Study for a semester in Singapore for 18 or 36 weeks and experience first class Mandarin tutelage.

Our semester in Singapore runs from Monday to Friday and you’ll enjoy 4 hours of Chinese class per day with our fully qualified and certified teachers.

You will leave with a high level of confidence as you learn Chinese from the best Mandarin school in Singapore.

Our Semester program is open to all ages and nationalities, meaning you’ll be making friends from all over the world!

You will learn all elements of Chinese which includes:

  • Reading Chinese characters
  • Speaking, include understanding tones
  • Listening and writing our characters
  • Semester in Singapore
  • 1 Semester lasts 18 weeks
  • 2 Semesters lasts 36 weeks
  • Our best value program
  • 4 hours of Chinese class a day
  • Small groups between 2-6 students
  • Everyone welcome to apply

The LTL Family

Enjoy Singapore – Discover this great city with a list of endless possibilities. Enjoy it all with our help and guidance
Diverse – We have hosted thousands of students. From Haiti and Hungary, Belize and Belarus. We are truly international

Get Fluent, Fast

Small Class Size – Maximum of 6 students, so you speak more
18 weeks – You can aim for the stars in this time frame
Quality – Our semester program is super popular
1 hour lessons – We don’t cut corners, you get full value

A Teaching Team Like No Other

Experts – You won’t find a better group of teachers
Qualified – Every teacher has a degree in teaching Mandarin
Interactive – All our lessons are genuinely different
Pride – Our teachers stick with us for the long haul

Great Value, No Hidden Costs

All inclusive – Text books and study materials are all included
Support – We support you from the start
Accommodation – You can even book this through us to
100% Transparent – We lay it on the line for you


Everyone is welcome to our Semester in Singapore. It doesn’t matter where you are from or how old you are. This isn’t a program for under 25’s, this is open to everyone.

In short the deal is this:

  • 18 or 36 weeks
  • Fixed Chinese lessons (no re-arranging)
  • Starting dates listed below
  • 4 hours of Mandarin class a day
  • Classes every Monday to Friday
  • Additional individual classes can be added
  • Accommodation can also be booked through us

You can expect to reach HSK 3 level after one a semester if you start out as a beginner. HSK 4 can be reached after two semesters but you need to remember this is not just through work done in the classroom, but the work you put in outside also.

Our Semester program is unique because:

  • Classes are small, so you progress faster
  • Every is welcome
  • Teachers are all fully-qualified and experienced
  • LTL boasts a very tight-knit community where everyone is your friend
  • Classes are an hour, longer than that of university


Prices are all shown in SINGAPORE DOLLARS.

Semester Program in SingaporeStarting DatePrice
Fall Semester12 Sep. 2022 – 13 Jan. 20239,272 SGD
Spring Semester6 Feb. 2023 – 9 Jun. 20239,272 SGD
Fall Semester11 Sep. 2023 – 12 Jan. 20249,272 SGD


  • Textbooks and learning materials
  • 24/7 support from all of our team
  • Access to the LTL Social Program
  • Student Visa support

Not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Flights


Can you really learn Mandarin in a place like Singapore?

You can! Mandarin is one of four official languages in Singapore, alongside English, Malay and Tamil.

Chinese is widely spoken in Singapore, with many Chinese migrating here. You will have no issues finding Mandarin speaking communities in Singapore.

How does LTL differs from a university course?

The main factors are these:

Small groups compared to big

More chance to talk

More chance to chat with your teacher

Better chances on improving your weaknesses.

Hour long classes, not 45 minutes. That’s an extra hour a day.

Can I join even if I’m a complete beginner?

Sure you can. The program welcomes beginners with open arms.

Can I combine a course in Singapore with one in China?


Tell us what you want and we can help you book it up.

How many students per class?

Anything between 2 and 6. The classes are kept small for your benefit, so you get to speak more.

I am an advanced speaker, can I join the Semester?

Unfortunately your level is probably a bit too high for group classes.

We do not recommend group classes due to the fact finding other students with your exact level is very difficult. 

Individual classes would suit your needs best.

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