There are many excellent ways to learn Chinese online in this day and age but podcasts are often overlooked by many, yet have some of the best material!

Thankfully, we decided to step up to the plate and be the first Mandarin school to bring you a podcast not just about learning Chinese, but all things China, from food to culture, gift giving to apps – it’s all there, just for you.

Max and Cam (our Marketing Wizards) are the hosts for our Learn Mandarin Podcast, and every so often they are graced with a special guest.



Episode 1 – Why Study Chinese in China?

Episode 2 – Gift Giving in China

Episode 3 – Chinese Holidays

Episode 4 – Top Chinese Apps

Episode 5 – Christmas in China

Episode 6 – The Best VPN’s

Episode 7 – Culture Shock in China

Episode 8 – Time in China

Episode 9 – China Hacks

Episode 10 – Language Learning Tips

Episode 11 – Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Episode 12 – China on a Budget

Episode 13 – The NEW HSK

Episode 14 – Facts About China

Episode 15 – COVID SPECIAL

Episode 16 – Gems in Singapore

Episode 17 – Flying during the Coronavirus

Episode 18 – Where to live in Beijing

Episode 19 – Simplified vs Traditional

Episode 20 – Facts about Singapore

Episode 21 – Chinese Superstitions

Episode 22 – Shengnu 剩女

Episode 23 – What is Baijiu

Episode 24 – Tattoos in China

Episode 25 – School in China vs School in England

Episode 26 – The Best Chinese Dramas on TV

Episode 27 – The Best Chinese Movies to Watch

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Can I subscribe to the LTL Podcast

Yes you can, in a matter of seconds on Soundcloud in fact

Do you have a list of Chinese learning podcasts?

We do indeed, we made a list of the best Chinese podcasts to listen to right now.

Can I learn Chinese Online?

Absolutely, there are so many ways you can do this which include:

Watching YouTube Videos

Listening to Podcasts

Taking Online Chinese lessons

Chatting a friend online

and many, many more!

Are podcasts a good way to learn Chinese?

Podcasts are a great way to learn any language especially if you are on the move and tight for time.

Does LTL have a YouTube channel also?

We absolutely do, right here

What is the best way to Learn Chinese Online?

This will all depend on the person but we recommend you check out these resources:

Best way to Learn Chinese Online Blog

Best way to Learn Mandarin Online Video

Best free resources to learn Chinese

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