Coming all the way to Singapore, no matter where you are in the world, is something new, something exciting, and something different.

There’s a lot to think about and it’s never as straightforward as you hope.

That said, it doesn’t have to be difficult, which is where we come in!

That is exactly why we provide you with a number of services which aim to make your transition when coming to Singapore, smooth and satisfying.

Learn Chinese in Singapore

These things range from simple, yet timely chores like getting a public transport card and a Mobile SIM card to slightly more complex issues that may arise like dealing with banks. You’d just rather it be done than have to waste time jumping from metro to metro, shop to shop, right?

This is where the LTL Services packages come to your rescue…


Our Standard package survival kit for your trip to Singapore includes:

Please Note – Our Standard Package Survival Kits are included in our LTL Immersion China Program and Multi City Programs.

Be a part of LTL Mandarin School


Our comfort kit contains everything in the standard package along alongside these extras:

Here are the costs for the two upgrades as well as some further extras which we’ll come to next:


ProgramPrice in SGD
Survival Kit Standard508
Survival Kit Comfort816
Connection Kit252
Airport Pickup84


If you don’t need any of the above but still want to get to your accommodation quickly with LTL, then this is just for you.

  • Pick-up from Singapore Airport
  • Forget public transport and avoiding awkward taxis
  • Find our driver, kick back and relax
  • Quick and efficient
  • Directly to your accommodation of which our driver already knows

There are no extra charges for being picked up late at night or in the morning.

If possible though, we recommend arriving between 10am and 5pm if possible.

Airport pick-up with LTL - Arrive to your accommodation in comfort
Airport pick-up with LTL – Arrive to your accommodation in comfort


The connection kit aims to guide you in making friends as quickly as possible in a land where you most likely have few contacts, if any.

One of the key things we will tell our students to do is make friends with local Chinese as much as possible. This is one of THE best ways to learn Chinese.

Therefore, our connection kit pairs you with someone of similar interest and hobbies. This means when you arrive in Singapore you will have a contact before even starting, and what’s more, you will have similar interests.

Our connection kit helps introduce you to two people…

Your Student Ambassador

This is someone who has interests similar to yours, whether it be food, football or French!

Being a Mandarin School in Singapore, we know loads of people here and they are all ready to help you with your Mandarin and keep you away from the perils of speaking just English outside of the classroom.

Language Exchange Friend

A language exchange friend is common throughout the world and is a great way to learn a language whilst helping someone else learn yours.

Talk about all kinds of things, teach your friend your native language, and learn about Chinese culture and the language as you go, a fair trade!


SURVIVAL – Are my Mobile phone & Metro cards pre-loaded?

Yes they are.

When you arrive, and have used up some of your data/journeys, we will help you top up.

SURVIVAL – How do I find my driver at Singapore airport?

Your driver will be waiting for you equipped with a sign showing your name.

He will be there at arrivals so the transition should be simple and smooth.

SURVIVAL – Should I bring things to LTL on Day 1?

Just bring yourself and your passport!

Anything else such as laptops, learning materials, stationery etc you are welcome to bring along of course!

CONNECTION – Where do I meet my new contacts?

We will arrange lunch/dinner/coffee when you arrive and you can get acquainted with your new connections. From there on, you can meet as often as you so wish.

CONNECTION – Why two people?

Two people means twice the chance of making a really good contact, twice the potential to get to know other circles of friends and twice the chance to speak Mandarin.

Why one when you can have two!

CONNECTION – Can you guarantee we will become friends?

We cannot. The connection kit service about finding and introducing you to people whom we think you will get on well with.

The friendship itself you build yourself and while we think you will match, nobody can guarantee this.

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