Best Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language – Why You Should Learn A New Language

Here’s the deal

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language - Learn the Chinese Alphabet

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language – Learn the Chinese Alphabet

There are a multitude of benefits of learning a second language. We could talk about it for hours.

But you want answers, you want to know the main reasons for learning a new language, whether it be your 2nd, 3rd or even 4th!

Learning a foreign language not only can provide personal fulfilment, it can also open the door to a multitude of new opportunities not available for the monolingual speakers.

Let’s dive in and see why you should learn a new language today!

Reason 1 – It boosts your brain power

Reason 2 – It will broaden your horizons

Reason 3 – It will enhance your career

Reason 4 – It will get you a higher salary

Reason 5 – Meeting a special someone

Reason 6 – Communicate as you travel

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Let’s go into more detail:

1. It boosts your brain power

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

Learning a second language exercises your brain, improves your memory and attention span.

While acquiring a new language, in fact, your brain will naturally analyse and process the new linguistic structures and identify the best techniques to assimilate its syntax and semantic details.

Furthermore, while pursuing full fluency in the desired language, you will be forced to find creative ways to express what you think using alternative methods, this will boost your creativity, problem-solving skills, and multi-tasking abilities.

2. It will broaden your horizons

Knowing more than a language not only can make your holidays and experiences abroad easier by allowing you to speak with locals or other foreigners, it will also change your perspective and the way you view the world around you. Meeting and talking with native speakers is an essential component of the learning process.

While doing that you will automatically become “the foreigner” and this will help you to develop more empathy and openness to different cultures and habits.

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3. It Will Enhance Your Career

Enhance your Career

Enhance your Career

This is one of the best benefits of learning a second language

As nowadays more and more companies are expanding their business internationally, being able to communicate in multiple languages makes a candidate more attractive than others that can only speak their native one.

Furthermore, speaking another language conveys that you are a goal-oriented, highly motivated, and resourceful person, all skills that can differentiate you as a valuable asset to your prospective employers.

4. It will get you a higher salary

Earn more Money!

Earn more Money!

As bilingual and multilingual employees are higher in demand than those who can just speak one language, they can earn up to 10 to 15% earn more money on average than monolingual speakers.

Of course, some languages are more lucrative to learn than others. As shown in Becky Barr’s article Highest Paid Languages Of 2017,  “Japanese and the Chinese languages were named the most lucrative non-English tongues for UK job seekers” followed by French, German and Arabic.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the foreign language that inspires you the most, stop making excuses, and start learning!

5. Meeting a special someone

FIND OUT FIRST - What's it like to Date in China

FIND OUT FIRST – What’s it like to Date in China

There’s a lot of people on this planet – 7.7 billion to be precise!

That said, speaking just one language limits your options of communication to a vast number of people, depending on your 1st language of course.

Now if there’s one language you could learn that opens up more doors than any in the world, it’s Mandarin. Why? Pretty obvious right…

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world – over 1 billion overall.

Simple maths tells you that speaking Mandarin opens the door to roughly 12.5% of the whole population in the world.

You never know, learning that extra language might lead to meeting a very special someone…

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6. Communicate as you travel

Benefits of learning a second foreign language - Nelson Mandela Quote

Benefits of learning a second foreign language – Nelson Mandela Quote

We’ve all been there…

You want to get something simple like a bottle of water, but just shouting WATER (in your language of course) generally won’t do you any good.

How much easier your life would be if you knew how to ask for a bottle of water and spoke in the native language?

It’s true… your life really does become a whole lot easier!

Having the ability to be able to do the simple things, that we take for granted, makes a huge difference for every day things. Here’s some examples:

  • Navigating a taxi driver
  • Asking if the dish you want has peanuts because you have a peanut allergy
  • Asking a local where the nearest supermarket is
  • Opening a bank account in China

The list is endless. It’s a huge benefit of learning a second language and should never be underestimated.

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