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Come and study Chinese in China as a class with the LTL Language School Trip Program.

Our school welcomes classes of all sizes from all four corners of the planet to learn one of the fastest growing languages, Mandarin.

Groups as small as five students can come to LTL to take part in our China School Trip Program, which includes 20 hours of Chinese classes per week.

Alongside this, also included is a complete schedule with food, transport, accommodation and a whole host of exciting activities which will allow all the students to experience China at its finest.

Enjoy trips to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the famous Hutongs where there are endless gems to discover in Beijing.

School Trip to China to Learn Mandarin
  • Programs are 10, 14 or 21 days
  • 20 hours of Chinese per week
  • Meals, transport and accommodation included
  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop Off
  • 24/7 Support + Guide

You Are In Safe Hands

Over a Decade – We know how to run a successful trip
Your Safety – Is our Number One Priority
Simplicity – A trip like this appears daunting, we make it easy
Fun – We make sure you’ll have the trip of a lifetime in China

Comprehensive Coverage

Meals – all included and dietary requirements will be heard
Accommodation – Hotel accommodation & shared rooms
Transport – Beijing Metro cards included so you mov about
Teaching Materials – Just bring yourself, and your notebook

Experience The Difference

Explore – Beijing is the culture capital of China
Enjoy – China is a country like no other, experience it
Experienced – We know the deal in China, we are here to help
Excellent – Create stories, and friends to last a lifetime

Top Teachers

Qualified – All our teachers are fully qualified teachers
The Real Deal – All teachers have years of experience
Fully Certified – We only pick the best teaching team
Engaging, Interactive – No two lessons are the same at LTL


Your China School Trip can be tailored to how you want it in terms of number of students and how long you stay for.

The program can be tailored to your exact requirements.

We have created activities aimed at strengthening language skills in order to make afternoon visits even more interactive.

These are based on real situations in which students must actually put the language into practice, look for clues, retrieve information and interview people.

Learning happens as much outside the classroom as it does inside and our China School Program reflects that.

Each weekday students will enjoy breakfast and take part in four hours of Chinese class.

The class time will be split in two, with lunch in between at midday.

After classes at 3pm the students will take part in an afternoon activity.

This will vary by the day and involve exploring different areas of Beijing whether it be the Olympic Park, The Temple of Heaven, or the tranquil scenery surrounding Houhai lake.

On weekends students will take part in various day trips, the most popular being the trip to the famous Great Wall of China.

Sunday will be a day of free time for the students and a chance to re-charge their batteries.

On the final Saturday there will be a course evaluation in the morning before you say farewell to LTL and China.


As stated, we aim for your School Trip to China to be as flexible as possible. No two programs should ever be the same so we offer flexible options which include the following:


In summary, here is what’s included in the China School Trip Program at LTL Language School. We welcome any questions via our contact form or our live chat.

  • All meals, including vegetarian & vegan options
  • Chinese Classes (20h/wk)
  • Airport pick-up and drop off (private bus)
  • All transport (public transport card)
  • Accommodation
  • All afternoon and weekend activities, including tickets
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • All teaching materials
  • Local Guide
  • Free Language Assessment & Graduation Certificate
  • Free WIFI
  • Max. 8 students per Chinese class
  • Teacher accommodation is single room or shared with another teacher

PLEASE NOTE – The China School trip will run throughout the year, but from June 14th through to August 10th there will be an extra Summer surcharge of 8% as this is our peak season, in which time our Summer Camp in Beijing is running.


ActivitiesExtra Charge (CNY)
Laoshe Tea House350 / student
Beijing Opera97 / student
Bowling150 / student
Cinema33 / student
Pottery317 / student
Kong Fu Class333 / 10 students
Tai Qi Class333 / 10 students
Calligraphy233 / 10 students
Chinese Cooking Class333 / 10 students
Free ActivitiesExtra Charge (CNY)
Wang Fu Jingfree
Prince Gong Residencefree
Badminton / Ping Pong Classfree
Lama Templefree
Houhai Lakefree
Olympic Parkfree
798 Art Districtfree
Temple of Sun Parkfree
Tsinghua Universityfree


Spring ~ Fall ActivitiesExtra charge (CNY)
Happy Valley (March – Nov)440 / student
Longjing Gorge (May – Sep)470 / student
Winter ActivitiesExtra charge (CNY)
Skiing (Dec-March)360 / student
Houhai Ice Skating (Dec – March)280 / student


How much does a China School Trip cost?

The China School Trip program is very specialist.

No two classes that visit will have the exact same program and the beauty of it is that it can be tailored exactly how you wish. Due to this costs are highly variable. For a clearer breakdown on how much the School Trip will cost, please contact us.

Can I add further activities to Sunday afternoons?

It is possible to add additional activities on Sundays at an extra charge or change activities during the week, some at no cost while some have additional charges.

Speak to us and we’ll get everything arranged for you or likewise check the tables above for more information.

Are there other similar programs I can look at?

There’s a growing number of programs at LTL which all revolve around learning Chinese but cater to a wide range of audiences.

For teenagers learning Chinese we have you covered. Our Summer Camp in Beijing is becoming increasingly popular and our Summer School in China likewise.

We also offer a High School in China program where a student joins a Chinese high school but this is more dedicated towards a single student rather than a group which the former are more directed at.

What if it is raining during the afternoon activity?

We plan one “rain day” activity per week which can be organized in case it rains.

However, please note that this is usually only necessary during the rainy season (from middle of June to end of August), as during the rest of the year rain in Beijing is very rare. The weather is generally very predictable in Beijing and follows a similar pattern throughout the seasons.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

We sure can.

All meals for all students follow exactly the requirements you wish including allergiesvegetarian & vegan options.

Check out this article we wrote about living with a peanut allergy in China for more information also.

Can I speak to previous teachers who ran these trips?

Sure thing.

We can put you in touch with some teachers who have been to China with us before.

What Our Students & Teachers Say

Gael Testimony for LTL
Team Mexico
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"My favourite part about this trip was actually the classes. I found the classes interesting and the content was a mix of some things that we knew and other new things to learn."

Read More

Veronica Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Thanks to the precious support that LTL staff had given me, not only during the trip itself but also in the frenetic months before the departure, the task was much easier to deal with."

Read More

Chiara Testimony for LTL
Team Ancona
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The experience at LTL was great because I learned a lot of Chinese and China. The classes I found were really interesting and super fun. It was great to discover Beijing."

Read More

Maria Testimony for LTL
Team Mexico
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The trips around Beijing were a great part of the experience and the best was the journey to the Great Wall! China has many beautiful places, and there is a lot to see."

Read More

Martina Testimony for LTL
Team Italia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This school trip has as given me an important chance of growth and responsibility. For sure, a special thanks must go to LTL School and my teachers"

Read More

Matilde Testimony for LTL
Team Italia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"When I was there I climbed the Great Wall, walked for hours, ate every type of food and met any kind of people. It was a wonderful trip, I’m completely grateful!"

Read More

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