Ever wanted your own Chinese name but have no idea where to start?

Welcome to the most-spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese.

If you’re looking for Chinese names, this Chinese name generator is built to be a starting point! We’ve got a huge database of thousands of Chinese names, and we will help match you with the perfect one.

Our generator DOES NOT work with multiple names entered at once. Please only put ONE name to translate in Chinese.

Simply write your First Name and click Generate.

We’ve put a handy guide together to help you with understanding Chinese names, and how to understand their meaning.


 👉 FACT #1 – When saying their name, Chinese people first they say the Family name, and then the Given name. For example: Jackie Chan (Chéng Lóng) – Cheng is his last name, Long is the given name. 

 👉 FACT #2 – After marriage, Chinese women keep their original family name, or combine it with their husband’s name. 

😱 FACT #3 – 85% of the population of China share the same 100 last name.

 👉 FACT #4 – In the past, only privileged people had a family name. Common people did not.

 👉 FACT #5 – A long time ago it was believed that giving your child a name with a bad meaning could hold off evil spirits.

DID YOU KNOW? – Some Chinese people choose a more westernised name when living or working in an international environment. However, in more recent times people are choosing not to have one, and are demanding more respect towards their names and the Chinese culture.

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