5 Chinese TV Shows for Practicing Listening Comprehension

Watch TV, Learn Chinese

A lot of students learning Chinese often complain that they can read and understand quite a lot in Chinese, however, when they encounter a Chinese person or come upon Chinese audio, they black out and are not able to understand most of what they heard.

To help students with their problem, we decided to compile a few notable TV Shows that will help you improve your listening comprehension. Please note that most of these shows are only in Chinese with Chinese subtitles, so if you want a challenge, you got it!

1. Diors Man

This is a relatively new show, which is comprised of different comedy skits. It doesn’t have a plot, but if you are looking for a good laugh in a light-hearted environment, this is definitely the show for you! Check out the example below and if you like what you hear, you can watch hours of Diors Man on YouTube.

2. iApartment

A very successful comedy show about a bunch of people sharing their lives in one apartment. It is currently on its fourth season, so it is best to start quickly from the first season and work your way up!

3. Demi Gods and Semi Devils

For you history/martial arts buffs, there is Tianlong Babu, a famous series adapted from the novel of the same name, written by the famed author Jin Yong. The story tells of three heroes who fight together to defeat evil forces of different kinds (with English subtitles).
Watch the first episode below and if you can’t wait to watch more, here is a playlist of the first 40 episodes.

4. Where Are We Going, Dad?

This is yet another very successful TV Show. The reality show depicts famous actors with their real-life children competing against each other, while trying to also control their children and have everyone come out happy in the end. If you like children, this show will definitely become a favourite of yours! Each episode is a hour and a half long so you’ll need to get your Chinese brain on to watch them all.

5. Chinese Paladin

An early adaptation of the Taiwanese video game by the same name, Chinese Paladin depicts the story of lovers Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er and their adventures. The series was followed by a second season. (with English Subtitles)

We hope you enjoy these and please feel free to share any other series you suggest with us!

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