Semester Program in Beihai

Welcome to LTL Mandarin Schools best value course, in our best value location – The Beihai Semester.

Our Semester program is already a top quality value 18 or 36 week Chinese language program… but there’s more.

Add in the fact Beihai is cheap as chips to live in, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe – high quality, yet great value.

Semester Program in Taiwan

  • 40% CHEAPER than Beijing and Shanghai
  • 18 or 36 Week Semesters
  • Groups kept purposely small
  • Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening
  • Fixed Spring and Fall dates

We don’t compromise on quality either – all our teachers are fully certified and have years of teaching Chinese to foreigners experience.

  • Beach Life

    Beach Life

    Relax – Kick back and enjoy the wonderful scenery

    Great Weather – It never drops below 15C in Beihai, and is generally warm

    Immersive – Plenty of local friends to be made in Beihai

    Support – Our team will assist you on where to go in the city

  • Cheap as Chips

    Cheap as Chips

    Discounted – 40% Cheaper than Shanghai and Beijing

    Homestay Time – Live with a Chinese family in China

    Cheap Costs – Beihai is very cheap for daily life

    All Classes – 55 minutes per class. No cutting corners at LTL

  • Semester Program

    Semester Program

    18 weeks or 36 weeks – You decide what you want

    4 hours per weekday – From Monday to Friday

    Small groups – So you can get the attention you deserve

  • Community at LTL

    Community at LTL

    Worldwide – We welcome students from every place imaginable

    Weekly Events – Our social calendar brings everyone together

    Our team – We are there to help, advise and make you feel welcome

Studying Chinese in China – See What Our Students Said

What is a Semester by the Beach?

A Semester by the Beach entails 18 or 36 weeks of Chinese language study in the coastal city of Beihai, Guangxi (a city unbeknown to many).

Our Semester program has ran for years in Beijing and Shanghai and due to it’s great success and huge popularity we wanted to offer this in a location that provides our students with something different.

Beihai is not the hustle and bustle of Shanghai or Beijing, the pace is much slower, the cost is much cheaper – but you still get a great immersive experience. How good is that?!

Our teachers, across all LTL schools, all boast degrees in teaching Chinese to foreigners as a second language, and therefore come with bags of experience so you are getting a high quality product, for a fraction of the value of Beijing or Shanghai for example.

You can decide to study for 18 weeks (1 semester), or 36 weeks (2 semesters). 

Upon signing up you will be placed in a small group class with no more than 6 students (the average is around 3), and receive 4 hours of Mandarin class every day from Monday to Friday.

The Semester by the Beach is 40% CHEAPER than other Semester programs

Semester by the Beach – Dates and Pricing

Semester Program Date Price
Spring Semester ’20 24th Feb. 2020 – 26th June 2020 16,046 CNY
Fall Semester ’20 14th Sep. 2020 – 15th Jan 2021 16,046 CNY
Spring Semester ’21 22nd Feb. 2021 – 25th June 2021 16,046 CNY
Fall Semester ’21 13th Sep. 2021 – 14th Jan. 2022 16,046 CNY


  • Your Chinese classes
  • Study materials and textbooks
  • Support from our team
  • China Visa Support

Not included:


What is Beihai like to live in?

Beihai is much more relaxed and slower paced than China’s tier 1 and 2 cities.

In Beihai, you’ll be graced with lovely weather pretty much all year round, despite the odd spot of rain. Plenty of local Chinese eateries and a variety of accents to get to know.

It’s a very “under-the-radar” part of China to learn Chinese but with an increasing north-eastern population (Dong Bei) moving down south, there is plenty of standard Mandarin around.

Our students thus far have reported strongly on Beihai so we are sure if you like the beach, a chilled way of life, and China, you’ll love it here

Compared to University, how does the Semester program differ?

The crucial difference is the size of our classes.

University or college will always have big classes or lecture halls of at least 30 people. At LTL we do the opposite. Imagine trying to gain personalised advice off your lecturer in a group of 30 people. Chances to speak are minimal but at LTL, this is not the case. Every student gets feedback and the chance to speak.

This breeds quicker progression with Chinese which ultimately, is what you want.

How much can I learn in One Semester?

A tricky question to answer but as a rule of thumb, a complete beginner can achieve HSK 3 after a semester.

HSK 4 may even be possible with particularly hard-working/immersive students, but the key is what you do outside of the classroom. Success is defined by you putting into practice what we teach you. This is why homestays are so widely recommended by us, and our previous students.

What are my accommodation options?

80% of our students live with a Chinese family.

This is where you can really put into practice what you learn day to day at LTL.

Other than that, you can choose to stay in our apartments, and either have a shared or studio apartment. Chat to us to discuss your preferences.

How do I apply for the Visa for China?

More details about gaining a China Visa can be found on our Chinese Visa Application page.

You can also find out more about China visa’s on our blog post.

You are based in many cities, can I study at numerous locations?

Absolutely, this is a great way to get a feel for China. It’s so broad, and so diverse that just visiting one city is never enough in a country the size of China.

Check our Multi-City Program for more information.

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