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When coming to China you may feel that the pre departure to-do list is longer than your arm!

You are in luck. We’ve been an established and accredited Chinese Language School for over a decade and have years of experience when dealing with newcomers to China.

During that time we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to make your lives as smooth as possible when you touch down in China.

Using our experience, we’ve put together a survival kit that aims to make your transition as comfortable as possible. Little things you might not think about, or minor tasks that become difficult if you come knowing zero Chinese.

We do ask one thing – Please make sure if you wish to purchase a survival kit, you do it before arriving in China. They are designed for people touching down, and not after a week when some of the services by this time would be redundant.

Come to China prepared with LTL

Come to China prepared with LTL

Beihai Survival Kit – Standard

Below are all the elements of the Standard Survival Kit you receive when coming to Beihai.

  • Airport / Train Station Pick Up – Arrive in China and don’t have to worry about finding a route to your LTL accommodation or hotel. Find the card with your name on and relax.
  • Mobile SIM Card – We assist you to your local Mobile Shop and get you set up with a Chinese SIM card, including 6GB, 200 Minutes of calls.
  • Banks –Rules often change regarding banks in China and short-term foreigners, but whether we can help you open an account or not we’ll do our best to, so you can store your money away and set up your WeChat Wallet.
  • Police Registration – Foreigners are required to register an address with their local police station within 24 hours of landing. We help you with this.
  • Electric Bike – There are various bicycle sharing apps in China. We help with organization, translation and co-ordination.
  • Bus Card
  • School Locker
  • Beihai Map
  • An original Serve the People bag 
  • Free LTL Coffee Mug
Price – 1,089 CNY

Beihai Survival Kit – Comfort

All the Standard, plus the below are included in this upgrade.

  • One Month Fitness Pass – Join your local gym.
  • Free Massage – Your first few days in China will be a whirlwind, take away the strain.
Price – 1,749 CNY

Beihai Airport or Train Pick Up Only

  • Let us know how you plan on arriving at Beihai
  • We’ll be prepared and ready for your arrival with our driver who will be holding your name card up
  • You will be driven straight to your accommodation.
  • Please Note – The Driver will not speak English
Price – 180 CNY
Airport or Train Station Pick Up

Airport or Train Station Pick Up

Beihai Connection Kit

Going to a new city and worried about making friends?

The LTL Connection kit is the perfect way to make friends as soon as possible. It’s all too easy to default and hang around with all the foreigners in Beihai but if you are keen to meet the locals, then you’ve got a free pass to learning Chinese at an even greater rate, whilst potentially making friends for life.

Making friends with locals is not only valuable for your language skills but they’ll also know all the spots in Beihai you would probably miss as a tourist. Let’s face it, when someone visits your hometown, you want to take them to the off-the-beaten track areas and show them something different.

And thus the idea of the Connection Kit was born…

  • Personal Student Ambassador – A companion picked on based on your hobbies and interests. You’ll explore Beihai together, knowing that you already have a tonne in common.
  • Personal Chinese Language Exchange Friend – Meet for a drink, some food or whatever you decide and exchange language stories. Culture stories about your country are a never ending topic of discussion. You’ll benefit each other greatly.
Price – 540 CNY

On the Beihai Beach!


SURVIVAL KIT - How do I find my driver for the pick-up?

The driver will be waiting at arrivals in time for your arrival with your name card. No need to stress.

SURVIVAL KIT - Should I bring any materials with me for my first day at LTL?

Bring your passport and any notebooks, pens and pencils along but otherwise, just yourself, we provide the rest. Your textbooks will be awaiting you, as well as free coffee/tea/water.

CONNECTION KIT - When do I meet my Language Exchange Partner or Ambassador?

We’ll arrange a meeting with you not long after you arrive in China. This can be anything from food, coffee, drinks etc. The sooner you meet, the sooner you can get chatting and exploring!

CONNECTION KIT - Why are there two people to meet?

The more the merrier. Having more people to get to know opens up more doors to other friends, more day trips, more experiences with locals, more everything, and all these experiences will benefit you and your Chinese studies.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are the two people I will meet?

We research this based on your interests, background, age etc. Sometimes the people are young students who want to expand their friendship groups, sometimes they are in full-time work and want to get to know people from other cultures. It can really be anyone, but ultimately we work hard to match you with the right person.

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