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Learning Chinese isn’t just about sitting down, opening up a text book and grinding away. It’s about having fun too, immersing yourself, understanding the culture, and much more.

So here at LTL, we put a lot of time into bringing you useful, interactive and fun ways to learn Chinese from the comfort of your own home.

Below are a list of Chinese tools we’ve created for you to play around with, we hope you like them and if you have any ideas of further ones we can create, why not let us know.

Discover Our Chinese Tools

  • Pinyin Translator

    LTL Tools

    Tired of finding a way to get those tonal marks on your Pinyin? There has to be a better way, right? Well there is! The brand new LTL Mandarin School Chinese Pinyin Converter.

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  • Zodiac Calculator

    LTL Tools

    Find out today your Chinese Zodiac Animal as well as your lucky numbers and colours! Are you a dragon, a rabbit, a tiger? Discover your zodiac sign right now.

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    Discover how much HSK vocabulary you know with our quick and simple HSK vocabulary tests. Results sent to you inbox in less than a minute!

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  • Price Calculator

    LTL Tools

    Inspired to come to LTL Mandarin School and learn Chinese? Wise choice! To get an idea of the costs and the programs we offer, check out our calculator and create the perfect program.

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