HSK 2 Vocabulary Test


Need a HSK 2 Vocabulary Test to challenge yourself? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re no strangers to the HSK exam. We’ve helped thousands of students pass the HSK exam.

In fact our students have a 95% pass rate with the HSK Exams!

While there is more to the test than just knowing the vocabulary, it will undoubtedly help your confidence walking into the exam knowing how much vocabulary you have under your belt!

HSK 2 Mini Test

HSK 2 Vocabulary Test
HSK 2 Vocabulary Test

Here is an express HSK 2 vocabulary test.

IMPORTANT there are 2 versions of this quiz! The first is 30 RANDOM Chinese characters from the HSK 2 exam, the second is ALL 150 NEW Chinese characters.

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First Name
别 (bié)

游泳 (yóuyǒng)

鱼 (yú)

唱歌 (chànggē)

但是 (dànshì)

上班 (shàngbān)

眼睛 (yǎnjing)

姓 (xìng)

运动 (yùndòng)

打篮球 (dǎ lánqiú)

早上 (zǎoshang)

起床 (qǐchuáng)

男人 (nánrén)

西瓜 (xīguā)

可以 (kěyǐ)

远 (yuǎn)

慢 (màn)

休息 (xiūxi)

每 (měi)

等 (děng)

去年 (qùnián)

妹妹 (mèimei)

错 (cuò)

时间 (shíjiān)

送 (sòng)

红 (hóng)

千 (qiān)

晚上 (wǎnshang)

外 (wài)

吧 (ba)

30 not enough for you?

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Go hard or go home on all the HSK 2 vocabulary ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Take the HSK 1 test to make sure you haven’t forgotten any previous vocab. HSK 1 vocabulary will be on the exam a well!

For anyone who has passed the HSK 2 exam, they can express basic everyday phrases. They’re introducing themselves and answering questions like where they live, who they know and the things they have. 

Find out all the things you can do at different HSK levels?

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A HSK 2 EXAM

This test is simply a HSK 2 vocabulary test. Meaning all it does is test your knowledge of the vocabulary used in the exam.

Check out our HSK Online Course and see how you can get connected with an incredible Chinese teacher today!

To pass the HSK 2, you will need 60% or higher. By the time you finish this test, you’ll know just how much of the vocab you have!

Of course, a pass here doesn’t guarantee a pass in the real thing. The vocabulary tests on our website are intended only to build your confidence!

The HSK 2 exam is only requires listening and reading, and you’re still allowed to use pinyin.

Have any questions about the HSK 2 exam? We hopefully answer them all in this video.

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How many words are in the HSK 2 exam?

There are a total of 300 vocabularies in the HSK 2 exam. 150 are from HSK 1 level and the other 150 brand new.

How well will I be able to communicate after passing the HSK 2?

After passing a HSK 2 exam the assumption is you will be able to use basic Chinese and apply it to complete simple tasks.

How many words will be in the new HSK 2 exam?

The old HSK 2 exam has 300 words, the NEW HSK 2 exam has an additional 972 words totalling 1,272 words.

Is pinyin included in the HSK 2 exam?

It is yes!

You can still use pinyin in the HSK 2 exam, however, this is the final time you’ll be able to use it in a HSK exam so we recommend trying to attempt the exam without it if you plan on moving forward with higher HSK levels.

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