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Stay in a shared apartment in Shanghai whilst you learn Mandarin in China.

You will stay with both Chinese and international students throughout the duration of your stay.

We have en-suite rooms on offer and all rooms come equipped with WiFi, bed, bedding, desk and a shared bathroom.

All shared apartments are roughly 30-45 minutes from our Shanghai school.

IMPORTANT || Our shared apartment options are not designed to be 4-5 star accommodation. These are more basic options that suit the budget traveller.

We offer homestay experiences in Shanghai as an alternative.

Large bed in a bedroom in LTL's apartment in Beijing
Comfortable beds in our apartments
  • Top value accommodation
  • Convenient location for transport
  • Located within a commutable distance to LTL Shanghai
  • Local amenities easily accessible
  • WiFi and bills included

Friendly Atmosphere

Make friends – Practice your Chinese language skills
Safe – All apartments are inspected regularly
Convenient – Access to public transport is easy

Daily Comfort

Restaurants & Supermarkets – All easily accessible
Independence – 24/7 access to your apartment
Police Registration – Your landlady will help you register

Apartment Flexibility

Landlady – They will meet you and help you settle in
Arrival – Landlady can support your arrival time
Shared – Get to know the locals and practice Mandarin

First Class Value

Value – Excellent value for money as you learn Mandarin
WiFi – Included in the cost
Bills – All included in the price


Our shared apartments in Shanghai are a great value option for staying in Shanghai whilst you take your Mandarin course in China with LTL.

You will live with local Chinese students or potentially International students as well. There are also occasions where other LTL students stay in the same apartment so you may have an opportunity to meet fellow students.

Additional Information


DurationPrice (CNY)
1 week2,894
2 weeks5,513
3 weeks7,875
4 weeks10,000
5 weeks11,905
6 weeks13,870
7 weeks15,710
8 weeks17,432
9 weeks19,040
10 weeks20,539
11 weeks21,935
12 weeks23,232
13-52 weeks (price per week)1,936
extra night482

NOTE – Prices for our Shanghai shared and studio apartments are listed above, all in CNY (Chinese Yuan).

The table shows a list of sample durations, although you are welcome to book anything from 1 week to 1 year providing you have a course with LTL for this amount of time.


Will I be able to wash my clothes?

Yes you will. There will be a washing machine provided.

Can I see some photos?

Yes, we have a gallery dedicated to our Shanghai shared apartments you can take a look at.

How do I find LTL Shanghai on my first day?

Don’t worry, despite the size of Shanghai we make this as convenient as possible.

Your landlady will be able to help you with directions when you check in if you need.

You can always ask us before you start your Mandarin course in China.

Make sure you have your VPN installed before coming to China as you will not be able to access Google Maps otherwise.

Astrill and Express VPN are two of the more reliable VPN’s we like to use. You will either travel alone or with other students who are also living in your complex.

Where are the Shanghai shared apartments?

There are various locations for our shared apartments.

Nevertheless, we make sure the travel distance isn’t anything longer than 40 minutes although in most cases it is shorter than 30 minutes.

The location of our Shanghai school is very convenient, in the heart of the old French Concession.

Are there supermarkets and restaurants nearby?

Yes we make sure your location is ideal for accessing essentials such as supermarkets and restaurants.

The school is purposely located so you are never far from the essentials.

Do I have my own bathroom?

All bathrooms at our apartments are shared.

What Our Students Say

Maria Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I booked a small room. It had everything needed for a comfortable stay including air conditioner.

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George Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I feel very safe in the apartment even though I live on the ground floor. It holds all the necessities I need.

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Mathieu Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The apartment was located on the highest floor and we had access to the roof and that was nice too.

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Lena Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The room had everything needed and I got along with others in the apartment. It was a good experience.

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