HSK 1 Vocabulary Test 🌟


Need a quick easy way to test your HSK 1 Vocabulary? Well, you’ve landed on the right website!

There are 154 vocabularies in the HSK 1 exam in total. Below you’ll find 30 of them, selected at random for you to quiz yourself.

If you want to push yourself harder there is a link to test yourself on all 154 of the vocab below.

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First Name
的 (de)

上午 (shàngwǔ)

这 (zhè)

和 (hé)

他们 (tāmen)

菜 (cài)

上 (shàng)

谁 (shéi)

衣服 (yīfu)

了 (le)

日 (rì)

杯子 (bēizi)

学习 (xuéxí)

妈妈 (māmā)

学生 (xuéshēng)

小 (xiǎo)

她们 (tāmen)

零 (líng)

天气 (tiānqì)

坐 (zuò)

是 (shì)

多 (duō)

高兴 (gāoxìng)

看 (kàn)

听 (tīng)

四 (sì)

能 (néng)

很 (hěn)

爸爸 (bàba)

昨天 (zuótiān)

30 not enough for you?

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Go hard or go home on all 154 HSK 1 vocabulary! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Here at LTL Mandarin School, we are no strangers to the HSK exam.

We’ve helped over 10,000 students in their language journey. Most of our students sit a HSK exam to help understand what level of Chinese they have.

This is also a great way for employers to understand your abilities.

The NEW HSK 1 includes 500 words in total! Learn every single one here

For someone who has passed a HSK 1 exam, they would be able to express very basic everyday phrases.

Also, they would be able to introduce themselves and answer questions like where they live, who they know and the things they have. Want to know more about the other HSK levels?


This is a HSK 1 vocabulary test. Meaning all you can test is your ability to recognise the Chinese characters and/or pinyin and translate it back to English.

Why take a HSK Vocab test?

Well, why not?

To pass HSK 1 you will need a score of 60%. By the time you finish this HSK 1 vocabulary test, you’ll know if you understand more or less than 60% of the vocabulary in the exam.

Of course, a 60% score here doesn’t ensure a 60% score in the real exam. Instead, use this a gauge as to how confident you should be when entering the exam. The higher the better!

A HSK 1 and HSK 2 are the lowest levels and only require listening and reading and use pinyin and Chinese characters. From level 3 and above you lose the safety net of the pinyin.

When you’re done with the HSK 1 vocabulary test check out our pinyin translator!

When it comes time to writing Chinese characters on your phone. Most people choose to write in pinyin. Find out how you can get started with a pinyin keyboard!

This is a simple HSK 1 vocabulary test. Meaning you can test your knowledge of the 150 words you’ll come across in the HSK exam.

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You might have more questions related to the HSK which we would have almost certainly answered in this tell-all video. If you see your question, skip ahead to the time code!

1:30 What does HSK stand for?
2:54 What are the HSK test levels?
5:04 What do I need to know at each HSK level?
8:50 How long is the HSK exam?
9:51 How does the HSK exam work?
11:58 When can I take the HSK exam?
12:44 What is the HSKK exam?
13:39 What is the price of the HSK exam?
15:01 Can I take an HSK preparation course?
16:34 How quickly can I pass the HSK exam?

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If our vocabulary quizzes are not enough for you and you’d like to start preparing for the HSK with a more structured program, there is a way!

You can of course sign up to our Online HSK Preparation Course, or buy the HSK books, have them delivered at home to start studying by yourself.

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Start with the HSK 1 level if you never studied the Chinese language before.

Keep going with the HSK 2 level to go further with your language studies.

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How many words are in the HSK 1?

There are a total of 300 words in the HSK 1 exam.

Will I be able to say Hello, Goodbye and You’re Welcome after HSK 1?

Absolutely yes!

In fact you’ll be able to say near enough another 147 words alongside these!

How many words will be in the new HSK 1 exam?

The old/current HSK 1 exam has 150 words, the NEW HSK 1 exam has an additional 350 words totalling 500 words.

Is pinyin included in the HSK 1 exam?

It is yes!

You can use Pinyin and Hanzi for the HSK 1 and 2 exams. When you get to HSK 3 and beyond, it’s solely Hanzi.

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