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Make the fastest progress possible and study Chinese in Xi’an with LTL Mandarin School.

The great thing about our 1-on-1 classes in Xi’an is that they are completely tailored to your needs. This means you can focus on any area you want to whether it’s improving your spoken Chinese or wanting to learn some business lingo.

Our classes are all taught by teachers who have bags of experience and are all fully qualified. They’ll be able to help design the perfect study program for you so you’re able to achieve your language goals.

Choose to study either 4 or 6 hours every weekday and make amazing progress with your Chinese!

Before starting your course with LTL you’ll have a language assessment with us so that we can understand your Mandarin level and then create the perfect plan for you.

The free assessment can take place via Whatsapp, Skype or a phone call from the comfort of your own home.

  • 20% CHEAPER than Beijing & Shanghai courses
  • Study Chinese in Xi’an
  • 1-on-1 is the best way
  • Free assessment before arriving
  • Fully tailored Mandarin Course
  • You tell us what you want to learn
  • Flexible class arrangement
  • 24/7 support from us
  • Make friends worldwide

What’s even better? All our Xi’an courses are 20% OFF the standard price (the same goes for courses in Chengdu and Beihai 40% OFF).

Full Time Mandarin

Speedy Progress – Individual classes are the best way to learn Chinese super quick. Top teachers and full focus
20 or 30 Hours? – 20 or 30 hours per week will see your Chinese level increase quick. You decide what suits you

Over 10 Years Experience

China Experts – We’ve been teaching Chinese for many years now. We know exactly how to improve every single student
We Know – Need to know where to eat tonight? What about the best apps for China life? We know China inside out

We Work Around You

Always Flexible – Sometimes classes run early in the morning, sometimes later into the afternoon. We work with you
The Best Teachers – You may have one teacher or two. Regardless, they will come up with the perfect study plan for you

Discover Xi’an

Sights – Xi’an is underrated. True Chinese culture, great food and some wonderful sights to see
Explore Xi’an – The LTL community is very tight. Staff to teachers and students, we always have a good time


For our individual study Chinese in Xi’an programs, we have three different options.

You will be able to choose which one suits your needs most. If you are not sure which course would be most suitable talk to us and we’ll be able to make some recommendations.

Our Courses

  • Small Group and Individual Chinese Course:
    • 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 2 hours individual classes Monday-Friday
    • 4 hours of group classes
  • Standard Individual Chinese Course:
    • 20 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 4 hours of Chinese Monday-Friday
  • Intensive Individual Chinese Course:
    • 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week
    • 6 hours of Chinese Monday-Friday

Starting Dates

For the Small Group and Individual Program if you have learnt Chinese before you can start on any Monday. For the Standard Individual and Intensive Individual programs you can start on any Monday you wish.

If you are a complete beginner you’ll need to start on an official start date which you can find on the group class in Xi’an page.

To organise a start date please contact us and subject to availability we can arrange that for you.

Please note that these classes are designed for adults, if you are looking for courses for children they can learn online with us or you can select one of our under 18 programs.

Key Details

Minimum duration: a week
Maximum duration: a year
Starting: on any Monday (except for group combination)
Lesson duration: 60 minutes

No Other Fees

Textbooks and study materials: already included
Assessment and course design: Both FREE
Registration fee: No fee
Visa invitation: fully available


Xi’an Safari

Want to try out your Chinese in some real life scenarios as you Study Chinese in Xi’an?

Our Safari program gives you the chance to put your Mandarin into practice by using in day-to-day situations on the streets of Xi’an.

Try out your bargaining skills. Order your favourite dish at a restaurant. Get your ticket to see the Terracotta Warriors

Where would be better than the street of China to study and truly immerse yourself in Mandarin.

You will be accompanied by your Mandarin teacher at all times. Our Mandarin teachers know all the best places in Xi’an for you to learn and practice your Mandarin.

A Safari lesson is split into 3 sections:

Warm up – Before going out onto the streets you’ll first learn the important vocabulary needed for your activity. Your teacher will guide you how to use the basic grammar in real life scenarios.

The Safari – Start putting what you’ve learned into real-life practice out on the streets. We have a grand total of 20 different Safari programs.

Cool Down – Recap the experience with your teacher before the class ends. This is the chance to get feedback and ask the important questions you need.

