Coming to Korea can feel like a daunting prospect if you’ve never been before, but rest easy, we’ve got your back.

As a well established and accredited Language School for well over a decade, we have years of experience when dealing with newcomers to life in Asia.

In fact, we can boast a host of wonderful reviews online including well over 100 FIVE STAR reviews on Trustpilot from our super students.

During that time we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to make the lives of our students as comfortable as possible.

We’ve put together a couple of survival kits which you can discover more about below.


Our standard survival kit for Seoul includes the following:

  • Airport / Train Station Pick Up – Meet and greet as soon as you land (just look for your name).
  • Mobile SIM Card – We assist you to your local Mobile Shop and get you set up with a Korean SIM card, including 6GB, 200 Minutes of calls.
  • Seoul Metro Card – So you can explore the city as soon as you arrive. We’ll top it up for you so you’ve got some journey’s on the card straight away.
  • Map of Seoul
Family at LTL Beijing


Includes all the above, plus the following:

  • Welcome Coffee – Come and get a coffee on us
  • One Month Fitness Pass – Keep fit in Seoul
  • Free Massage – Unwind after your Korean lesson


Let us know how you plan on arriving to Korea. Our driver who will be holding your name card up

You will be driven straight to your accommodation.

Please Note – The Driver will most likely not speak English

PackagePrice in KRW
Survival Kit Standard206,910
Survival Kit Comfort332,310
Connection Kit102,600
Airport Pickup90,000
Please Note | Prices are listed in Korean Won


Worried about not knowing anyone when you get to Seoul?

The LTL Connection kit is the solution.

It’s all too easy to connect with foreigners when arriving to a new city, but how are you going to put your newfound language skills to good use?

Making friends with locals is not only valuable for your language skills but they’ll also know all the spots in Seoul you would probably miss as a tourist.

When someone visits your hometown, you want to take them to the off-the-beaten track areas and show them something different, right?

And thus the idea of the Connection Kit was born…

Singapore Homestay

Our connection kit will put you directly in contact with two locals in Seoul who we believe are perfect matches for you based on your likes and hobbies.

Personal Student Ambassador

We will find someone perfect for you based on your hobbies and interests. You’ll explore Seoul together and get to know the culture, knowing that you already have plenty in common.

Korean Language Exchange Friend

Meet for a drink, some food or whatever you both decide and exchange language stories together. Cultural stories always provide a wealth of topics and laughs at the same time.


SURVIVAL KIT – When will I receive everything?

As soon as we see you!

We’ll make sure you receive your complete Survival Kit straight away.

If you have any questions you can ask us before departing or just grab a staff member after arriving.

Our team is as international as they come, we speak over 20 languages in total!

SURVIVAL KIT – How do I find my driver for the pick-up?

The driver will be waiting at your arrival airport.

He will have a name card on so you can’t miss him!

SURVIVAL KIT – Can I just purchase an airport pick-up?

Yes you can.

The airport pick-up alone costs 90,000 Korean Won.

CONNECTION KIT – Why are there two people to meet?

Two is better than one, right?

Having more people in your Seoul circle opens up more doors to other friends, more day trips and more experiences with locals.

All of these combined will benefit you and your Korean studies.

CONNECTION KIT – Who are the two people I will meet?

We research this based on your interests, background, age etc.

Sometimes the people are young students who want to expand their friendship groups.

Or perhaps they are in full time work and want to get to know people from other cultures.

We make sure we get to know you well enough in order to make the most informed decision.

CONNECTION KIT – When do I meet them?

We’ll arrange a meeting between you not long after you arrive in Korea.

This can be anything from food, a coffee, drinks etc.

The sooner you meet, the sooner you can get chatting and exploring.

Do let us know if you have a preferred type of location for your first meet.

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