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Whether you’re learning Mandarin for passion or profession, taking a 1-on-1 course in Taichung is an ideal way to fast track your language skills. Here’s why:

  • Your course will be tailored to your needs and interests
  • Individual courses allow you to focus on the skills you want to improve
  • Personalised instruction and feedback help you progress quicker
  • Our flexible approach means you study at your pace and around your schedule

Located in the heart of Taiwan, Taichung isn’t just the home of bubble tea.

From the city’s famous art scene to stunning nearby lakes and mountains to its immersive Mandarin environment, there’s something for everyone in Taichung.

So, come and find out why we think Taiwan’s second city is one of the most underrated places to learn Mandarin!

  • Learn Mandarin in Taichung
  • Customised curriculum
  • Personalised feedback and instruction
  • Study around your schedule
  • Experienced and enthusiastic teachers
  • Pre-arrival assessment of your Mandarin
  • Student support available everyday
Personalised Programs

Content – Choose what YOU want to study
Flexibility – We’ll work around your schedule
Resources – All textbooks and materials are included
Student Advisors – On hand to guide you through your options

Turbocharge Your Mandarin

Progression – 1-on-1 is the fastest path to fluency
Truly immersive – Speak Chinese all day, everyday
Homestay available – Live, eat and explore with a local family
Top Teachers – Able to bring out the best in our students

Don’t take it from us, here’s what our students thought:


Standard Individual

✅ 20 hours of Chinese classes per week

✅ Lessons tailored to your needs

✅ One teacher or two (depending on availability)

Intensive Individual

✅ The fastest way to improve your Mandarin

✅ 30 hours of Chinese classes per week

✅ Personalised lesson plans

✅ One teacher or two (depending on availability)

Group & Individual

✅ 30 hours of Chinese classes per week (20 group, 10 individual)

✅ 4 hours of group classes, 2 hours of individual classes per day

✅ Individual classes tailored to you

✅ Learners grouped according to ability

NOTE – These classes are designed for adult learners, classes for children can be found on our under 18 page or they can learn online with us.


You can start learning Mandarin in Taichung on any Monday of the year. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss a starting date subject to availability.

Other Details

Duration: One week – one year
Starting: On any Monday
Duration of each lesson: 60 minutes
Lessons Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Textbooks and study materials: Included
Assessment and course design: FREE
Registration fee: None

LTL Connection Kit

Don’t worry about meeting new people in Taichung, we’ve got you covered.

Signing up for our Connection Kit means you’ll already have local friends from day one.

With a personal student ambassador and a personal Chinese language exchange friend, you’ll kickstart your Taichung social life in the best way possible. Find out more about our Connection Kit here.


IMPORTANT NOTE – These two programs are upgrades – you must first purchase a 1-on-1 course to learn Mandarin in Taichung with us before being able to upgrade to these programs below.

Taichung Safari

One of the best ways to learn Mandarin is to practice out and about on the streets on Taichung.

Learn how to do all the basic things you’ll need to get around Taiwan, how to buy a train ticket, how to order your favourite foods and drinks, how to bargain for your favourite pair of shoes. There’s no better way to get to grips with the Chinese basics than really immersing yourself and getting out there and practising.

Your Chinese language teacher will accompany you at all times on the Taichung Safari program.

The Taichung Safari classes are split into 3 parts:

Warm up – Your LTL teacher will introduce the lesson topic to you, and go through any vocabulary and sentence structures needed.

The Safari – Get out there, explore Taichung and put that Mandarin to the test.

Cool Down – You will review everything you’ve learnt during the safari session.

Please note – Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Taiwan Safari

– Perfect for Chinese Beginners at level A1/A2

– 10 hours of your 1 on 1 will upgraded to Safari per week

– Maximum of 2 weeks course length

– Beginner levels only

Discover Taichung

Discover Taichung and at the same time fully immerse yourself into a Mandarin language environment.

