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There are many excellent ways to learn Chinese online in this day and age but podcasts are often overlooked by many, yet have some of the best material!

Thankfully we’ve got your back with not just 1, but 3 different podcasts for you to get stuck into!

LTL Language School Podcast

50五十 Podcast

Live the Language Podcast

This podcast is hosted by our Marketing magician Rushi.

In this podcast we talk about general language learning – things that work, things to avoid and how you can improve your language skills in next to no time.

Our 50五十 Podcast is hosted by our other Marketing wizard in Taipei – Hannah.

She is joined by our teaching team in Taipei where we bring you half the podcast in English, and half in Mandarin. A great way to improve your listening skills.

Our Live the Language podcast was our very first, hosted by our Beijing team.

In this podcast we talked more generally about life in China – the culture, holidays, food and everything else. If you want to discover China, check it out.


You can find out podcasts on all the platforms you need – Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and the rest of them!

Additionally we also film our podcasts and publish them on our YouTube channels so you can watch us as well as listen. Follow our LTL School and Flexi Classes channels here.

We’ll also add some of our most popular to this page for you to enjoy as well. Here are some of the latest

50五十 Podcast

LTL Language School Podcast


There are some many cracking podcasts out there to enjoy. Our team are always looking and listening out for the best new entries.

Here are some of our favourites for Mandarin and also Korean learners below.

Mandarin Podcasts

Chinese Pod || ChinesePod is one of the longest-standing and most comprehensive Chinese language podcast series. 

Mandarin Blueprint || Mandarin Blueprint is hosted by Phil. He shares his own experiences, insights and strategies, having learnt Chinese himself.

Mini Mandarin || Mini Mandarin is specially designed to help beginners learn new words and phrases one step at a time. Perfect if you’re just starting out with Mandarin.

Chinese Colloquialised || Run by Kaycee Gu, Chinese Colloquialised is a brilliant choice for intermediate to advanced learners ready for an immersive experience. 

Mandarin Monkey || Run Tom and Ula, this podcast is the only one out there that advertises itself as a Chinglish podcast!

Korean Podcasts

Core Korean Grammar with TTMIK || Let’s start with the biggest name in the Korean learning materials field!

Talk To Me In Korean is a learning materials provider, who have their own textbooks, as well as an online bookstore and a very successful YouTube channel.

Essential Korean || Essential Korean is a podcast created by Kay, a Korean teacher and author of several books about Korean learning.

The podcast is very language focused and you have topics about Korean culture and the way of life.

The Legit Korean || This podcast is brought to you by Ari Lee, a South Korean lady who shares with her audience all things Korean, but the real way!


Before starting our latest podcasts we started our very first – the Live the Language Podcast.

Run by our Marketing team at the time of Max, Campbell and Katie, we talked about all things China – from language to culture, food to holidays.

Check out a couple of episodes below and for more, click the link below.

How to Live in China on a Budget

Top Hacks for Living in China

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Can I subscribe to the LTL Podcast

Yes you can Our podcasts are available on most platforms including Google, Spotify and Amazon.

You can also find our old podcast on Soundcloud too.

Do you have a list of Chinese learning podcasts?

We do indeed, we made a list of the best Chinese podcasts to listen to right now.

Can I learn Chinese Online?

Absolutely, there are so many ways you can do this which include:

Watching YouTube Videos

Listening to Podcasts

Taking Online Chinese lessons

Chatting a friend online

and many, many more!

Are podcasts a good way to learn Chinese?

Podcasts are a great way to learn any language especially if you are on the move and tight for time.

Does LTL have a YouTube channel also?

We absolutely do, right here.

What is the best way to Learn Chinese Online?

This will all depend on the person but we recommend you check out these resources:

Best way to Learn Chinese Online Blog

Best way to Learn Mandarin Online Video

Best free resources to learn Chinese

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