Welcome to the LTL Mandarin School (Live the Language) Podcast, with your hosts Max and Campbell.

Episode 1 – Why Study Chinese in China?

To kick off our very first learn Chinese podcast Max and Campbell tell you why studying Chinese in China is the best way to learn Chinese, as they draw on their experiences learning Mandarin in China, and advise you on the best things to do.

Episode 2 – Gift Giving in China

Gift giving in China can be a little more complex than you’d imagine. There are many pitfalls to dodge when it comes to objects, numbers and colours, where do you even start? We sum it up in 15 minutes for you to give you the edge!

Episode 3 – Chinese Holidays

Navigating China’s holidays can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this episode we talk unravel all the mysteries of the Chinese holidays such as the ghost cities and the curious case of the missing Saturday!

Episode 4 – Top Chinese Apps

When first coming to China the number of apps you could possibly download is almost overwhelming, so where do you even start? This week we’ll tell you exactly where to start. Listen and follow our top Chinese apps blog!

Episode 5 – Christmas in China

Christmas in China? Is that even a thing? You might be surprised. Max and Campbell have braved Christmas in the Middle Kingdom before, so listen to what they have to say about what to expect!

Episode 6 – The Best VPN’s

Choosing a VPN to use in China can be a little intimidating when you are faced with so many options and so many technical terms. Where do you even start… our podcast is a good place!

Episode 7 – Culture Shock in China

Experiencing culture shock in China is something we all have to deal with but it’s not as bad as you might think. Sure, it’s a different way of life but you can be prepared. Max and Campbell discuss the main things to look out for.

Episode 8 – Time in China

Time in China, what on earth can you talk about? You’d be surprised. China spans over FIVE time zones but guess how many time zone they actually have? We answer this and a lot more in this week’s episode on time in China.

Episode 9 – China Hacks

Having a team that’s lived in China for many years combined we know how to get about here. There are many things you can learn to make your life easier, Max and Cam discuss their favourites in this edition of our podcast.

Episode 10 – Language Learning Tips

Need some language learning tips? On this episode, we discuss our favourite PROVEN language learning tips that have helped us learn Chinese, BUT, of course, can help any language learner. Fast track your language learning today.

Episode 11 – Benefits of Learning a Second Language

This week we talk about the benefits of learning a second language. Some obvious and others less so. Discover some of the surprising benefits of learning a second language.

Episode 12 – China on a Budget, 8 Killer Tips

China is a country whereby it’s very do-able to live incredibly cheap, but to do so you need to be clued up before going. Lucky for you, Max and Campbell have 8 killer tips.

Episode 13 – What is the New HSK?

Yes indeed, do not scratch your eyes, the HSK is changing from six levels to nine levels! What are the changes though, and how do they affect you. Check out what the New HSK is here.

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Can I subscribe to the LTL Podcast

Yes you can, in a matter of seconds on Soundcloud in fact

Do you have a list of Chinese learning podcasts?

We do indeed, we made a list of the best Chinese podcasts to listen to right now.

Can I learn Chinese Online?

Absolutely, there are so many ways you can do this which include:

Watching YouTube Videos

Listening to Podcasts

Taking Online Chinese lessons

Chatting a friend online

and many, many more!

Are podcasts a good way to learn Chinese?

Podcasts are a great way to learn any language especially if you are on the move and tight for time.

Does LTL have a YouTube channel also?

We absolutely do, right here

What is the best way to Learn Chinese Online?

This will all depend on the person but we recommend you check out these resources:

Best way to Learn Chinese Online Blog

Best way to Learn Mandarin Online Video

Best free resources to learn Chinese

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