This study program allows you to visit some of Taichung’s historical and cultural attractions while picking up and practising your language skills with locals in these areas.

Get out onto the streets with your teacher, visit some of Taichung’s favourite spots and learn the lingo as you go. Ask whatever questions you want and your teacher will guide you through the day.

The discover program is great fun and a unique way to learn. Who says learning has to be all textbooks and memorization. Like the Taichung Safari program, this program is an upgrade for 1-on-1 classes.

If you’d like to book this course, you must initially choose a program which includes at least 20 hours of individual classes per week. You can then upgrade those hours to the Discover Taiwan program.

Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Discover Taiwan program

– 20 hours per week 1 on 1

– Maximum of 2 weeks

– Suitable for all Mandarin levels A1-C2


Can I learn Mandarin in Taichung and Taipei together?

Yes we can prepare all kinds of amazing study programs for you.

Learning Mandarin in Taichung and Taipei together is a popular choice because you get to experience two very different cities during the same program.

You could spend 6 weeks in Taipei and then your next 6 weeks in Taichung for example.

Is six hours per day too much study time for me?

Six hours can sound like a long time to study, but in our experience you will not feel this way.

We know that people learn differently, and our classes will be set up to be both enjoyable as well as informative.

Learning for six hours every day will also see your Chinese ability improve quickly, but of course it’s a challenge and, especially early on, there will be a lot to take in!

Do you have any reviews I can read about LTL?

Yes we do… Loads in fact.

If you Google LTL Taiwan you will see some great words from our Taiwan students. We also have more reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook.

Do I have one teacher only?

Sometimes, yes. If you have a preference, please let us know and we will take it into account.

We will do our utmost to provide what you prefer.

This, however will be subject to your current ability as well as teacher availability.

You can be sure that whether you have one or several teachers you will never cover the same topics twice as all of our teacher communicate between classes.

How do I sign up to learn Mandarin in Taichung?

Speak to our Student Advisor by opening a live chat on this page or Contact Us.

We look forward to you joining the LTL Community.

Will I learn faster by taking 1-on-1 classes?

Yes, with 1 on 1 Mandarin classes, everything is up to you and your needs.

The pace will be up to you, if you want to progress faster, you can.

If you want to learn more speaking than writing (or vice versa), you can.

In a group class the teachers attention is spread across several students, and the pace and curriculum are set.

Can I learn Mandarin online before coming to Taiwan?

Yes you can!

We offer 24/7 online Mandarin lessons with our revolutions program, LTL Flexi Classes.

Choose when and what you want to study and have the option to cancel and re-book classes at the click of a button.

What is there to do in Taichung?

As a big, bustling city surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, there’s something to suit all tastes in Taichung.

Our personal favourite activities include exploring the Rainbow Village and heading over to Chun Shui Tang for a bubble tea – it was invented there after all!

Check out the DISCOVER tab in the main menu to find out more about Taichung.

Group lessons seem more social, should I worry?

The social life is great whether you do individual or group classes.

Just because you are in an 1 on 1 class doesn’t mean you won’t meet people.

To help you meet new friends, students and locals alike, we go out for lunch together most days, and organise various social events each week.

The friendships you will build will happen outside the classroom.

Your progress will be quicker with 1 on 1 classes, and in the end this is why you’ve chosen LTL Taiwan.

What about accommodation in Taichung?

We offer this too!

You can stay at one of our homestays (an option that most of our students take up) or one of our apartments.

You are also welcome to book your own accommodation if you prefer.

Had two weeks of 1 to 1 lessons there which i did enjoy a lot. Lessons were individually adapted to my wishes. The homestay also was pretty good and well organized.

– Ralph from Germany


The teachers were really great, and very flexible to our needs. The staff were also extremely friendly and helpful. I will miss the staff at LTL and hope to return in the future!

– Sarah from Ireland


All the people who work here are super easy going and will work with your pace, I only did the 1 on 1 classes but I absorbed much more than I would have self learning.

– Stefan from Canada



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.