Chinese Radicals Quiz // How Many Do You Know?

Chinese Radicals Quiz 🤩 How Well Do You Know Them?

Welcome to our Chinese Radicals Quiz.

As complicated as they may be, learning the Chinese radicals is without a doubt, very helpful!

They often indicate what a character means.

Radicals are a bit similar to root words or affixes (prefixes and suffixes) in English, where understanding the root, prefix, or suffix can help you understand the word itself.

The root word of the dictionary is dict (Latin), which means “say”. The Chinese radical for “speech” is 讠 (言, yán). “Dictionary” in Chinese is 词典 (cídiǎn), where the radical of 词 is 讠 .

Chinese radical lid 亠

The prefix of repeat is re-, which means “again”. The Chinese radical for “again” is 又 (yòu). 反复 (fǎnfù) means “repeatedly”, where the radical of 反 is 又.

Of course, English root words and affixes don’t always translate perfectly into Chinese radicals.

Nonetheless, knowing these radicals can be incredibly helpful in deciphering what a character means. Hopefully by the time you finish this Chinese Radicals Quiz, you’ll have an understanding of how well you’re learning them.

For example, the radical 氵means water (水, shuǐ), and the character 河 (hé) means river.

Radical in Chinese is 部首 (bùshǒu). Another way of saying radical in Chinese is 偏旁 (piānpáng).

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Onto the quiz…

Mandarin features a grand total of 214 radicals, and even though some of them are not used anymore in simplified Chinese, that’s still a lot.

We’ve chosen 30 of the most common ones for this Chinese radicals quiz.

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