Apartments in Beijing

Experience our variety of Apartments in Beijing and enjoy complete freedom and a convenient route to LTL Mandarin School Beijing.

You will share your apartment with local Chinese in a multi-storey building.

This is an ideal budget option for students coming to learn Chinese in China whilst looking to also keep extra money for other activities.

Beijing Apartments

  • Great budget option
  • Convenient location
  • Shared and Studio Apartments
  • Share with local Chinese
  • Enjoy an immersive experience
  • Choose between standard or en-suite
  • Living in Beijing is very safe

You will also be close to a supermarket if you need to make some quick, convenient purchases such as water or something for breakfast the following morning.

  • Comfortable and Convenient

    Comfortable and Convenient

    Amenities – All easily accessible from your shared apartment

    Travel – Located close to the Metro to get to school

    Enjoy independence – Come and go as you please

  • Studio Apartments

    Studio Apartments

    Freedom – Your own bathroom and kitchen area to use when you wish

    Convenient – Within walking/cycling distance from LTL School

    Furnished – Good quality which we regularly check

  • Community Feel

    Community Feel

    Chinese friends – Make friends with your flatmates

    Safety – We check and inspect all apartments

    Neighbourhood – Everyone is friendly, you’ll feel safe and at home

  • Flexibility with LTL

    Flexibility with LTL

    Budget option – Great value accommodation in Beijing

    Standard or En-Suite – You decide the size of room you wish to stay at

    Arrive when you please – We can help 24/7

LTL Apartments in Beijing

Shared and Studio Apartments

Overall we offer three types of apartment in Beijing. Below is a table showing the types of apartment we have and the basic features they include:

Type of Apartment Standard Shared Standard En-Suite Studio Apartment
Communal Area Private Area
Private Bathroom
Shared Bathroom
Private Apartment

Shared Apartment

Beijing Apartments with LTL

Beijing Apartments with LTL

Our Shared Apartments are split into two types – Standard Shared Apartments and Standard En-Suite.

The apartments are very similar with the main difference being the bathroom either being shared or your own.

These are great options if you are on a budget.

Shared Apartments are located around Beijing but never more than a 45 minute journey from our school.

This will require a journey on the Beijing Metro or perhaps a bus or taxi journey depending on your preference!

Our Shared Apartments are basic local apartment quality so if booking these, do not expect 4-5 star accommodation.

Apartments in Beijing – Useful Info

Comfortable beds in our apartments

Comfortable beds in our apartments

  • All our shared apartments are located nearby LTL Beijing
  • No longer than 45 minutes journey time to the school
  • All your flatmates will be Chinese, adding an immersive experience to your stay.

Air Conditioning – Generally air conditioning is only really needed, and used, in July and August when the weather is at it’s peak heat.

PLEASE NOTE – If you wish for something a little more upscale we recommend you check out our Beijing Homestays.

You will be sharing with Chinese locals and hygiene standards might not be the same as what you are used to at home.

These are a budget option and fantastic if you want to save some cash for other things like travelling China but you must be aware that as things are shared, hygiene standards can differ with people all around the world.

Things can be different in China, so just be aware before arriving of shared bathroom and kitchen areas.

Studio Apartments in Beijing

Bathroom at our Shared Apartments

With our studio apartments in Beijing you can be assured of complete privacy whenever you are home.

All apartments are very safe and before we select them we check all apartments to make sure the apartment itself, and the area is a safe place to be.

That said, Beijing is one of the safest cities you could wish to live in.

You will have a 24/7 security service and reception service likewise.

Restaurants, shops and supermarkets are all easy and simple to access, as they are around the LTL Beijing school so you are never from from the essentials you need day to day. Bills for the Studio apartment such as heating, electric and water are all included in the prices listed below.

Our studio apartments are designed for one to two people. You can chat to us about your options and what you wish to book.

Although you will live in comfort at our studio apartments you must be aware that Chinese apartments can differ in layout and quality to what you maybe used to.

We will happily put you in contact with students who have previously stayed in our studio apartments.

Likewise, we can re-assure you with additional pictures if you so wish. It is also possible to switch your apartment subject to availability.

NOTE – You can only book one of our studio apartments if you have booked a study Chinese in china program with LTL.

