HSK 6 (Long) Vocabulary Test

HSK 6 Vocabulary Test (490+ Words)

You’ve made it to the highest level, nice work! This is the HSK 6 test, that will challenge you on exactly 495 Chinese words.

The real HSK 6 exam only uses characters and no pinyin! Our HSK 6 vocabulary test will be just like that. Ordinarily, you would have 2 hours and 15 minutes.

However, this exam doesn’t include listening or writing and only has 20% of the vocab (new words that were not included in HSK 5).

Find more information on all of the HSK exams or check out our online HSK course with specialised mandarin teachers who can help you all the components of the HSK 4 exam.



You should be able to complete this exam in under 60 minutes.

Don’t worry we’ve set NO time limit so take your time with it.

Just don’t refresh the page or all your progress will be lost.  

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