We pride ourselves on our Beijing Homestay programs and it’s not hard to see why. We select and work with our families very closely making sure you get the most out of your stay so that you can experience proper Chinese immersion.

This is a sure fire way to help immerse yourself into Chinese culture. You have the opportunity to propel your Chinese language skills ahead fast. Homestay’s are hugely popular with our students and encourage them to learn Chinese 24/7. Becoming part of a Chinese family in China will help bring out as much Mandarin in you as possible.

Dinner time at the Homestay

  • Become part of a Chinese family
  • Learn Chinese all day, every day
  • Breakfast and Dinner provided
  • Own bedroom with facilities
  • WiFi and bills all included
  • Explore Beijing with your host family
  • Speed up your Chinese

    Speed up your Chinese

    Chinese Immersion – Learn Chinese all day and take it in
    Food – Talk over Breakfast and Dinner everyday
    Speak – Practice what you learned in class with your family
    Only you – 1 student per homestay

  • Relaxed and comfortable environment

    Relaxed and comfortable environment

    Selected Families – We choose each homestay carefully
    Real China – Become part of the family in their own home
    Bills and WiFi – All included for your convenience
    Helpful – Your host family, and LTL will always be here to help

  • Homestay Experts

    Homestay Experts

    Experience – Over 80% of our students choose the homestay
    Matched for you – We carefully place students and families together
    Choice – Vegetarian, gluten free, halal, vegan. Tell us your preferences
    Questions and Support – Any problems or worries, just speak to us

  • Experience China

    Experience China

    Fresh Food – Experience Chinese cuisine everyday
    Weekends and Weeknights – Travel with your Chinese family on trips and adventures every so often
    Day to Day living – Experience Chinese TV, music and plenty more

How to join a Beijing Homestay

  1. TOUCH BASE WITH US – Have a chat to us first and foremost. Let’s get to know exactly what you are after and we’ll advise and assist you with the process from here.
  2. TELL US MORE – Complete our Homestay Questionnaire on the website. This will allow us to place you with exactly the right host family based on your answers.
  3. ONE WEEK BEFORE ARRIVAL TO CHINA – You’ll receive information regarding your homestay along with a few pictures and their address. You are welcome to start contacting them as and when you want to.
  4. DAY OF ARRIVAL IN CHINA – If you’ve booked an Airport Pick up or Survival Kit our private driver will be on hand to collect you. If not, you can head to a taxi and show them the address for your homestay. Once you arrive at your homestay you will enjoy introductions with your new Chinese family and settle in. Your host family will treat you to dinner, and you’ll make your first steps with the Chinese language.
  5. FIRST DAY AT LTL SCHOOL – Your host family will take you to the school for your first day of class, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Come in, meet your fellow students and the LTL staff and get settled into life in Beijing.

Beijing Homestay Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

The table shows a full list of prices for our Host Family program in Beijing.

All prices are shown in Chinese Yuan (CNY).

We are also happy to put you in touch with any previous students who experienced our Beijing Homestay’s if this helps put your mind at ease.

If you need further information just get in touch using our live chat or drop us an email.

Number of Weeks No food Breakfast & Dinner All meals
1 week 2,474  2,838  3,118
2 weeks 4,568  5,510  6,070
3 weeks 6,281 8,024 8,864
4 weeks 7,614  10,388  11,508
5 weeks 9,339 12,606 14,006
6 weeks 10,992 14,687 16,367
7 weeks 12,575 16,636 18,596
8 weeks 14,085  18,458  20,698
9 weeks 15,525 20,161 22,681
10 weeks 16,893 21,748 24,548
11 weeks 18,190 23,227 26,307
12 weeks 19,415  24,600  27,960
13-52 wks +1,618 / wk  +2,050 / wk  +2,330 / wk
extra night 412 / night 473 / night 520 / night


What our students say

Kyle  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Kyle gave up some time to tell us about his experience living with a Chinese family. As a beginner Chinese-learner and newcomer to Beijing this was a bit of an adventure. Watch him describe the challenges and the progress he made here...

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Kyle  Testimony for LTL

Kyle gave up some time to tell us about his experience living with a Chinese family. As a beginner Chinese-learner and newcomer to Beijing this was a bit of an adventure. Watch him describe the challenges and the progress he made here…

Inge Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Angelina invited me to her home town for Chinese New Year. I went for the first time on a train, which the compartment was full with people. The trip was 14 hours, it was an experience I'll never forget! Her family were very sweet "

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Inge Testimony for LTL

My name is Inge and I arrived in Beijing in February 2018. At the airport the LTL driver was nice and took me straight to my homestay. I stayed with an LTL employee Angelina.

LTL student Inge enjoying Chinese hot pot in Beijing

LTL student Inge enjoying Chinese hot pot in Beijing

Angelina was very open right away and spoke some English with me. She showed me the house and the city. The city is within walking distance of her house so that was very convenient. She pointed the good shops and restaurants and told me which ones were good and others to perhaps avoid.

At home, during my first weekend, I could relax and the next day we went with few other students at a large market called Panjiayuan. It was very cozy and nice to meet some students before heading to school the next day.

