Take part in our university style Semester in Xi’an and spend 18 weeks studying Chinese in this amazing ancient city.

This is our best value course and in Xi’an it’s even better because you get 30% OFF the standard Semester program price!

Home to some of China’s most famous tourist spots, Xi’an is an amazing place to experience Chinese culture.

After spending 18 weeks in this great city you’ll make more progress than you thought possible.

In our Semester program students take part in small group classes which give everyone the chance to speak, read, write and take part in learning Mandarin together.

Our group classes are a maximum of six students and have an average of three students.

  • 18 week Semester
  • 30% OFF
  • Small groups for maximum exposure
  • Speaking, reading, writing, listening
  • Study abroad in Xi’an
  • Best value program
  • Improve as a group

This means every student has the opportunity to participate which is an important part when learning Mandarin. The semester program is a fixed 18 week package so the cost is hugely competitive and a great option for all ages.


Here’s the key info you need to know:

  • The program is an 18 week fixed Semester Program based in Xi’an
  • The Semester in Xi’an is 30% CHEAPER than our usual Semester program prices.
  • Classes – Monday – Friday
  • Duration – Four hours of class per day
  • Small Group classes in Xi’an have no more than 6 people.
  • Average class size – 3 students
  • Lessons taught by fully certified and qualified Chinese teachers
  • Comfortable and relaxed environment to learn Mandarin
  • Expectations – Most students reach HSK3 level after one semester with LTL

At LTL we provide the basis for you to reach the highest level possible, but you need to put in the extra hours to make sure you achieve them.

Outside of the classroom you’ll also become part of our student community and can enjoy going to local restaurants or bars with your fellow students.

To give your Chinese an extra boost look into combing the semester program with staying with one of our Xi’an Homestay families or take your Chinese journey even further and look into our Immersion Program.


The Semester in Xi’an has fixed starting dates and they run for 18 weeks at a time.

Starting DatePrice
Fall Semester12 Sep. 2022 – 13 Jan. 202322,491 CNY
Spring Semester20 Feb. 2023 – 23 Jun. 202322,491 CNY
Fall Semester25 Sep. 2023 – 26 Jan. 202422,491 CNY


  • 18 week university style Semester
  • Tuition fees
  • All your textbooks and learning materials
  • Certified Chinese teachers
  • Support from the LTL team
  • LTL Social Events
  • Visa support

NOTE – Accommodation in Xi’an and flights are not included in the Program price.

You can book a homestay in Xi’an which 80% of our students choose to do.

Please let us know if you have any queries.


Can beginners join the Semester in Xi’an?

Yes. In fact, we have plenty of beginners who join our Semester program.

I am over 40, is this program for me?

Don’t let the word “Semester” put you off. This course is open to all.

Most of our groups include a wide mix of nationalities and ages. A standard class of four might have an American, French, Swiss and a Korean. We are truly international and all ages are welcome.

Is the visa progress really difficult?

Some find the process scary at the start, but with our guidance, it’s never too bad. Find out more on our visa page.

Why is the Semester in Xi’an better than a Uni Program?

The big factor here is our small class sizes. Let’s paint a picture.

Scenario 1 – you are in a lecture theatre with 40-50 people. You are all listening to your lecturer, just taking notes and not talking.

Scenario 2 – you are in a small, compact classroom of just 3 students plus your teacher. You all get the chance to read and speak out loud.

Which scenario do you want? Which do you think is best?

Most people say Scenario 2, and that is why this differs from going to university.

What is life in Xi’an like?

Xi’an is a sizeable city with lots going for it.

There are many things to do in Xi’an, so rest assured you will have a great time outside of the classroom as well as in.

We host weekly events with our students to give you an idea of the life here. Likewise, you can arrange you own activities with your fellow students too.

Do you provide online classes?

Yes we do – you can check out our Online programs here.

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