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What is the single best way to learn Chinese?

With over 15 years experience behind us, we believe we are well placed to answer that question.

Living with a Chinese family and speaking Chinese 24/7 is the way.

We’ve seen it hundreds of times after all!

So why not immerse yourself into Chinese culture by living with a Chinese family in Chengdu?

Give your Chinese an extra boost by living in a Chinese speaking environment outside the classroom and embarking on a unique experience as you become a part of the family.

It’s all good and well taking 2, 4 or 6 hours of classes a day but the experience of utilising everything you have learnt with a native speaking family is genuinely the experience of a lifetime.

If you like what you see, keep reading!

Learn Chinese in Chengde

Experience China

Fresh Food – Experience Chinese cuisine everyday
Weekends and Weeknights – Travel with your Chinese family
Day to Day living – Experience Chinese TV, music and more
100% Immersion – There’s no better way to learn

Relaxed and Comfortable

Selected Families – We choose each homestay carefully
Real China – Become part of the family in their own home
Bills and WiFi – All included for your convenience
Helpful – Your host family, and LTL will always be here to help

Speed Up Your Mandarin

Chinese Immersion – Learn Chinese all day and take it in
Food – Talk over Breakfast and Dinner everyday
Speak – Practice what you learned in class with your family
Only you – 1 student per homestay

Homestay Experts

Experience – Over 80% of our students choose the homestay
Matched for you – We carefully place students and families
Choice – Vegetarian, gluten free, halal, vegan and more
Questions and Support – Any problems, just speak to us


The Homestay program is one of the jewels in our crown. This is proven by the popularity it boasts with our students. It’s a winning solution.

Throughout our school locations, around 80% of students decide to live with a Chinese family in China. Why? Because it genuinely works.

Speaking Chinese 24/7 is the key, and this provides a solution in a nutshell. Learn about culture, watch TV in Chinese, cook food, the China way… it all adds up to a truly immersive experience like no other you can find.

Our families are all carefully selected and we make sure to match you with the best possible family FOR YOU.


Our product is all about creating an immersive atmosphere.

There isn’t much more immersive than a homestay in China, especially when they will speak little to zero English (you can choose their level of English also).

The Chengdu homestay program is what sets us apart from the rest. One solitary student, one full Chinese family and Chinese immersion 24/7.

You’ll learn lots in during your Chinese lessons in Chengdu, but after class, it’s not supposed to stop there. The homestay allows you to keep speaking, keep interacting and keep living Chinese long after you exit the classroom.

Go back home, and put in to practice what you learned during your day at LTL Chengdu.

You get the best of both world’s. First class tutoring in our Chengdu school, and then genuine immersion when the day is done.

There’s no excuses to not use Chinese and guess what, it works… hence the 80% of students who opt for the Chengdu homestay.

If you have any questions, which we are sure you will have, then just drop us a message. We are happy to help.


Prices are shown in Chinese Yuan (CNY/RMB). If you have any questions or queries about our Chengdu homestay, please contact us.

1 week2,895
2 weeks5,621
3 weeks8,186
4 weeks10,596
5 weeks12,860
6 weeks14,982
7 weeks16,970
8 weeks18,829
9 weeks20,566
10 weeks22,186
11 weeks23,693
12 weeks25,094
13-52 weeks (price per week)2,091
extra night482


Can I book my own accommodation?

Of course you can, this is entirely up to you.

We also provide shared apartments if this is of interest. Speak to us and we can arrange that.

Do I have to join breakfast and dinner everyday?

It is no problem if you wish to skip a dinner or breakfast.

We’d advise inform your family beforehand because they would be expecting you.

Can I lock my bedroom door?

Yes you will always be able to lock your door.

Is there air-con and heating?

Yes there will be both air conditioning and heating.

Are there washing facilities?

Yes of course.

Sometimes your homestay family will even do your washing for you!

What will I know about my family before coming to China?

We will send you a document with the family members details before you arrive.

Alongside their address and other details, we’ll give you an introduction to them so you are familiar before arriving.

This should prove useful for you.

If I want, can I stay with my friend at the same homestay?

We can arrange this if you so wish.

Speak to us and we will work with you accordingly although homestays maximise their potential when it’s one student per household.

What about the language barrier for important matters?

This is part and parcel of the homestay. Embrace it rather than fear it.

You will find a solution, whether it be via a dictionary app, or persistence. Plug away, you will find a compromise.

That said if it is of major importance you can contact us at LTL, your student advisor or a friend and we can assist.

This is why a homestay is so great, you find solutions you never thought were possible. If you’re a complete beginner and you’d like to get some survival Chinese under your belt before you come to China take a look at our Flexi Classes.

Can I book a homestay without a language course?

Afraid not.

Homestay’s are priority for full time Chinese language learners with us.

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