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Quickly learn how much vocabulary you know with our free HSK test.

We’ve taken all of the HSK vocabularies and put them in a simple four multiple-choice questioner. Answer each question to the best of your knowledge, and we’ll tell you how much vocabulary you know!

This Free HSK Test is NOT the real exam and cannot be used as proof of passing an official HSK exam. These free HSK tests are an indication of how much vocabulary you know. The higher, the better.

Each test doesn’t contain the vocabulary used in the previous exam. Meaning you’ll have to pass multiple exams to know your level.

There are no time limits set on the exam. Feel free to walk away and come back later. We won’t lock you out.

  1. HSK 1 – 150 words
  2. HSK 2 – 150 NEW words
  3. HSK 3 – 300 NEW words
  4. HSK 4 – 600 NEW words
  5. HSK 5 – 1300 NEW words
  6. HSK 6 – 2500 NEW words

Want to learn more about the HSK exam?

You can study for the HSK at any of our schools and online! Find out more about our specialised HSK online courses. We also have FREE online Chinese classes for beginners, HSK 1 and HSK 2 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Start with level one free HSK test and see how far you can progress. We will email you your test scores right away.

Free HSK Tests