That Monday I had class. It was quite difficult at first because I was one week behind from the beginning and my 2 fellow students seemed to understand more but Angela helped me right away and gave me exercises to understand Chinese better I was happy about that.

Angelina, then invited me to her home town for Chinese New Year. I went for the first time on a train, which the compartment was full with people. The trip was 14 hours, it was an experience I’ll never forget! After 14 hours we finally arrived in Taizhou Jiangsu, her hometown. Her family (father, mother, grandfather and grandmother) were very sweet and took good care of me so that I would be warm (-0 some days). We enjoy some great food made for the Chinese New Year.

Making Lanterns at School

Making Lanterns at School

I helped with making dumplings what was really nice to learn. I met lots of family members and heard many Fireworks (usually from 6 o’clock in the morning until the end of the day). During my time in Jiangsu province I learnt so much about the Chinese culture and the matters of how important family is.

After 13 days we left to go back to Beijing and it was a sad goodbye. When were we back after 14 hours again I studied very hard to improve my Chinese. I really had so much fun after school with the other students such as going for dinner and many other activities that the school organised. I look with a big smile to these 6 weeks in China.

LTL listened my living preferences and accommodated me accordingly. I feel confident in what I have learnt in these past few weeks.


Savannah Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"They make really, really good food and do their best to make you feel comfortable. When I was sick Sun Xiao Ying took me to the hospital and waited through the lengthy process with me. They are a very, very lovely couple"

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Savannah Testimony for LTL

Sun Xiao Ying and Lin Bai Le have been a fantastic home away from home. They make really, really good food and do their best to make you feel comfortable. When I was sick Sun Xiao Ying took me to the hospital and waited through the lengthy process with me. When you go out they make sure you know what bus or train you need to take. As long as you are respectful and helpful to them you will get the same and more in return.

They are a very, very lovely couple that really take care of you. I will really try to keep in touch with them.

Savannah with her Homestay Family in Beijing

Savannah with her Homestay Family in Beijing

Beijing city is all about convenience. Everything you need is close and you have variety. Every time you go out it’s an adventure, you discover hidden gems and so many places. You learn about the culture and meet new friends.

My LTL experience in Beijing was amazing, I came here with around 8 years of middle/high school knowledge of Chinese but every year I managed to be far below the average. I was not confident and I didn’t have enough opportunities to practice and solidify my Chinese. I came to Beijing with little to no confidence in my skill but being in the country and having to learn out of necessity, I surprised myself on my first day having a somewhat flowing conversation with my home-stay family.

The classes at LTL Beijing were fantastic, the teachers are friendly, flexible and helpful. What you learn in class you revise and practice outside of class with real people and real situations. You use your skill to communicate with locals but there are some students at LTL who can’t speak your language and you end up having to communicate in Chinese. I’m really pleased with how much I’ve learned here and would definitely consider coming back.


Homestays are more expensive. Why is this?

A homestay is a unique experience that will allow you to experience Chinese immersion in Beijing. You are not just staying at a hotel, you become a family member here. You are fed authentic and local food everyday. The experience here is very different to that of a shared apartment and your language skills will benefit accordingly. On top of that the Homestay accommodation is generally of a higher living quality than some of the other accommodation choices.

Will there be other students sharing the homestay with me?

No, each homestay only includes one student. This allows the bond between family and student to be strong and the focus is on you. This allows for complete immersion which is the whole point in our Chinese Homestay Program. Your time at the homestay will consist of 100% spoken Mandarin.

If I want, can I stay with my friend at the same homestay?

We can arrange this if you so wish. Speak to us and we will work with you accordingly although homestays maximise their potential when it’s one student per household.

Do I have to join for Breakfast and Dinner every day?

That is no problem. However, we’d advise inform your family beforehand.

What about the language barrier for important things like Police Registration?

This is part and parcel of the homestay. Embrace it rather than fear it. You will find a solution, whether it be via a dictionary app, or persistence. Plug away, you will find a compromise. That said if it is of major importance you can contact us at LTL, your student advisor or a friend and we can assist. This is why a homestay is so great, you find solutions you never thought were possible.

How do I get to school?

Your homestay will take you to school on day 1. The journey time is on average 30 minutes and pretty convenient. From then you decide how you wish to travel whether it be by foot, bike (Ofo and Mobike are hugely popular shared bike apps in China), Beijing Metro, Bus or Taxi.

Can I lock my bedroom door for privacy?

Yes you can no problem.

Is there air conditioning and heating?

Yes there will be both air conditioning and heating.

What sort of food can I expect to eat?

A whole variety of local, authentic Chinese dishes will be at your disposal. Your host family will prepare dinner every evening for you. Anything from homemade dumplings, noodles, different kinds of meats and many more. The cuisine is delightful and we are convinced you won’t be disappointed.

Can I request a smoke free homestay?

Of course you can. Any queries you have we will cater for when selecting your homestay family.

Will I be able to wash my clothes?

Yes you will and in many instances your host family will offer to do this for you. Each homestay family will have access to a washing machine.

Other Options

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