Apartment Prices (Chinese Yuan)

DurationStandard Shared ApartmentStandard En-Suite ApartmentStudio Apartment
1 week1,9132,4344,057
2 weeks3,7144,7287,880
4 weeks7,0048,91214,852
6 weeks9,90012,60021,000
8 weeks13,20016,80028,000
12 weeks19,80025,20042,000
13-52 wks1,650 / wk2,100 / wk3,500 / wk
extra night319 / night406 / night676 / night

The duration of your stay is entirely up to you. The duration of your stay is entirely up to you. All prices in the table are listed in Chinese Yuan (CNY).


  • Bed
  • Linen and bedding
  • Desk
  • TV
  • Bills (minus air conditioning)
  • Police registration
  • Support of your landlady

What Our Students Say

Enza Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The environment was very cozy and the house was equipped with a TV, a big wardrobe, towels and dishes. The apartment is located in a busy area, nearby many supermarkets, shops, banks and also a very useful bus stop

Read More

Lena  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When I got to China, LTL drove me directly to my new room. It was a place with three-four other tenants. The room contained all I needed despite me booking a small room. We all got along very well in the apartment.

Read More

Will  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The apartment is basic but clean, and my room is fairly comfortable. The first few days coming to a new country can be testing. But everything gets easier as you become familiar with the environment. 

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to washing facilities?

Yes, each shared apartment comes with a washing machine so you can wash your clothes.

Is there anything I should bring?

You should find everything is provided at the shared apartment so the answer, apart from yourself and your possessions, is no.

Will I experience Chinese immersion in the shared apartments?

Experiencing immersion in China very much depends on the individual. If you want, you have an ideal chance to meet local Chinese friends who don’t speak any English. If you get close to them, maybe you could go for dinner or play sports together. This will help your Chinese hugely. The difficulty here might be the more reserved nature of the students. Whilst you may get to know some, others will be a little shyer and harder to get to know.

If you want to experience immersion in China we believe the best way to do this is by staying at our Chinese Homestays in Beijing, whilst taking our Chinese Immersion program. There is always a chance to learn Chinese in China, take every opportunity you can.

Does the landlady speak English?

She doesn’t, and generally in China, outside the main expat areas you’ll find this is the case. On the flipside, your landlady is very experienced when dealing with foreign students and most of these students speak basic or zero Mandarin. Therefore, you should not worry about the language barrier. It’d be useful to maybe download some apps on your phone before hand. Pleco, for example is a hugely useful Chinese dictionary app that will help learn Mandarin in China as well as break down any language barriers.

Is there a preferred arrival time?

Yes, the preferred time of arrival is between 11am and 6pm on a Sunday. This ensures the smoothest transition. After landing it may take around two hours to get to your apartment. Arriving at off peak times is a little more troublesome for not just the land lady but yourself as well. That said you can arrive whenever you decide. If you have any questions or worries about flight times, please speak to us.

Do you have a gallery of pictures for the shared apartments?

We do and you can find it via our Accommodation in Beijing gallery.

How do I get to school on my first day?

You will either travel alone or with other LTL students. If you are a little unsure of the route, please allow yourself a little extra time. You will get used to the subway which you’ve likely never used before. Don’t forget Google Maps will not work in China as a VPN is required. On that note it is useful to get your VPN installed before coming to China. It is more troublesome to do it here. Express VPN and Astrill are two we recommend and tend to work well here.

Is there a cleaner?

For the communal areas, yes there is. For your own room you are responsible. If hygiene is a concern of yours it might be worth booking a larger room or a homestay in Beijing instead. This mainly applies to the communal bathroom area.

In a studio apartment, do I need to share bathroom or kitchen with other residents?

No, the draw of our studio apartments is that it gives you complete privacy. This means all rooms are yours and yours only.

Other Options

  • Beijing Homestay


    Our Homestay option allows you to put into practice what you learn in your Chinese lessons. This is a great way to further speed up your Mandarin progress whilst becoming a part of a Chinese family.

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  • Teach English Homestay


    This is a great budget option which still allows you to live with a Chinese family and become part of the family. Teach English, live with a Homestay and save 50% on the cost of a standard Homestay.

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