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We are here to help make your arrival in China as easy as possible

Before arriving in China there may be certain things you are worried about such as how to get to your accommodation or SIM cards in China.

At LTL we are here to make sure you have a smooth transition and nothing to worry about.

Everyone who comes to China will have some form of culture shock, though this varies from person to person.

Here at LTL, we have years of experience helping students with this adjustment, and we are here to help you as well.

We have a range of packages to make your arrival as simple as possible. These packages include mobile phone SIM cards, public transport cards and assistance in other areas where you may need help.

If you have little knowledge of Chinese or have not been to China before getting things sorted your first few days can be a little stressful, which is why we came up with the Survival Kit.

Survival Kit – Standard Package

The Standard Survival Kit includes:

  • Airport or Train Station pick-up – We come and pick you up and drop you at your accommodation.
  • SIM Card for you Phone (data and minutes included)
  • Metro/Subway Card – Also can be used on buses
  • Bank Account Assistance – We cannot promise a new account as laws and regulations in China are always changing but we will do our best to provide you with assistance.
  • Bike Rental – We help you to sign up and pay the deposit for you for one of the bike sharing apps in China. (This will also rely on if you have a bank account as you need an account to register with one of these apps).
  • Register with the Police – Foreigners must register at a local police station when you arrive at your accommodation. We help you with this.
  • Xi’an Map – Map of Xi’an
  • Serve the People Bag
  • Locker
  • Personal coffee mug

PLEASE NOTE – Standard Package Survival Kits are included in the Immersion and Multi City Programs.

Cost for Standard Package – 1,270 CNY

Survival Kit – Comfort Package

The LTL comfort kit includes all of the above plus these three extras:

  • International Hospital VIP Card – Priority card for an International Hospital
  • Gym Membership – One month allowance
  • Massage on us – Full body or foot massage
Cost for Comfort Package – 2,040 CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Airport Pick-up Only

Airport pick-up with LTL - Arrive to your accommodation in comfort

Airport pick-up with LTL – Arrive to your accommodation in comfort

If your worried about how to get to your accommodation why not make your arrival as easy as possible by purchasing our airport pick-up service.

  • Pick-up from Airport Terminal or Train Station.
  • Available at all Airport and Train Station terminals.
  • We take you straight to your homestay or other accommodation.
  • No need for public transport or fighting with taxi’s for a price!
  • Super quick and easy.

Arrival times between 10am and 5pm are advised. If you arrive outside these hours it’s no problem and you will not have to deal with any extra charges.

Cost for Pick-up – 350 CNY

The LTL Connection Kit

To enable you to make friends as quickly as possible after you’ve arrived in China we’ve designed the LTL Connection Kit.

Studying at a school with other foreigners it can be very easy to get yourself into a bit of a “foreign bubble”.

We’re here to help get you out of that bubble and make some local friends so that you get to use your Chinese outside the classroom.

We will ask you about your interests and hobbies and use these to find someone to pair you up with. Through this you’ll be able to meet more people and will be able to easily make friends outside of the school after you arrive.

Personal Student Ambassador

You will have the chance to explore Xi’an with your Personal Student Ambassador and make Chinese friends.

This is a great opportunity to experience Xi’an with a local person and use your Chinese.

Personal Chinese Language Exchange Friend

We’ll partner you up with a language exchange friend where you will help your Chinese while you help them in return.

This isn’t just sitting down and having someone teach you some extra Chinese. Instead you’ll have the chance to improve your Chinese outside the classroom as well as learning about Chinese culture while you help your language exchange friend do the same.

Connection Kit – 630 CNY

NOTE – With our Connection Kit service we will do our best to introduce you to someone wish shared interests who we hope you will get on with. But of course building a friendship with that person will be up to you. 


The aim of the connection kit is to help you get out of the foreign bubble and make it easier to find yourself a local friend. Over the years we’ve had many successful student stories with many making life-long friendships and significantly faster Chinese language learning progress for participants.


We of course cannot guarantee you will become best friends, but we make the match as best as we can given the information about you and the local friend provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

SURVIVAL KIT - Where will I locate my driver?

Your driver will be waiting holding a sign with your name on it in arrivals. Collect your bags first then as you come through you should see him in arrivals.

If you don’t immediately spot your driver, don’t worry he will be on the lookout for you too. Keep contacts of our staff in case of any problems

SURVIVAL KIT - Should I bring things to LTL?

Laptops, learning materials and stationary will be useful.

The rest, we will provide for you.

CONNECTION KIT - Where can I meet my language exchange partner / student ambassador?

We’ll arrange a drink/coffee/meal together after you arrive.

This way you maximise your time together and have plenty of opportunity to meet again.

CONNECTION KIT - Why are there two people for the connection kit?

Two people gives you twice the opportunity to make a friend.

Why not two instead of one? It also gives you more connections and more exposure to Mandarin.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are the people you pair me with?

They could be local university students, young professionals or locals wanting to make international friends.

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