If you are looking for a budget option compared to our Ho Chi Minh Homestays, then our apartments are exactly what you are looking for.

All of our Saigon Apartments are located relatively close to our HQ in Ho Chi Minh City meaning your journey is never a stressful one.

LTL apartments in Saigon are comfortable, well equipped and offer an excellent budget option for you.

Apartments are also very safe, as is the city in general but do be aware hygiene standards can differ from the west, so please note this is not a 4-5 star accommodation choice.

Large bed in a bedroom in LTL's apartment in Beijing
  • Close to LTL School in Saigon
  • Access to amenities
  • Wifi included
  • Safe environment

A Flexible Choice

Comprehensive: course and accommodation all in one
You decide: shared, en-suite, private? You decide
Comfortable: arrive at anytime of the day
Our Team: we will be there to help with any issues

Everything You Need

Super Simple: everything you need is close by
Transport: we make sure you are near LTL School
Independence: come and go whenever you wish
Need Help: just contact us and we are always here for you


The location of our apartments in Saigon has been chosen for you. The last thing you want is a long journey to our school before your lessons. We’ll always be sure to place you near enough to our HQ in HCMC.

You will share you apartment with the locals.

NOTE | it’s usually cheaper to eat out than cook at home. The culture is very much driven towards eating out.

With that being said, you still have full access a microwave and fridge. There is also WiFi and all other bills are included. There are never any extra or hidden costs with LTL.

Remember, this is a budget option. This is not 4-5 star accommodation. Apartments in Saigon are designed for the budget traveller. For a more upscale choice, we recommend you take a look at our homestays in Saigon.

Type of ApartmentStandard En-SuiteStudio Apartment
Communal Area
Private Bathroom
Shared Bathroom
Private Apartment



Our Saigon apartments are roughly 15-25 square metres in total.

Included in the apartment is your bed and bedding, plus a TV, desk to work at and everything else you will need.

If you wish to book your Saigon apartment for longer than your course, this is also possible. Just speak to our team and we will assist you.


Our larger apartments in HCMC come in above 25 square metres in size.

This gives you more space and you will also have access to your own private bathroom.

Included also is a sizeable double bed included which can fit two people. If another person stays with you there is no extra charge also. You will be able to stay at our Saigon apartments for a longer duration if you wish.


Below is a list of prices for the two types of apartments. Please note all prices are shown in USD (US Dollars).

DurationShared ApartmentStudio Apartment
1 week143242
2 weeks277470
3 weeks403684
4 weeks522886
5 weeks6341,075
6 weeks7381,252
7 weeks8611,461
8 weeks9841,670
9 weeks1,1071,878
10 weeks1,2302,087
11 weeks1,3532,296
12 weeks1,4762,504
13-52 weeks123 per week209 per week
Extra night24 per night40 per night
All prices are displayed in US Dollars (USD)
  • Bed, linen and bedding
  • Desk to study
  • TV
  • Bills (AC not included)
  • Police registration
  • Support on site and from LTL

The duration of your stay is your choice.

The prices listed in the table are in US Dollars (USD)


How do I get to my apartment

The easiest way is to book a survival kit or airport pickup with us.

This can be found on our services page.

Other you can use public transport or grab a taxi.

You’ll have all the details before arriving so any taxi driver or local will know where to go.

How do I enter upon arrival?

There will be a landlady who will be able to let you in.

Will the landlady speak English?

Who knows!

Generally they will in Vietnam, but it might be worth preparing some sentences on your phone before you arrive.

Learn them, it might be your first valuable lesson for learning Vietnamese!

Can I arrive anytime?

Yes but we recommend you try and get to us between 11am – 6pm on the weekend before starting your course when possible.

This gives you time to get settled in before starting your course in Monday.

How do I get to LTL School?

Public transport will be your easiest way.

Again, we’ll inform you beforehand on the best route to take.

If you are lucky, you may even be able to walk. Likewise there are buses and bikes also at your disposal.

Can I make friends in my apartment?

There is every chance you will.

Of course this is something we cannot promise, a lot depends on what you put into this.

Either way, they are always very friendly and happy to help.

Is my apartment cleaned?

Your landlady will take care of the communal areas.

It is up to you to clean your room though.

Is there a washing machine?

Yes there is and that is there for you to use and it will always be free of charge.

What other accommodation options do LTL offer?

We also offer homestay experiences.

You can find out more about them by checking out our Saigon Homestay page here.

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