do holidays in China work?

Below is a list of the 2020 National Holidays for China. Feel free to make a note of these and if you have any questions regarding National Holidays in China do feel free to contact us.

For the following dates in 2020, Saturdays or Sundays are moved to a work day, so the work day is off and the weekend day becomes a work day.

  • January 19th (Sunday) and February 1st (Saturday) are moved to January 29th (Wednesday) and 30th (Thursday)
  • ** April 4th is a Saturday, so April 3rd (Friday) will be given off instead
  • *** 28th of June (Sunday) will be moved to the June 26th (Friday).
  • **** September 27th is a Sunday so September 28th (Monday) will be given off instead
  • ***** October 10th (Saturday) is moved to October 7th (Wednesday)

NOTE – Our Chinese School in Taiwan follows slightly different holidays. See below, or check out our Taiwan website for more on Taiwan holidays.

FURTHER READING – To find out more about each of the Chinese Public Holidays, please read our blog post.

Check out episode 3 of our Live the Language podcast to hear what it’s like to be in China during the holidays.

Live the Language podcast

Live the Language podcast

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Chinese National Holidays – How Do They Work?

Chinese national holidays do not work like in any other country.

So if you really want to understand when people in China have national days off you will have to spend a bit of time trying to understand the system.

This is important because many days that might look like holidays (and are often shown as such on many websites) are in fact not holidays. They are a Saturday or Sunday moved to a week day and in return a weekend will become a normal working day.

Chinese National Holidays - National Holiday regulations in China can turn Sundays into regular working days.

Chinese National Holidays – National Holiday regulations in China can turn Sundays into regular working days.

China has six national holidays every year: Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, Labour Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and National Holiday.

For Chinese New Year and National Holiday three days off are given. For the other three holidays there is only one day off.

In addition the Chinese government practices a very unique system that aims to create longer consecutive holidays by exchanging work and weekend days.

So sometimes a Saturday or a Sunday might be a normal work day, while a normal work day is given off.

Even though this makes the whole system a bit confusing and nobody enjoys having to work on a Sunday, it is not without merits. Most Chinese workers do not live in their home towns and are often given very little annual leave.

That means for many the only chance to travel home to visit families are these national holiday/weekend combos.

As an example: National Chinese Holiday 2019

1st – 3rd of October (Tue-Thur) are national holidays

Sunday the 29th of Sep. and Saturday 12th of October are declared working days

In return Friday the 4th and Monday the 7th of October are given off

This creates a consecutive holiday of seven days from Tuesday the 1st of October until Monday the 7th of October.


  • If a holiday falls on a weekend, the following Monday is given off instead.
  • The government re-interprets rules on how work and weekend days should be interchanged every year and on a very short term basis. Usually the exact holiday guidelines are only release one to two months before the actual holiday takes place.
  • Except Labour Day and National Holiday, Chinese holidays follow the lunar calendar and are on a different date each year.

Chinese National Holidays at LTL Mandarin School

LTL Mandarin School runs all year, including Christmas and Chinese New Year meaning you can learn Chinese 365 days of the day at LTL. You will never lose any classes you paid for because of a holiday.

However, if your teacher travels home during a holiday, your classes might have to be moved to other days before or after the holiday. So especially during longer holidays like Chinese New Year and National Holiday be prepared that there might be some changes to your schedule.

What about Holidays in Taiwan for 2020?

FIND OUT NOW - National Holidays in Taiwan

FIND OUT NOW – National Holidays in Taiwan

Taiwan Holidays follow a slightly different pattern, but in general they are similar.

Holidays in Taiwan for 2020 are listed here:

  • January 1st 2020 – International New Year
  • January 24th 2020 to January 31st 2020 – Chinese New Year
  • February 28th 2020 & March 1st 2020 – 228 Peace Memorial Day
  • April 3rd 2020 & April 4th 2020 – Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Festival
  • June 25th 2020 – Dragon Boat Festival
  • October 1st 2020 – Mid Autumn Festival
  • October 9th 2020 & October 10th 2020 – National Day

NOTE – Taiwanese Holidays are the same in the sense that to create an extended, longer holiday, weekend days are nominated as working days.

Compensation days for 2020 are as follows:

  • Saturday February 15th (Chinese New Year)
  • Saturday June 20th (Dragon Boat Festival)
  • Saturday September 26th (Mid Autumn Festival)

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