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Learning Chinese in Chengdu is something that can sound a bit scary. Sorting your visa, not knowing the language, dealing with currency… it sounds like a mountain of things to sort it. Fear not!

Our job is to make your life as easy as possible so you can focus truly on what you came to China for…


We can help take care of things like:

All these questions, and many more, will spring to mind for you. These questions above, and more, is why our services came about. A package that sorts out all the little gritty jobs you need to think about.

We know Chengdu, we know China.

We want you to get the most out of your time here, and make as much progress with Chinese as possible.

Standard Chengdu Survival Kit

The Standard package survival kit includes:

  • Mobile SIM card + data and minutes – 10GB of data & 300 minutes. If you want to top-up, ask us.
  • Airport / Train Station pick-up – We’ll be there, just tell us where and when.
  • Subway/Underground Card
  • Bank Account Assistance – We cannot promise you a bank account in China due to ever changing regulations but we will do our utmost to get you one sorted.
  • Register with the Police – All foreigners need to register when coming to China. We help sort it out.
  • Free Bike – (This depends whether we can set you up a Chinese Bank account).
  • Map of Chengdu
  • LTL Bag
  • Free locker
  • Personalized coffee mug

The Standard Survival Kits are included in our Immersion Program and Multi City Programs.

Comfort Chengdu Survival Kit

Our comfort kit is the upgraded version of the standard kit. This includes all of the above, plus:

  • A Massage
  • International Hospital VIP Card
  • Gym Membership for a month

Airport / Train Station Pick-up Only 

Chengdu Services - Arriving in China

If you just want picking up from the airport or train station, we can also provide that

  • Pick-up from Airport  or Train Station
  • Hassle free
  • Quick and efficient, get to you accommodation with no stress and in no time
  • Available at all Airport and Train Station terminals

If possible, it’s best to arrive in China between 10am and 5pm on the Sunday before your course starts. 

The LTL Connection Kit

Making friends in a new city, let alone a new country is another challenge in itself.

Once again, we’ve thought ahead just for you. Our connection kit puts you in touch with two local people who we will pair you with based on your interests and hobbies.

This gives you a head start and gets you speaking Chinese even more. From then, you can meet plenty more friends through their circles

Student Ambassador

Your ambassador will be someone we select based on common interests and hobbies that the two of you have.

The idea is to get you meeting local people rather than being drawn too much to foreigners and speaking your native language. The whole point in immersion is to make the most of every chance you have to talk Chinese. Socially is often considered one of the best ways to learn a language.

Language Exchange Friend

Your language exchange friend will help your Chinese whilst you help them learn your native language as a return.

The great thing about meeting people from around the world is the stories you tell are endless. Talk about hobbies, food, sports, culture, family, you name it.

This is a great chance to not just learn about Chinese, the language, but also the culture which in itself, is a huge part of life in China.

The connection kit service is all about finding and introducing you to people whom we think you will get on well with. Of course, we cannot guarantee a match made in heaven here, but we do our very best to match you with someone we believe you will have a lot to talk about with.

It’s proven very successful in the past and we hope it will for you also.

Add-OnPrice in CNY
Survival Kit Standard1,270
Survival Kit Comfort2,040
Connection Kit630
Airport Pickup350

Frequently Asked Questions

SURVIVAL KIT - Will my driver be there when I arrive?

That’s the plan!

He’ll be awaiting with a sign and your name on it. He will know when you arrive and should arrive in plenty of time so even if you are early, he’ll be there.

It’ll probably be busy but don’t worry, he will find you.

SURVIVAL KIT - Do I need to bring things to LTL?

We provide all learning resources. If you wish to bring anything, that’s entirely your call!

CONNECTION KIT - How do I meet these two people?

We will invite you for a meal or a drink after you arrive and from there, you’ll be able to arrange further meets.

CONNECTION KIT - Why are there two people?

Two people means another chance to make a great friend.

Our matches are generally pretty spot on, but two gives us a better chance to make your life that bit better.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are the people?

It’s really dependant on you and your hobbies but to break it down…

They could be university students, young professionals who wants to get a more international outlook, or one of our friends from LTL who likes to meet new people

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