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Want your very own Chinese language tutor in China? Fancy having a course based around exactly what you want to learn?

Then come to Beihai and have your very own, personalised Chinese language lessons by the beach! What’s more fun than that?!

Our individual classes are the perfect way to fast-track your Mandarin proficiency as YOU CHOOSE the content and YOU CHOOSE what you want to learn.

Beihai is a beach city based on the south coast of China which virtually no one knows about.

Whilst many make their way to the increasingly popular Hainan island we decided to base ourselves in Beihai.

You still get beautiful beaches and weather, but with far fewer tourists, giving you a much more immersive experience.

  • 40% CHEAPER
  • Tell us what you want to learn
  • Best way to learn Chinese
  • Beautiful scenery in Beihai
  • Warm weather all year round
  • Few foreigners for quicker progression


Huge Discounts – 40% cheaper than our courses in Beijing and Shanghai. The quality remains the same
Cost of Living – It’s so cheap to be in Beihai, everything from accommodation to eating and drinking.

Beihai – The Beach City

A Hidden Gem – Even local Chinese don’t know this gorgeous coastal city on the south coast exists! Luckily, we do
Great Weather – Temperatures in Beihai never drop below 15C and average the year around 22C


In Beihai, our individual courses come in three different styles:

Standard Individual – 20 hours of Chinese lessons a week

Intensive Individual – 30 hours of Chinese lessons a week

Small Group & Individual – 20 hours of Group Class, 10 hours of Individual class a week

The great thing about having a Chinese Language Tutor is that the program is how you want it.

Want to study business Chinese? How about focusing on just spoken Chinese? Maybe you want to brush up your knowledge of sports in Chinese or food in Chinese… whatever it is, we will tailor the course to you.

Before you start your course with LTL, we will need to have a chat with you over the phone to discuss your current Mandarin level and your goals/aims.

Be aware this is not a test, but just allows us to place your level and get an idea of how to prepare your course.

From this, we can create the perfect study plan and match you with the right teacher.

REMEMBER: All textbooks and your study materials are included in the course price.

NOTE – These are classes designed for adults, for kids classes you can look at our online kids classes or our under 18 programs.


Our 1-on-1 Chinese courses in Beihai are 40% CHEAPER than our standard course prices in Beijing and Shanghai. Amazing, right?

Don’t worry though, quality is not compromised! In fact, it’s just as good as any LTL School. Here are the prices below:

  • Minimum duration: 1 week
  • Maximum duration: 1 year
  • Starting Dates: any Monday
  • Study materials: all inclusive
  • Additional fees: Zero
  • Study plan: all inclusive
  • Visa Invitation: fully available
  • Registration fee: Zero
  • Each lesson: 55 minutes


Can I study both in a group and 1-on-1?

Yes it’s possible to mix individual and group classes for sure but it will also depend on your level.

If you are perhaps a bit too advanced we only recommend 1-on-1 classes as your level is much more niche than that of a beginner.

Speak to us and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Is LTL open 365 days of the year?

We are indeed.

Despite holidays in China, we continue as ever.

Is Mandarin spoken in Beihai?

Yes it is, we wouldn’t set up a school here if not!

Although local Beihai-ers speak a local dialect which can be awkward to understand, Mandarin is becoming more increasingly spoken, and with many Chinese from the north moving down too Beihai, Mandarin is growing in influence here in Beihai.

Are there further additional costs?

No, never with LTL!

All our pricing is clear and transparent, you won’t be asked to hand over extra money, ever!

Can I travel to other cities with LTL also?

You sure can. We are available in loads of cities!

Immerse yourself in Chengde, try traditional in Taiwan, visit China’s historic capital Beijing, or International Metropolis of Shanghai – lots of possibilities with LTL!

Can I live in a Homestay in Beihai?

You can indeed, find out more about our homestays in Beihai here.

I had a one week 1-on-1 course in Beihai. On top of that, they took me to lunch and evening activities, which was great as I then got to practice spoken Chinese even more.

– Matthias from Sweden


My experience with LTL has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve been doing 1-1 classes and over the past year my Chinese level has improved tremendously.

– Joshua from the US


Teachers, front desk workers or other staff were very friendly and helpful. The teachers are lovely and easygoing. There was a lot of help from the booking until my last day.

– Torge from Netherlands


I really appreciated the flexibility that the 1:1 classes allowed and my teacher’s enthusiasm on customizing a lesson plan to focus on practical, interest-based needs.

– Olivia from the US


Having done all 1:1 classes, I was very happy about how flexible they were and that they could provide a great tailored course! I had very specific requests.

– Dan from Romania


The teachers are exceptional, employing engaging and effective teaching methods that make learning Mandarin enjoyable and enriching.

– Cameron from the US



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.