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Experience a full Semester program in Beijing and learn Chinese every day.

We offer 18 week semester programs where you can truly enhance your Chinese language skills abroad and in many instances reach HSK3 after one semester, and HSK4 after two semesters.

At LTL class sizes average less than three students.

The maximum number of students per class is six, meaning every student gets a chance to speak up and have their say.

The Semester program is excellent value for money and a great way to fast track your Mandarin language skills.

Make friends from all four corners of the world and enjoy being part of a tight knit LTL Family every day.

Want to find out more?

  • Full Semester Program in Beijing
  • Study abroad for 18 weeks
  • Improve your Chinese language skills
  • Fixed Semester schedule
  • Excellent value program
  • Smaller classes than college or university

Progress Fast

Small Classes – Means the focus is on you
Longer Lessons – Lessons are 55 minutes, not 45 or 50
18 weeks – Get your Mandarin up to HSK3 in a semester
Certified – Our teachers are the best in Beijing

Join Our Family

Lunch – Share lunch with fellow students and staff
Worldwide – We’ve had students from over 100 countries
Social Events – Join us every week on our student socials
Friends for a Lifetime – We bring people together, worldwide

The Best Value

Never Miss Out – Don’t lose out on classes due to holidays
Materials Included – Study materials and books all included
Support – Got a question, we are here to help you
Discount – Great value option compared to other LTL programs

Only The Best Teachers

Experts – Reach HSK3/4 after a semester
Qualified – All teachers have a degree in teaching Chinese
Diverse – Our teachers provide fun & engaging lessons
Pride – Once our teachers join us, they generally stay with us


Studying Chinese abroad with our Semester program is an experience that will remain with you forever. Our 18 week program will get your Mandarin ahead fast.

Small group classes, fully certified teachers and a comfortable teaching environment means you have all you need.

Our Semester course runs from Monday to Friday every week and will include 4 hours a day of Mandarin lessons. Many students reach HSK3 level after one semester and can reach HSK4 after two but this can improve further with the inclusion of a homestay and extra individual classes.

Hard work outside, as well as inside of the classroom is essential in helping you achieve the best Chinese language level possible.

You will have the opportunity to make friends for life, just like at university or college. We are a small but tight knit family at LTL and every student who joins us is welcomed with open arms.

Be a part of our community with our daily lunch club and weekly social events. If to wish to push your Chinese at an even faster rate, then it’s worth checking our our Immersion Program or looking at staying with one of our Beijing Homestay families.


Our Semester program has fixed starting dates and they run for 18 weeks at a time.

Prices for our Spring Semester and Fall Semester are the same.

USD 5,287 / 18 WEEKS

Within this price you receive the following:

  • 18 week university style Semester in Beijing
  • Chinese Tuition
  • Textbooks along with your Learning Materials
  • First class teaching
  • 24/7 support of the LTL Staff
  • Access to the LTL Social Program
  • Student Visa Support (but documents not included)


I am a complete beginner, can I join?

Yes, most of our Semester program students are also beginners.

We will find a class that fits your level. If you’d like to learn some survival basics before you arrive in China, then our Online Courses might be just the thing for you.

Why will I progress quicker at LTL compared to Uni?

It is genuinely true by the way; you will progress faster here!

Small class sizes are crucial to this. Imagine being in a class of 15 or 30, you can’t speak up. Your teacher cannot correct you. There is no personal focus. With us there is. You will form a close bond with your teacher(s) and they will get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t underestimate those extra 5/10 minutes per class as well.

55 minutes compared to 45 minutes make a huge difference over a Semester.

Can I also do an Online Semester instead?

You can indeed.

We have a number of specialist online Mandarin courses for individuals, or small groups also.

Our Online Semester program can be found here. It actually works out even cheaper.

Is there much for me to do outside of class?

There certainly is.

We are fully prepared every week. Our staff produce a list of weekly social activities which students can partake in at their own free will. These range from visits to our favourite restaurants and bars, to trips to museums, art districts and much more.

How do I apply for the Visa?

Visit our Visa Application page for more information on this.

How many people will be in my class?

This will depend on what time of year you come and how busy the school is but the class size is always between 2 and 6 students.

I really learned so much. The school organised events to welcome you into the community and to welcome from the different students.

– Annabel from England


The Chinese Semester Program is fantastic for absolute beginners and those with a minimal knowledge of Chinese. Each day of studying Chinese is satisfying and rewarding.

– Alana from Canada


During my 18 week Semester I had really good classes, I learnt a lot.I think my first month here I could already speak and write. My homestay were really nice.

– Konni from Panama


The amazing staff and excellent teachers at LTL provide for a very welcoming, highly professional and encouraging learning environment.

– Tatjana from Germany


The school is very convenient with a good environment and other point is that teacher has a lot of experience. Worth time and investment, I can only recommend!

– Quentin from France


The best thing about LTL school, in my opinion – is the informal atmosphere in class and school. The teachers really became my friends.

– Vera from Russia



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.