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Embarking on a language program in a foreign country can bring a lot of stress, especially if you are planning to stay for an extended period.

At LTL we help you settle in nicely with our set of Hanoi Services.

As a reputable and accredited language school for more than a decade, we have years of experience when dealing with student questions.

In fact, we are proud to say LTL is IALC accredited (International Associations of Language Centres) meaning you can absolutely trust us to support you 100%.

Having organised language programs in Asia for many years, we have gained a reputation as renowned experts in the field, recognised worldwide.


It can be nerve racking landing to a brand new country for the first time. Vietnam can appear rather hectic from from the get-go for newbies, but don’t fear. We are here… 😎

Our standard survival kit for Hanoi includes the following:


Let us know your itinerary before arriving in Vietnam. Our driver will be holding your name card up waiting for you.

You will then be driven straight to your accommodation.

Please Note | The Driver will most likely not speak English.


When will I receive everything?

We’ll make sure you receive your complete Survival Kit straight after your arrival.

Feel feel to let us know if you have any questions before departing or just grab a staff member after arriving.

Can I just purchase an airport pick-up?

Yes you can.

The airport pick-up costs 30 USD.

Do you offer accommodation as well as courses?

We do yes.

80% of our students choose to stay with a Homestay family in Hanoi.

How do I find my driver for the pick-up?

The driver will be waiting at your airport in the arrival lobby.

Look out for your name on a card, you won’t be able to miss it!

Who should I contact if I have questions before departing?

Your student advisor is the best person to contact.

If you have any questions, they will be able to help.