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Our Chinese Descent Speakers program is specifically tailored towards students of Chinese descent and overseas Chinese born outside of China.

Learning Mandarin as a heritage student is very different to learning Mandarin without any Chinese background.

This is where the idea of the Chinese Descent Speakers Program came from.

Chinese Heritage Speakers are a very diverse group ranging from students who grew up speaking a Chinese dialect like many ABCs (American/Australian Born Chinese), BBCs (British Born Chinese), CBCs (Canadian Born Chinese) and overseas Chinese.

A program for a BBC who grew up speaking Cantonese or a Singaporean who studied Mandarin in school and also knows Hokkien is very different and therefore needs much pre-planning. These programs need to be specially tailored for each student.

  • Chinese Descent Speaker Program
  • We teach many dialects
  • All classes tailored for each student
  • Study plan created just for you
  • Receive first class Chinese lessons
  • Fully certified, experienced teachers
  • Enjoy fast language progression

ABC’s, BBC’s & CBC’s – American, Australian, British and Canadian born Chinese students
Overseas Chinese – Also for Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese who want to learn Mandarin


Pronunciation – Learn proper Mandarin with LTL
Characters – If you are behind on characters, we can help you
Grammar – Learn all the key grammar structures
Reading and writing – Whatever you need to focus on


Tailored – We recognise every student has different needs
Free Assessment – We assess you to gauge you level
Study Plan – Every student receives their own study plan
Teachers – Our teachers cater to exactly what you need


LTL Staff – Always here to help and support you
Teachers – Build a strong bond with your LTL Teacher(s)
Student Advisor – Can help you with any day to day issues
No delays – Get underway and get learning Mandarin with LTL


Learning Mandarin as a heritage student is very different to that of an American or European student without Chinese background. As a Chinese descent speaker you can utilize your current knowledge of the language to process Chinese faster than someone with zero background in Chinese.

We recognise, crucially, that every student is different. There are many dialects in China. Let’s take two examples to show the potential differences between students:

Student A – Speaks fluent “kitchen Mandarin” but cannot communicate with colleagues at work who speak Mandarin.

Student B – Listens to parents speak Cantonese at home but struggles with any form of Mandarin.

Student C – Is familiar and comfortable with modern Chinese characters but struggles with tones and pronunciation.

Here you can see why we tailor each study plan to the student and why classes must be individual. Every student has their own language background and they are never the same. Student A needs improved Mandarin for the workplace, student B wishes to make the transition from Cantonese to Mandarin and Student C needs to practice pronunciation. That’s three very different language programs to prepare.


Your Chinese Descent Speaker course can run from a single week to a whole year.

Simply talk to us and we can create the perfect plan for you. All prices in the table are listed in Chinese Yuan and include a personal assessment, study plan, tuition and all your text books.

PROGRAM DURATION (weeks)standard: 20HR PER WEEK 1-ON-1intensive: 30HR PER WEEK 1-ON-1
12-325,405 per week8,108 per week
Prices are shown in CNY/RMB (Chinese Yuan)


Why can I not study in a small group class?

The needs of a Chinese Descent student differ widely between students. Every study plan has to be meticulously planned and therefore individual classes are a must.

How do I sign up?

Simply contact us by live chat below or by using the Contact Us button above.

We’ll get the ball rolling on your new Chinese Program.

Can I stay in a Homestay to further my Mandarin?

Of course.

Speakers of these dialects tend to pick up Mandarin really quickly by simply listening and being forced to speak in Mandarin.

A homestay, like with any other student, is a great way to enhance your Chinese faster.

Can I still meet other students and socialise?

At LTL we are one big family from students to staff and teachers.

We all look out for each other and no one is just a number.

The great thing is your Mandarin will progress quicker because you study individually and you’ll still meet other students and enjoy the social aspect of LTL from our popular lunch club, to weekend trips and evenings at the various restaurants.

For my 1-on-1 lessons I had quite a young teacher. We got along really well. One of my main targets for Beijing, was to get to speak more Chinese in general.

– Winkie from Switzerland


Coming from a Chinese background and learning Chinese is quite different to learning as a complete beginner. My teacher managed to adapt to all the students’ needs.

– Daniel from Germany


I can happily say that I no longer feel threatened when I see Simplified text and can recognize and understand a broader range of characters.

– Jocelyn from Hong Kong



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.