NOTE – This program is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. You must book a program that has at least 10 hours a week of individual classes to add this upgrade. Any questions please ask us.

Students are responsible for all purchases made during the Safari.

Other Info:

  • Ideal for Mandarin Beginners around HSK 1 or 2 level.
  • 10 hours a week of your 1 on 1 will be upgraded to Safari
  • Maximum Course Length – Two weeks

Discover Xi’an

Learn Chinese and immerse yourself in Chinese culture at some of China’s most historic attractions with our Discover the city of Xi’an upgrade.

We’ve designed this program to give you the opportunity to go outside and explore some of the most famous areas of Xi’an. All this whilst learning Chinese at the same time!

It’s so much fun and a really popular program with students who decide to get involved. You’ll be able to learn Mandarin the best way by going out and chatting to the locals.

NOTE – This program is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. You must book a program that includes at least 20 hours a week of individual classes first.

Students are responsible for all purchases made.

Other Info:

  • Suitable for all Chinese levels from HSK 1 through to 6.
  • 20 hours per week individual class.
  • Maximum Course Length – Two weeks

To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 20 hours a week of individual classes. You can then upgrade afterwards.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover Xi’an with us here at LTL Mandarin School.


Are all study Chinese in Xi’an courses 20% off?

They are indeed.

All prices listed will be 20% lower than our standard pricing in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei so the discount is already applied.

You can get further discounts by booking for longer or enjoy 40% off by studying near the beaches of Beihai.

What will I study in my classes?

Whatever you want. Honestly, you decide! 

The joy of individual classes is that you choose what you want to study. Just speaking, that’s fine with us.

Want to base classes around reading comics, we’ve got you covered! Hoping to take a HSK exam and want to practice mock exams? We can do that.

You get what you want with our individual courses.

6 hours of lessons a day? That’s a lot isn’t it?

It sounds a lot, but trust us, it’s worth it.

You might feel a tad fatigued some days. Likewise your brain can feel a little tired after a day of Chinese, but 6 hours is an intensive Chinese course. It’s in the name!

You’ll be taking in a lot of new things every day and improving fast

How many teachers will I have?

This depends on the availability and season in truth.

Sometimes you’ll have just the one teacher, other occasions you might have two or three.

Can I combine a course in Xi’an with one in Beijing?

You sure can.

We offer Chinese lessons in 8 cities overall now. You can check out our price calculator to get an idea of the cost of a Chinese course in numerous cities.

Likewise we have a few set multi-city programs which you can also sign up for.

Is it really true 1-on-1 is better than learning in a group?

In terms of learning speed… Absolutely. Why? Because all focus is on you.

You have the option and the power to choose the program, the schedule and the content you want most.

In groups you still make excellent progress but you don’t choose the content and in a class of a few people, you won’t speak as much. Both methods are great, but individual is even better!

Can I still make friends even though I study indivually?


There are plenty of chances in breaks, lunch and after school to meet the people whilst you study Chinese in Xi’an so there is genuinely no need to worry about that.

The fact everything is so tight-knit plays very much in your favour here.

Can I also learn Chinese online before coming to China?

Before coming to Study Chinese in Xi’an you are absolutely welcome to study online with us.

Also after you leave!

We have a number of great programs which include:

1 – Learning Chinese individually Online

2 – Learning Chinese in a group Online

3 – Our brand New Flexi Class system allowing you to book any class, at any time, with any teacher you choose!

LTL organized a lot of outside activities like lunches, trips, and dinners to foster community. Really appreciated the attempts to integrate students into life in the city.

– Yue from the US


The friendly atmosphere at LTL is well curated by a friendly team who help you every step of the way as necessary and engage in daily lunches and weekly activities.

– Shaun from the UK


I took 4h of 1 on 1 classes every day for 3 weeks. This schedule gives you the best value for time and money! I stayed with a homestay family and recommend everyone do the same.

– Claudia from Switzerland


First, the program provided me with a huge amount of flexibility. Second, both of my teachers were fantastic. Last, the staff created a strong sense of community.

– Erik from the US


The program is super well organized; everything went smooth even though I booked on short notice. The LTL staff is a great support, no matter if for administrative problems or else.

– Janina from Germany


It is a lovely family that is very welcoming of guests in their house. They were very welcoming and trying to teach me all about their culture, adjusting to the level that I speak.

– Jacob from Netherlands



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.