Life in China: 9 of the Craziest Proposals Ever!

See It To Believe It: 9 of the Craziest Proposals Ever

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It’s time to get Romantic and discover the craziest proposals ever!

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s time to assess the Chinese conception of what they believe love should be. In China it doesn’t matter how old you are, what matters is that you’re able to find someone to settle down with and to be married before it’s too late.

For Chinese men, the competition isn’t only against time, but also an unspoken rivalry against other men. This may very well be a consequence of the one child policy in China which has allowed for an unbalance with males and females.

How far will men go for 表白(Biǎobái)- let’s find out with the top 9 craziest proposals in China!

Taste for Cakes

Spicy Love

Transformation of Love

1001 Dalmatians

Wave of Love

When a Bouquet is not enough

Hero of Love

Unconventional Love

An Apple A Day will keep the Doctor away

9) The Secret Admirer with a Taste for Cakes

Craziest Proposals - MoonCAKE

Craziest Proposals – MoonCAKE

The identity of a student from DongBei University of Finance and Economics is still unknown, however during the special occasion of the birthday girl, he purchased 100 birthday cakes beautifully packaged worth approximately 300RMB each, and sent it to the entrance of her university.

He advertised the event on Weibo to her friends but unfortunately, nobody knew the existence of this sweet gentleman, or so it’s been claimed.

8) Spicy Love

In August of 2014 a proposal of love was made to the woman of his dreams in the form of 99,999 heart-shaped red, hot, chilli peppers in Hebei Province.

Perhaps he was trying to spice of the relationship too soon?

7) The Transformation of Love

Craziest Proposals - Transformer Proposal!

Craziest Proposals – Transformer Proposal!

One year on Christmas Day a proposal was made to his girlfriend by building an 8 metre high sculpture of “Optimus Prime” from the movie series “Transformers” to show his affection.

Don’t believe us, check out the picture on the right! These things really do happen, but we think only in China!!

Surprisingly this was enough to transform her decision into a big yes!

Can you imagine a transformer wedding theme?

欢迎来到中国 (Welcome to China)

6) 1001 Dalmatians

Two Chinese tourists met in Thailand in a hotdog restaurant and fell madly in love. After 1001 days from the day they met, the boy bought 1001 hotdogs and placed it in the shape of “LOVE” as a marriage proposal.

I wonder if the girl ate all of them as a reply of confirmation.

Hot Dogs - A Sign of Love!

Hot Dogs – A Sign of Love!

5) Wave of Love

In Tsingdao during a dolphin show, a girl was called upon to interact with the dolphins as part of the act, however she didn’t expect that her boyfriend would ride the dolphin like a knight in shining armour with a ring and a marriage proposal in front of the entire crowd.

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4) When a Bouquet is Not Enough

In 2012, a man by the name of Xiao Fan succeeded in his crazy marriage proposal to Miss Bikini 2009 (Yin Mi) by gifting a dress made of 9,999 red roses. As a fashion enthusiast, she agreed to his plea and they married that year.

3) Hero of Love

What a SUPERstar

What a SUPERstar

In 2012, in Jiangsu Province a man decided to take flight for love. This man disguised as Superman harnessed himself to a crane while delivering 9,999 heart-shaped balloons.

When his girlfriend finally caught sight of him and the ring, it was impossible to deny Superman.

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2) Unconventional Love

In 2014, a girl couldn’t wait for her man any longer and she unconventionally proposed to her boyfriend. She literally couldn’t wait as she had proposed while wearing her wedding dress.

He said yes and pictures were posted all over the media.

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1) An Apple a Day Might Keep the Doctor Away

Money doesn't always buy happiness - as this man found out!

Money doesn’t always buy happiness – as this man found out!

Last year in Guangzhou Province, an IT technician made a crazy proposal in the shape of a heart made of 99 brand new iPhone 6’s.

As he kneeled in the centre of the heart, he was quickly distressed as she quickly rejected him and left the scene in a hurry. He was seen by multiple people taking video footage as he was left alone.

After realising he had spent 64,000 Euros for public humiliation, I’m sure there were 99 therapists waiting on call for him.

*There is always the number 9 in proposals because it is 九 (Jiǔ) which also has the same pronunciation as 久 (Jiǔ) which means a long duration of time.

*The number 1001 has a meaning of 唯一 (Wéiyī) with the literal translation of uniqueness meaning they are the only one for them.

Crazy proposals right?! Which is the craziest of the all in your opinion? Tell us below

Enjoy and 情人节快乐!

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