Homestay in Taipei

Experience LTL’s exclusive homestay program in Taipei. To bring you the best host families in Taiwan we have a rigorous selection process for our families.

All our families speak zero English and the experience will allow you to benefit from Mandarin outside of the classroom, enhancing your speaking and listening ability at a rate of knots.

Get the most out of your Chinese learning, and experience the language and culture of Taiwan like a local.

If you want to truly learn Chinese, the best way is to stay with a host family. This will give you the opportunity to practice every day, learn in class, practice at home.

Student and host family together at a park.

  • 24/7 Mandarin
  • Become part of a Chinese family
  • Practice your Mandarin every day
  • Delicious Meals provided
  • Your own private bedroom
  • WiFi, and all bills included
  • Experience Taipei like a local
  • 80% of students choose a Homestay
  • Interested? Speak to former students

It is not difficult to see why our homestay’s are so popular with our students, this is the best way to learn Chinese language and culture.

  • Quickly Improve your Chinese

    Quickly Improve your Chinese

    Language Immersion – Practice and improve your Chinese daily

    Meal Time – Be part of family breakfasts and dinners

    Speak – Learn in class, and use it to speak with your family

    Only you – 1 nationality per Homestay

  • Relaxation and Comfort

    Relaxation and Comfort

    Strict Selection – We select host families carefully

    Live Like a Local – You will become part of a local family

    Bills and WiFi – All included for your convenience

    Helpful – Both LTL and your host family will help and assist you

  • Homestay Expertise

    Homestay Expertise

    Experience – Over 80% of our students choose the homestay

    Selected for you – We carefully place students and families together

    Choice – Vegetarian, gluten free, halal, vegan. Tell us your preferences

    Questions and Support – Any problems or worries, just speak to us

  • Experience Taiwan

    Experience Taiwan

    Home Cooked Food – Experience local cuisine everyday

    Weekends and Weeknights – Travel with your host family on trips and adventures every so often

    Daily Life – Experience Taiwanese TV, music and plenty more

Living with a Homestay Family

How to join a Taipei Homestay

  1. CONTACT US –  Contact us, and let us know what exactly you are looking for. That way we can assist and advise you.
  2. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU NEED – Complete our Homestay Questionnaire on the website. This will allow us to place you with exactly the right host family based on your answers.
  3. ONE WEEK BEFORE ARRIVAL TO TAIWAN–  We will send you the address, contact information, and pictures of your homestay. Feel free to contact your host family directly.
  4. DAY OF ARRIVAL IN TAIPEI- If you’ve booked an Airport Pick up or Survival Kit our private driver will be on hand to collect you. If not, you can head to a taxi and show them the address for your homestay. Once you arrive at your homestay you will enjoy introductions with your new Chinese family and settle in. Your host family will treat you to dinner, and you’ll make your first steps with the Chinese language.
  5. FIRST DAY AT LTL SCHOOL – Your host family will accompany you to LTL on the first day of class, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Meet the teachers, the LTL staff and your fellow students and get settled into life in Taiwan.

Taiwan Homestay Pricing – New Taiwan Dollars

Number of Weeks Homestay Price in NTD
1 week 13,206
2 weeks 25,642
3 weeks 37,343
4 weeks 48,340
5 weeks 58,665
6 weeks 68,348
7 weeks 77,416
8 weeks 85,899
9 weeks 93,822
10 weeks 101,210
11 weeks 108,088
12 weeks 114,480
13-52 wks +9,540/wk
extra night 2,201 / night

The table shows a full list of prices for our Host Family program in Taipei . All prices are shown in New Taiwan Dollar (TWD).

We can also put you in touch with other students who have done our homestay program to put your mind at ease.

If you need further information just get in touch using our live chat or drop us an email.

What Our Students Said

Rachel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We all got along well, Derrick was super kind in the sense he made flashcards for me to help my learning. The Mum was also really willing to help me improve my Chinese which was comforting.

Read More

Niamh Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Ayi (aunt) would make breakfast in mornings, and then I'd go to school or the gym. After this I would come back from school for dinner with the family, and then hang out or study.

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Why are homestays more expensive than shared apartments?

In a homestay you will become part of the host family. You will not just stay in a hotel room, or an apartment. You will be able to enjoy home cooked, local food every day. You will be immersed in Chinese language and culture, and your language skills will improve accordingly. In addition, host family accommodation usually provides a higher standard of living compared to the other accommodation options.

How many students will there be in my homestay?

We will always try to put just one student in each Homestay, but on some occasions there might be more than one. You will always have your own room and we will never put another student in your room together with you, so you will always have some privacy.

No matter if it is just you or with another student, the bonds between you and the family will be strong and you will get to know each other pretty quickly. This experience allows for complete immersion which is the whole point in our Chinese Homestay Program. Your time at the homestay will consist of 100% spoken Mandarin.

If I want, can I stay with my friend at the same homestay?

We can arrange this if you so wish. Speak to us and we will work with you accordingly although homestays maximise their potential when it’s one student per household.

Do I have to join for Breakfast and Dinner every day?

You do not have to join for every meal, but we do advise you to inform your host family ahead of time if you are not going to eat with them.

How do I get to school?

Your host family will accompany you on your first day of class. On average the commute will take 30-45 minutes one way. Taipei has a well developed and convenient public transportation system.

Can I lock my bedroom door for privacy?

Yes you can no problem.

I heard Taipei can get hot in the summer, will there be air conditioning in my room?

Yes there will be both air conditioning and heating.

What sort of food can I expect to eat?

A whole variety of local, authentic dishes will be at your disposal. Your host family will prepare dinner every evening for you. Anything from homemade dumplings, noodles, different kinds of meats and many more. The cuisine in Taiwan is delightful and we are convinced you won’t be disappointed.

Can I request a smoke free homestay?

Of course you can. Any queries you have we will cater for when selecting your homestay family.

Will I be able to wash my clothes?

Yes you will and in many instances your host family will offer to do this for you. Each homestay family will have access to a washing machine.

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